Vow of poverty or poverty in ancient texts is misinterpreted and corrupted.   Why are all these text showing people as poor?  Do you have to be poor to be spiritual?   All these stories are stories meant for the masses, but they have occult messages hidden within.  The messages have been corrupted by societies and factions who have a self serving agenda. People translate this as needing to do self deprivation or living in poverty.  No ancient teacher ever told someone to become poor or self deprive to become enlightened.  

Im well aware of the story about the Buddha who started self deprivation in order to become enlightened or ascend.  He stopped this because he saw how it was effecting him mentally and physically.  Therefore he gave it up.  Images of Buddha show him very well fed and content.  Some show him as overweight.  

We think that all the characters in the Bible were poor because they were shepherds, priests or carpenters.   If you are familiar with my work you know that all these are occult codes for the true identity of these characters.  They were very rich individuals.  The Knights templar were known as the Poor knights of Christ.  When in reality this was one of the first ever banking systems that they would all use, so they could travel without money and in a sense they appeared poor.  

What is going on here?  Are they trying to show that you need to be poor to be spiritual or enlightened?   Is is a way for all religions to get money from average people by making them feel guilty about making a lot of money?  Is it because we all love the rags to riches stories no matter how big of a lie it is?  Is it because we will sympathize with someone who is not wealthy over someone who is very wealthy?  These are all the questions from people who have discovered the truth and want to know why they portray so many things in these texts with poverty or self deprivation.  

To get to the truth we have to replace the exoteric poverty with non attachment.  As I have said many times, these stories are suppose to be taken literally by the ignorant masses.  The few enlightened ones will get the real esoteric story.  It is all about not being attached to the material world.  To not be possessed or obsessed with material things.  It is fine to make a lot of money, but don’t be obsessed with it.  It is okay to live comfortably, but don’t be obsessed with physical possessions.  It’s fine to achieve status, just don’t live solely for it and flaunt it.  

Obsessive materialism is attachment and bondage.  Obsessive materialism is greed, gossip, politics, dogma, controlling others, etc.  All these chain us to materialism and keep us from reaching our enlightenment goals.   Poverty, which is non attachment, is the release of possessiveness, greediness and obsessiveness.  It is non attachment and non bondage to the material realm.   Having control of self means being in the material realm but not of it.  When you see poverty or self deprivation in stories, realize this is the message they are esoterically conveying.   Poverty is symbolizing detachment from all materialism.  Detach and play.   

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  1. Great topic, GSerpent. Just watched ‘They Live’ this weekend. The movie is still very much relevant today. The controllers of today definitely learned and have applied the work of Dr Ivan Pavlov to manipulate at will, the public at large.

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