Dear Daughter


Life needs to be experienced and lived in order to be understood.  Life is not theoretical.  It is real.  It’s here.  There is pain, suffering and intense joy that needs to be experienced.  The ups and downs are life.  There are mistakes to make and traps to fall into.  All to learn.  This world is full of traps to keep you from growing.  This letter is not to make you fearful it is to keep you from falling into the traps of others.

While you are young your youth is your most precious resource.  Experience as much as you can while you are young.  Most young people let their youth pass them by.  They live a numb existence.  They are on video games, social media or partying all the time.  They just seek approval from others.  Invest your time wisely while you are young.  Invest in yourself and your future.  Making good habits while you are young will help you as you get older.  Do not waste your youth on dumb down activities that don’t make you better.  You can enjoy life just don’t waste it away on activities that don’t help you.  It is easier than ever to just waste away.  This is why our society is wasting away.  Laziness is a way of life.  Don’t fall into that trap.  

Life is a duality.  It can get really bad, worse than you expected.  Yet it can be really good, more wonderful than you can dream up.  Part of life is not only figuring out what life is about, but figuring out who you are and where you fit into this world.   No one can tell you about yourself, you must customize life to work for you.  Be true to yourself.  Honor your uniqueness.  You were not sent here to live someone else’s life.  You were sent here to do something new and unique.  Discover the new opportunities life sends your way.  Do not let anyone tell you why you are here in this time and place.  Turn within and figure it out yourself.  

Don’t look for the easy way in life.  Challenge yourself.  The path of least resistance is the path most others take.  Don’t look to get rich quick.  Everything worth something in life is worth working for.  The harder you work for something the more you will love it.  By challenging yourself you live life on your terms.  There is no magic pill for anything.  Unless you work for something it will not be stable.  Build everything in your life from the ground up and you will have a great foundation for everything in your life.  Take the time to do things right.  There will always be a temptation to take shortcuts.  Don’t take them.  You will get out of everything what you put into it.  Have a strong work ethic.  

Do not fall into beliefs systems other people have invented.  Learn as much as you can while you are young.  You are an individual, but you are also part of a culture, a community and a world.   Society allows you things that you could not get on your own, but it will also try to program you with belief systems that will rob you of your happiness and individuality.  Do not let your mind get locked in a belief system or ideology.  It will control everything else in your life if you let it take over.  The quality of your life will effect your mind.  This is both a gift and a curse.  Whatever you do in life, master your mind. 

The greatest enemy you will have in life is yourself.  Before you blame someone else ask yourself, “How can I take responsibility to change the situation?” The mind wants to project outwards.  It does not want to look inwards.  Overcome this and look within for the answers.  One of the biggest illusions in life is that everything happening to you is outside of you.  You will create your world.  What is on the inside will manifest in your outside world.  Your mind and the outside world is intertwined.  You are creating reality along with everyone else.  You are a co-creator.   As long as you accept someone else’s beliefs you will be a victim to their beliefs.  Understanding yourself will help you learn.  It is the key that unlocks everything.  You will learn your entire life.  

Learn how things work.  Develop a curiosity.   Do not take others people word on how things work.  Think through things and work through it yourself.  That is why you are here.  To learn.  Question everything and everyone.  Take no one’s word for it.  Most of all question yourself.   Questioning gets the mind working.  This world is full of people who want to give you the answer.  The point of questioning is not to get an answer, but to go through the process of thinking through it.  Some questions may take you years to work through.  Don’t let learning be a boring process that this world makes it out to be.  Be like a curious child.  Be passionate about learning.  Learn what they give you in school, but question it by doing research on your own.  You will find that most of what they give in school is only part of the story.   Do the school work and succeed at it, but become your own life educator.  Read and study the subjects you are interested in. 


Follow your passion.  Whatever you are passionate about, follow it.  Most people live lifeless, passionless lives.  Their passions have been robbed from them because they value money over living life.  Do not take life for granted.  Discover your life.  Devote your life to something you are passionate about.   Doing something you are passionate about will get you up in the morning.  Without passion you will just go through the motions in life.  Finding your passion will cause you to devote most of your life to it.  Create your own life purpose.  Your job does not have to be your passion, just make sure you are doing your passion in your life.  Only you can know what you are passionate about.  Just do it.   

Your job will take up most of your life.  Do something that is meaningful to you.  Desire and ambition will help you decide what is meaningful to you.  Desire is more important than knowing how to do something.  Everything you want in life will come from desire.  Your desire will lead you to learn how to do or get something.  Passion, desire and ambition will be the key to leading your own life.  Constantly ask yourself, “What do I want in life?”  Your life is precious and is important.  What you will do in life matters.  You are the creator of your life’s meaning.  

Reality is subjective.  You are living through it.  Be in touch with your feelings.  Your intuition will not lead you astray.  Let your emotions come and go like weather.  Feel everything.  Feel the sun, the cold, the grass, the trees, everything.  Your heart is where your love for life will come from.  Reality itself is incredible.  You were born.  You exist and are participating in this reality.  See how beautiful everything is.  It is not all random.  Find where life is going.  Recognize how amazing it is to be you.  You chose to come here and live this life, so live it.  

