The Daughter of King Under Wave

The Daughter of King Under Wave is a Scottish fairy tale.  This story is from the Tuatha De Danaan.  A story of  a small band of Gaelic warriors called Fianna. This story is like so many other myths in that it mixes actual historical truth with allegory.   The land under the sea is Atlantis and Lemuria, but this story is also about the Sacred Feminine.  This story is full of symbolism about life and history.  I will be using the version from Lady Gregory and the book Gods and Fighting Men.  This is an old story so some of the language may seem odd.  

The story begins with the Fianna coming home one snowy winters night after hunting.  That night about midnight a woman knocks at the doors of a few men.  It is said she was very wild and ugly with hair down to her heels.  This is the Sacred Feminine (see Finding the Goddess).  No one would let her in.  She screams which is the symbolism for anxiety.  Finally she comes to Diarmuid’s house and says “Let me in under the border of your covering”  The story seems to be talking about his house, but it is talking about Diarmuid’s inner self.  The covering he has put over his true inner self.  For anyone who has truly met the Goddess or Sacred Feminine this is one of the ways she inserts herself into your journey.  This is a perfect example.  

Diarmuid looked at her and says, “You are strange looking and wild and ugly, and your hair is down to your heels.  But come in for all that.”  She came in under the border of her covering.  Now she is in his life.  I find the name Diarmuid interesting.  It is pronounced Deer mid or Jeer mid depending on what part of the Gaelic world you come from.  It means without enemy or without envy.   It is interesting in the sense that if we didn’t have envy we probably wouldn’t have very many enemies.  Envy is the root of a lot of problems.  

She tells Diarmuid, “I have been traveling over sea and ocean for the length of seven years, and in all that time she never got shelter until this night”.  This reinforces she is the Goddess.  Anytime you see ocean or night sky they are occultly referring to the Goddess.  Seven is the number of perfection, security, safety and rest, but it is also occult symbol for Egypt and Atlantis.  This is showing the link to Egypt and Atlantis for those who know what they are looking at.  Those who have read my work know there is a huge connection between Tuatha De Danaan, Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria.  

She asks to goto the warmth of the fire.  The fire being his intellect.  All the rest of the Fianna siting next to the fire went away seeing her so ugly and dreadful.  There is a reason wisdom is named Sophia.  People do not want he truth.  The truth is ugly and dreadful.  Just look at how they have people divided today.  The Goddess of Justice is blind folded because she does not care who you are.  She uses truth!!!  Very few people know the Goddess so very few people can see the truth.  They only want to spout opinions.  This is why there are no Goddesses or the Goddess are not respected in today’s religions.  

Finally she asks to go under the warmth of the blanket in his bed.  Don’t worry this is not a Greek myth, so it will not get perverse.  This is symbolizing the merging of the Sacred Masculine with the Sacred Feminine, but with deep symbolism.  Blankets symbolize love, warmth, security, protection, and shelter from something.  You must have the Sacred Masculine before you can even think of attracting the Sacred Feminine. Once she falls asleep Diarmuid looks at her and sees she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.  

After a while she wakes up and asks Diarmuid, “ Where would you like to see the best house  that ever was built?”  He responds with, “Up on a hillside if I had my choice.”  Then they fell asleep.  In the morning everyone woke to see a great house on a hill that was not there before.  Just like a temple, pyramid or mountain, a house is a sacred place and is the image of the universe.  It symbolizes the sheltering aspect of the Great Mother or Goddess.  Shelter and security are common words used with a house.  The house is undoubtedly a feminine symbol.  

She tells Diarmuid to get up and see his house. He tells her he will go to it if she will come.  She says,  “ I will do that if you make me a promise not to say to me three times what way I was when I came to you”.   Diarmuid responds, “I will never say it to you for ever”.  

They went to the house and it was ready with everything they wish they could have.  After awhile the woman sees Diarmuid is getting bored and tells him to go and be with his comrades.  He worries about his greyhound and her pups.  She tells him that she will take care of the greyhound and her pups and not to worry.  She also tells him she will have food and drink for him when he returns.  He agrees and returns to Fianna where they had a great welcome for him, but some were envious of what he got because they could have had the same if they would just have accepted the woman.  The greyhound is symbolizing the connection with Egypt, greyhounds were very popular in ancient Egypt.  They were a symbol of aristocracy.  The pups are symbolizing being happy and content.  When you are happy and content for too long, you will not grow.  

