The Meirothea comes from the Nag Hammadi texts.  These texts come from the 4th century AD, but some of the information that was recorded in the writings is from the 1st century AD.  The Gnostic text from the Nag Hammadi that refers to the Meirothea is called the Trimorphic Protennoia.  Meirothea is also mentioned in the Three Steles of Seth, Gospel of the Egyptians and Zostrianos.  

Meirothea means Essence of God.  The name was taken from the Greek metromai theos and literally means ‘piece of god’.  This is just trying to masculinize Meirothea.  Theologians from the big three patriarchs will tell you that the piece of god is Adam’s rib that made Eve.   Ralph Ellis shows in his work that the word in the Nag Hammadi texts was probably Maria Thea meaning Mary the Goddess and it was referring to Mary Magdalene.  This is closer to the truth.  The biblical family did call Mary Magdalene the Meirothea and they also probably called her Maria Thea.  They were a matriarch and you are about to see why(see His Royal Jesus). 

In the Trimorphic Protennoia it gives us a description of the entity Meirothea. It is metaphysical, because it is a metaphysical force.  Some people say its other-worldly, but as you are about to find out that it may be rare in this world but it’s here.  Here is the description:

“I am the Voice that appeared through my thoughts … Since I am called ‘the unchanging Speech’, I am called ‘She who is syzygetic’.

Now I have come the second time in the likeness of a female, and have spoken with them … I am the Womb that gives shape to the All by giving birth to the Light that shines in splendor. I am the Aeon to come. I am the fulfillment of the All, that is, Meirothea, the glory of the Mother. I cast voiced speech into the ears of those who know me.

You will accept robes from those who give robes, and the baptizers will baptize you, and you will become gloriously glorious.”

You don’t hear any priest spewing this from the pulpit.  The Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and Masons all are ignorant of Meirothea.  They are bashing spirit itself.  Lets take a look at what she is…

She is androgynous yet female. 

She is the voice that appears in her thoughts and in the people who know her.  The unchanging Speech.

She is syzygtic or the conjunction of two cosmic bodies.  

She is the Aeon to come.

She is the womb or the Holy Grail.  

She is the baptizer.  

If you know my work you may understand who this Meirothea is, but let’s see what these other Gnostic texts say about her.  According to the Gospel of Egyptians and Zostrianos, Meirothea is the mother of the first man, Adamos.  In the Three Steles of Seth she is referred to as  ‘the divine anointed one’.   These texts are literally talking about women or priestesses, but they understand it’s also androgynous.    Why would they have a priestess?  Gnostic comes from gnosis and means knowledge.  They are showing what I have been showing my readers for a long time.  Spirit and your Higher Selfare feminine, yet androgynous.  Your Higher Self is the voice that appears in your head when you quiet the noise of the ego.  You are a cosmic body and so is your Higher Self.   The Aeon to come is Aquarius. The Holy Grail is the Sacred Feminine or your Higher Self.  When you are baptized, you are baptized to the Goddess.  

There is a reason why Sophia means wisdom.  Take this knowledge and wisdom and use it.  Following the Sacred Feminine is not easy.  Are you strong enough for the Goddess?  Sometimes I feel like giving up.  With all that is going on, understand that nothing is born without pain.  Look at the birth of a child.   The Goddess is birthing something right now.  How long she is in labor and what is born depends on your mind.  We are who we have been waiting for.  To have her beauty you must accept what is ugly.  It can not be separated.

9 thoughts on “Meirothea”

  1. Hi Serpert,

    Thank you for your wealth of insights that you share. I have a question it started to nudge me quite often as I read many of your posts (and there are too many questions that I still would love to ask) .

    I would like to truly understand this sentence I see you always end it with. I have a feeling that it contains layers of meaning but im not sure and perhaps Im overthinking it.

    Could explain or elaborate this sentence: “We are who we have been waiting for”.

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    1. Hi Nickscr1. Sure I will explain anything you want me to.
      Everyone is waiting for a savior to return or someone to lead them to the promise land. We are who we have been waiting for means we are the one that will save ourselves or we can lead ourselves. No one else. Once we figure this out we stop waiting for someone or something. We live our life.

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  2. The thought of the Father, Protennoia, that is Barbelo, the incomprehensible womb, the Mother called Meirothea. Does Barbelo still copulate with those who love her? Who do you think that refers to?