You will have to work with the hand you have been dealt.  Life will give you bad passes.  Deal with them.  You don’t get to choose how good the passes are that come to you.  Commit to bringing that pass down and score.  Choose what is worthwhile to do for you.  Living a good life means living what you desire and going after what you want.  Don’t do something just because the money is good.  Do it because you connect with it and it moves you.  

Science looks at reality as though we are separate from it.  Do not be hyper logical.  Do not over analyze everything.  Study the world through yourself.  Life is not distant from you.  You are life.  The object and subject are one.  You are plugged into reality.  Logic on its own is very limited.   Life is complex and is a balancing act.  There are no clear answers.  Love the complexity of life.  Solving the puzzles makes life interesting.  Intuition is more powerful than logic.  Intuition will move you to new heights.  Get out of your head and into your body.   If you don’t feel good in your body or feel good about your life no amount of logic will make you feel better.  Get your body moving.  If you can’t feel good in your body you will never be happy.  

Do not let life go on without you.  When you are suffering and feeling bad, have the courage to feel into the emotions more deeply.  People want positive emotions but don’t want to feel the negative ones.  Feel the negative so you can enjoy the positive emotions.  Do not deny or suppress what you feel is negative.  Face your problems head on.  Do not avoid them.  It will lead to more pain.  Denying things is lying to yourself.  One of the worse things you can do is lie to yourself.  You can get away with lying to others a bit, but never lie to yourself.  The world is full of people who lie to themselves.  If you can’t be truthful to yourself you will never find the truth.  

Truth is important because it is the only thing that matters.  Reality is truth.  Reality is everything.  If something is not true it is not real and should not matter to you.   Create a life on truth and you will live a real life.  Commit to truth even if it is painful.  It is easy to love the truth when it helps you, but truth will cost you many things.  Love truth even when you will lose something for living the truth.  Living truth will mean living a real life.  

Be proactive.  Do not take a lazy approach to life.  Be in the driver seat of your own life.  Set goals for yourself.  Motivate yourself.  Be proactive in everything you do.  Learn what you want to learn not just what you are told to learn.  Share your ideas with others to help them.  Engage in life.  Life has a lot of darkness, find the light and fan that flame.  Create a successful career in what you want find important.  Master something in life.  Anything you love to do.  Just master it.  It just has to be something you enjoy.  Become useful to the human race on your terms.    This will provide you for anything you need.   Become so good at something that no one else would be able to duplicate what you do.  This will provide you in anything you want to make you comfortable.  

Do not have a negative view about money.  If you have a negative view about money you will push it away and never get money to live a life to help you explore.  Money is important so you can have the freedom to work when you want to.  It allows you to fund your own ideas.  Through projects of your own ideas you will help the world the most.  Never let not knowing keep you from doing something.  If you have the ambition and desire to break the speed of light, you will do it.  If you set an intention you will succeed at doing it.  How much you desire to do something matters.  Never do anything just for the money.  Attaching yourself worth to money is toxic.  

Human beings are very different.  When you see someone, understand what is gong on in their mind.  You can see the physical differences, but you will have trouble seeing the mind of others.  People are so different in their minds that they are living in a different reality.  They have a totally different operating system running their minds.  All realities of others is their own personal reality.  People have different personalities and beliefs running their minds.  Find the people who vibrate on your level.  Customize life to yourself.  Most humans are on a different developmental stage than you.   Find the ones on your same level.  Learn from the ones on higher levels.  

The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.  Your relationship with yourself will dictate the relationship you have with others and the world.  Most people hate themselves so much they hate the world.  They have a very toxic relationship with themselves, so the world is toxic.  However your inner voice is to you, you will be that way to others and you will search it out in the world.  Do not look for someone to complete you, complete yourself.  There is no soul mate outside of yourself. No person will ever complete you.  True love happens when two complete people meet.  If you do not feel complete, you will be manipulated or you will manipulate.  Being a complete person will attract other complete people.  Put your true self out there for the world to see.  

We all were born into a culture and we all have been programmed by that culture.  All limits and lies within the culture will be programed into you.  We all will go through trauma.  Especially while you are young.  Everyone has had trauma in their life.  It is repressed and forgotten for most part.  Find what the trauma was in your life, so you can move forward.  Traumas are what are holding most people back.  They do not like to face their traumas.  Be honest about what trauma you have had.  Being bullied in school is a trauma.  As a kid anything that didn’t get you approval, love or acceptance that you were looking for is trauma.  Any thing that shocked or scared you in the moment.  The trauma creates neediness and you will search for that approval your whole life.  Clear the trauma and you will have clarity.  

Stay healthy.  The world will try to feed you garbage and poison, so you can not properly use your mind.  It will make you overweight and sick.  It will keep you from using your body for intuition.  Our world is dysfunctional and toxic.  Eat nutritious food.  Fast food and junk food will keep you from living an amazing life.  You need the clean food to keep your mind clear and body healthy.  Drink water.  Clean water.  Exercise and keep your body moving.  