While the woman is outside of the house and Diarmuid is away, Finn asks the woman for one of the greyhound pups.  She gives him one and he leaves.  Diarmuid returns and sees one of the pups is gone and he gets angry.  He tells the woman, “If you had brought to mind the way you were when I let you in, and your hair hanging, you would not have let the pup be brought away from me”.  She tells Diarmuid, “You ought not to say that”.  He asks for her pardon and they forgive each other.  He spent the night in the house.  

The next day Diarmuid goes back to his comrades in Fianna and Oisin comes to see the woman.  He asks for one of the pups and she gives it to him.  Diarmuid returns and sees another pup is missing.  He tells the woman again, “If you had brought to mind the way you were when I let you in, and your hair hanging, you would not have let the pup be brought away from me”.  

The next day he went back again.  This time Caoilte came to her and asked for a pup.  She gave it to him and he left.  When Diarmuid returns he is very angry.  He angrily tells her, “If you had brought to mind the way you were when I let you in, and your hair hanging, you would not have let the pup be brought away from me”.  She replies with, “Oh Diarmuid, what is it you are after saying?”   He had promised her not to say it three times and that was the third.  He asked for forgiveness but the house and the woman was gone.  He was filled with sorrow.  He decided he would look  everywhere till he found her again.  This is showing that he is not living in the present. By reminding her how she was when she came to him, he was living in the past.  Magic happens in the present moment.  But this is also showing that if you can not accept the ugliness of the Sacred Feminine, you will not have her beauty.  

When Diarmuid sets out he finds his greyhound lying dead.  He picks her up and puts her on his shoulder.  This is symbolizing the history of the connection to Egypt being lost and him not letting go.  After awhile he meets a cowherd.  This is very interesting to me.  This is showing that this story was probably written near the age of Taurus.  It was at the end of the age Taurus when the Sacred Feminine started disappearing in this world.  The cowherd shows Diarmuid the path the woman took. 

Diarmuid follows the path and sees a ship.  He has to use his spear to help him board the ship.  Ships are feminine and spears are masculine.  Using them together takes him further on his journey.  The ship eventually finds land, Diarmuid gets out and takes a nap.  When he awakens the ship is gone, but a man rowing a boat picks him up.  Boat is feminine, but as you know they are smaller than ships.  This is showing the Sacred Feminine getting smaller in this world.   Eventually the boat drops him off at a plain.  A plain is flat land, but it also means clear and distinct to the eye.  

As Diarmuid was walking he sees a drop of blood.  He thinks the greyhound lost it, so he picks it up and puts it in a napkin.  He comes across two more drops of blood, so he picks them up and puts them in the napkin too.  Blood symbolizes life itself.  An element of the divine, in this case Sacred Feminine, that functions in the human body.  After that he meets a woman gathering rushes.  He asks her what news she has, where he is and why she is gathering rushes.  She tells him he is in the Land Under Wave and that the king’s daughter has returned, but she is very sick.  None of the physicians can help her and a bed of rushes is what she finds the wholesomest.  

Diarmuid asks her to show him where the king’s daughter is.  She says she will take him to her by carrying him in the rushes on her back.  He got on her back of rushes and she took him to see the daughter of the king.  Here we have yet another connection to Egypt.  Rushes were reeds in Egypt.  This is just like Moses being put into a basket made of reeds.  It all shows the Egyptian connection.  When he meets her they are very happy to see each other.

She tells Diarmuid, “Three parts of my sickness is gone from me now, but I am not well yet, and I never will be, for every time I thought of you, Diarmuid, I lost a drop of blood from my heart”.    Diarmuid says he has her drops of blood in a napkin and she should drink them to make herself better.  She tells him they will do nothing for her since she does not have the one thing in the world she wants.  Diarmuid ask her, “What thing is that?”  She explains to him that it is the one thing he can not get nor any man can get.  It has been a long time.  Men have tried and they have failed.  He keeps asking her what it is and where its located.  She finally tells him it is three draughts from the cup of the King of Magh an Ionganaidh and “no man has ever got it or ever will get it”.  Finally she tells him it is in the Plain of Wonder and he will have to sail in a ship on a river to get there.  I think this is a reference to going to Egypt to get the cup because the Sacred Feminine was still in Upper Egypt.  