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  3. When I was a 17 year old pothead who hated NARCS and Jesus Freaks, one morning I wondered if I died when I was drunk and stoned if I would get instantly sober when I met God, who or whatever that is; or if I would still be intoxicated. Jesus said as recorded in the Gospel of John chapter 3; That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Sprit is Spirit, marvel not that I say, you must be born again. I grew up in Sunday School and had consciously said no to the invitation to receive Christ into my heart by faith and be born again. That morning I prayed to God, if You are there and here, you have to show me. If you are real, reveal Yourself to me. I want you to save me. I repent of my sins of unbelief. I give my life to you and ask You Jesus to come into my heart by faith that I would be born again, born of the Spirit. Please live your Life through me, through this life you have given me, that I would not waste it and stand before you someday having wasted what I was given.
    I look back at that as my born again experience. I didn’t realize then, that I was responding to the voice of the Spirit. Years later after being Baptized in the Spirit, I pondered the scriptures about the incorruptible seed, sperma of the Word. Was there a Womb of the Spirit that receives the Rhema Word of Faith that birthed me into the Spirit Realm? In my search I had to go beyond what Evangelical Christianity would tell me. I continued looking for the Womb of the Spirit and found Barbelo, the Womb of the Universe. Barbelo was speaking to me, revealing Herself to me until I found her.
    My questions are these; evangelical Christianity talks of Heaven as if it’s one place. Sophia’s 13 repentances was to ascend to The Realm of Barbelo, the 13th Aeon, Realm of Righteousness, Justice, Dharma. The demons were angry with Sophia because she wanted to go to a higher place and not stay at their level.
    The Word, the incorruptible seed, sperma, is at work in Barbelo, Meirothea, mother, womb, conceiving new Spirit Life and Mothering us She has already birthed.
    1. Do you think us who acknowledge Barbelo as our Heavenly Mother, are at war with YAWEH the jealous God on this earth? 🌎
    2. Does the Immortal Father, Mother, Son abide or dwell in the realm of Barbelo?
    3. Will those who deny their Heavenly Mother’s existence reside in some lower level of the heavens?
    4. Does our desire to ascend to the Height of Barbelo provide us with Barbelo’s Garments of Light here in this life and secure us a place with Her in the 13 Aeon?
    5. Paul talks about mortality, putting on immortality. When we are born of the Spirit, by Barbelo, the Womb of the Spirit, are we then birthed into the Immortal Family, now having put on Immortality?
    6. When Jesus clothed in Barbelo’s Garments of Light, told his Disciples in Pistis Sophia that he would reveal all mysteries to them; do you think that means he is revealing all mysteries to you and I?

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    1. You are looking for everything outside of yourself. Look within. 13 is the number of the feminine. Thats why it’s considered unlucky. Everything starts and ends with you. You are the spiritual and material world wrapped in one. You are immortal and mortal.

      Jesus is not revealing mysteries to anyone. Clothed in Barbelo’s garments is code that he knows the secrets of the sacred feminine. His mother taught him that. She was very powerful. That is one of the jokes of Christianity. They made a patriarch religion from a matriarch family. His mothers real name was Queen Ourania which means Queen of Heaven. Her kingdom in Edessa and Palmyra was the kingdom of heaven. The revealing of mysteries is not coming from Jesus its coming from being open to the sacred feminine. She only speaks softly to those who can hear her.
      YAWEH is Yahoo a very ancient name for Thoth.
      The womb of the universe is anywhere creation happens. You must have masculine and feminine for creation.


      1. Anyone who lived on a farm knows, You must have masculine and feminine for creation. Sophia creates without her consort, something hideous and she hides it.
        Is this even possible?

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      2. These texts are showing stuff for people with eyes to see and ears to hear. Knowing the true history of this world brings sense to these texts. Read my post Lemurian Magic or watch my video on Hello World.


  4. Thank you for not forgetting her, she is the great I am wisdom Jesus God’s daughter! There’s only one Jesus and it’s a girl! Too bad they denounced her….they are now the devil’s brides, God only had daughters, NO sons. Sons were made from DIRT a dead man’s bone and animal parts. She walks with us now, don’t fear her,fear what she sends!!! Boom! Thanks…

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