Reality is consciousness.  The way you understand consciousness is by experiencing it and studying it.  Everything is made out of consciousness.  There is no boundary between you and the world.  You are the world and the world is you.  You have direct access to reality itself.  To make the world better, raise your consciousness.  Reality is infinite consciousness.  The more conscious you become the more understanding you will have about the world.  The less conscious you are the more you will sleep walk through life.  Life really comes down to fear or love.  Notice how you will do things out of fear or do things out of love.  When you are true to yourself that is love.  Living life with trauma, that is fear running you.  

The universe was designed by consciousness.  It is not just random things happening.  Everything is conscious.  The universe is your mind.  Everyday you will feel fear or love.  It will push you and pull you everyday.  Follow the love as much as possible.  The more you follow love the better your life will be.  The more you let fear run you the worse your life will be.  Radiating consciousness out to others is love.  Living the life you want is radiating love.  You created your world and can do anything you set your heart too.  What are you going to do with it?  

See your life as the ultimate ‘do it yourself’ project.  Play the game of life.  Know what you want out of life.  Have the vision to see the possibilities of what kind of life you can build for yourself.  Its okay to dabble in the mundane, but don’t stay there.  See your life as a work of art, a dance, a game or an adventure.  Invest in yourself.  Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail.  The real danger in life is getting complacent.  Don’t get distracted by the frivolous unimportant stuff.  

Set a high standard for yourself.  You will always get what your lowest standard is.  This will happen in all aspects in life.  If you have high standards you will make yourself get it.  You will find a way.  Most people have very low standards and they settle for mediocrity.  Have high standards for everything in life.  It will push you to achieve them.  If you go along to get along you will not be happy.  

Put yourself into positions that help you grow.  As you grow you will help the world grow.  You gave yourself some incredible gifts.  Use them.  Mindless work is soul crushing.  Be willing to change.  Be opportunistic.  Don’t over plan your future.  Have goals but leave room for exploration.  Look for opportunities that will change your course.  Most opportunities will show up instantly.  Have the courage to jump on them.  If life is a road, it is a winding road with paths leading off and back on.  Be willing to explore those paths and even make a new path.  Be willing to dance with life.  Take risks.  Be willing to travel and see new places.  See how others live in different parts of the world.   

Be authentic.  Develop your own internal success.  Find your voice and style.  Don’t do something because others are doing it.  Do something original to you.  Be a breath of fresh air to the world.  Develop something new for you.  Be innovative and creative.  Don’t be a woman while you are here, BE A GODDESS.  Be on the cutting edge of your life.  

Do not get your information from the mainstream.  Find sources that are not popular.  The mainstream is usually wrong because they are pushing an agenda.  It is not meant to be truthful its meant to be used for control. The reason why people love the negative media so much is because their inner voice is negative.  Be original.  Use your intuition to get the truth.   Don’t get caught up in petty conspiracies, gossip and politics.  Ground yourself in truth.  Stay away from the pettiness of humans.  Focus on your vision and growing.  You have a choice to invest in yourself or doing what the herd is doing.  When it’s a choice it’s not a sacrifice.  Sacrifice means you don’t have a choice.  You will always have a choice to choose yourself.  

The deepest answers to life are found inside yourself.  That are not found in a book or from someone else.  They are found when you turn in.  Listen to your inner voice it is your intuition.  It is your Goddess self.  Self reflecting and doing inner work is where the real work happens.  Make time for yourself.  When you become self reliant you will never be a victim.  Have no desire to control anyone else.  Don’t waste your time hating and being negative.   You don’t need anyone else’s approval.  

The people of this world will try to trick you, scam you and deceive you.   They do this because they are not in touch with their inner or higher self.  Entire companies are built on deception.  Leaders, priests, press and politicians build their career on deception.  There is deception everywhere.  Most people lie to themselves, so they lie to others.  Do not automatically accept what someone tells you.  This world is a game of trickery and manipulation.  It all stems back to people not being honest with themselves.  Be aware of the deception in the world.  

Don’t look for love from outside of yourself.  Learn to love yourself.  Fill your own cup.  When your cup is full you can share your love with others and fill other peoples cup.   The magic I taught you will help you fill your own cup.  When your cup is full you let your Goddess shine.  Don’t let outside things be the source of your love.  Be passionate about life.  Letting your Goddess shine unlocks your DNA.  Unlocking your DNA will break you out of the mold of human reality.  

Life is 10% physical and 90% mental.  Understand that your mind not only controls your life it creates your life.  If your mind is controlled by anyone or anything you are not living your life.   You are living the life they created.  Live your own life and life will be amazing.  It will be a Goddess life.  

With all my love, 


4 thoughts on “Dear Daughter”

  1. “The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. Your relationship with yourself will dictate the relationship you have with others and the world. Most people hate themselves so much they hate the world. They have a very toxic relationship with themselves, so the world is toxic. However your inner voice is to you, you will be that way to others and you will search it out in the world. Do not look for someone to complete you, complete yourself.”

    “The universe was designed by consciousness. It is not just random things happening. Everything is conscious. The universe is your mind. Everyday you will feel fear or love. It will push you and pull you everyday. Follow the love as much as possible. The more you follow love the better your life will be. ”

    My favorite parts. So true!

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