Diarmuid sets out and came to the river.  He can not see how to cross it, but he meets a low sized, reddish man standing in the middle of the river.  The man tells Diarmuid to put his foot in the palm of his hand and he will get him across.  This confirms my suspicions about being Egypt.  The palm of the hand is the symbol of the open lotus pillar.  The lotus is the lily and represents the blood line of Egyptian royalty. 

He gets to the kings fort and Diarmuid calls out that the cup should be his.  The king sends out twice eight hundred men to fight Diarmuid.  In three hours he defeated them all.  Then the king sends out twice nine hundred better fighters and in four hours Diarmuid defeats them all.  Remember this kingdom is in the Plain of Wonder and this is symbolizing a strong mind.  Not even hundreds of men could conquer your mind.  Chaos feels like you are being attacked from all directions by hundreds of men, but if the mind is strong enough you will be victorious.  Diarmuid tells the king who he is and the king gives him the cup.  The king tells him, “No man has ever got the cup from me but yourself, but it is easy for me to give it to you, whether or not there is healing in it”.  

Diarmuid heads back and meets the reddish man again.  He puts his foot in the palm of his hand and gets over the river again.  The reddish man tells him, “ “I know where it is you are going, Diarmuid, you are going to heal the daughter of King Under Wave that you have given your love too. And it is to a well I will give you the signs of you should go, bring a share of the water of that well with you. And when you come where the woman is, it is what you have to do, to put that water in the cup, and one of the drops of blood in it, and she will drink it, and the same with the second drop and the third, and her sickness will be gone from her from that time. But there is another thing will be gone along with it,” he said, “and that is the love you have for her.” Diarmuid says he will not stop loving her.  To which the man says, “It will go from you, to which it be best you make no secret of it, for she will know, the king will know, that you think no more of her than any other woman. “And King Under-Wave will come to you,” he said, “and will offer you great riches for healing his daughter. But take nothing from him,” he said, “but ask only a ship to bring you home again to Ireland. And do you know who am I myself?” he said. “I do not know,” said Diarmuid. “I am the messenger from beyond the world,” he said; “and I came to your help because your own heart is hot to come to the help of another.”

Diarmuid did as he was told.  He brought the cup, the water and the drops of blood to the woman.  She drank them and after the third drink she was healed.  No sooner was she healed that his love faded for her and was gone.  The king’s daughter said, “O Diarmuid, your love for me is gone.  To which he replied, “O, it’s gone indeed”.  “Then there was music made in the whole place, and the lamenting was stopped, because of the healing of the king’s daughter. And as to Diarmuid, he would take no reward and he would not stop there, but he asked for a ship to bring him home to Ireland, to Finn and the Fianna. And when he came where they were, there was a joyful welcome before him.”

This would seem like a sad ending but Im going to show you what has happened here.  The Sacred Feminine has the traits of empathy, vulnerability, nurturing, sharing, enhancing other people’s self worth, but she also has a wildness about her.  I am going to go very deep here so try to keep up.  Especially men.  The Sacred Feminine does not want to be your mother!   She wants you to respect her, play with her, tease her, be her friend and see her in every woman.  She wants to feel secure around you.  When she feels secure and comfortable enough to be herself around you, you will see the treasures she offers!   That is the problem with the patriarch religions.  The men want a woman begging, pleading, being his toy, doing his bidding and being his mother.  It shows in their gods!   It is why the infantile mind will never grow in these religions.  The Sacred Feminine wants the Sacred Masculine.  Until she feels safe and secure around you, you will never be able to peak under her dress or robe.  Diarmuid lost his love for the woman but gained the Sacred Feminine that is everywhere.  This is why he took no riches or reward from the king.  The Sacred Feminine was his reward.  

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  1. James, I cannot thank you enough for this one.
    The message you’ve decoded here means total sense for me.
    It’s pure magic.
    Thank you so very much!

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