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In this post I will let you into a section of my mind.  Careful where you go in there it is deep and dark.  You may not find your way out.  I am what muggles  see as an introvert and I have deep empathy for the world.  Muggles may think they have empathy, but what they really have is apathy. I am called an arrogant liar, but you can not refute me.   With all that is going on the people are going crazy with materialism.  All in the name of whatever political agenda they are following.  Come in and see what I see.  You just might learn something.  

You have inherited a terrible past.  The future of the human race will depend on your thoughts.  Yet you let others tell you how to think and who you are.  You are only free in the sense that you are free from anxiety of controlling your own life.  You let the politicians and priests demand power for the masses, but you yourself are silent.  You keep putting malignant people who you think are more powerful than you to represent you.  Only to realize too late that you have been duped.  Quit claiming the moral high ground!  People keep thinking that if they think like others they are morally superior.  Its all me, me, me!  Why is it that every collectivist group or political group always has a leader who enforces ‘my way is the only way’?

The world is changing and I believe in the future.  When I walk around among the people I can see into their souls.  I see past the mask, political label, religious label, national pride and corporate logos you wear all over yourself.  To me every last person is naked.  Would you like to see what I see in the nakedness?  Do not run.  Have the courage to look at yourself.  The future belongs to you.  Everyone sees themselves as little.  They don’t think they are great.  When the only difference between you and the people you give power to is they recognized the smallest and narrowness of their thoughts.  

You despise and hate yourself because you know you can be great but don’t act on it.  You hide your pettiness and narrowness behind someone else’s strength and greatness.  The less you understand something the more you firmly believe in it. Think about that last statement. The less you understand something the more you firmly believe it.  Todays schools teach one to have an opinion, but they don’t teach you how to back it up with facts.  You are proud of other people’s ideas but not your own.  You are proud of pro athletes, actors, artist, priests and politicians, but you are not proud of yourself.  This world gives you many heroes and villains and you accept who they tell you is good or bad.  

You know more about Trump than you know about Da Vinci.  You know more about Hillary than about Nietzsche.  The royals mean more to you than Carl Jung.  You have given your power away to Jesus, Mohammed, Trump, the Pope, any political party, any corporation, any religion, any billionaire etc.  You worship them as an unapproachable god or leader.  They promise you national greatness, political greatness, religious greatness or corporate greatness, but no individual greatness.  None of these people past or present care about you.  They despise you because you despise yourself.  They tell you that you are inferior, incapable and irresponsible. You go along with it and worship them.  Getting people to conform is done by depleting ones ability to think for themselves.  They mess with your nutrition, medicine, status, and social conditioning. They put you in a victim mindset and give you money.   You only think they are great because other people have told you they are great.  

You drive true great minds to despise you.  Great minds hide their heads in sorrow because they pity you.  You brand great minds as a criminal or lunatic.  Because they are different from you they are branded in your mind as crazy or a nut.  Great minds do not seek out riches, political offices, academic or corporate honors.  You measure the great mind against yourself and your petty standards of normalcy and they come out lacking.  You call the great mind antisocial because they would rather be with their thoughts than listening to inane chatter in public.  You fail to see that you are driving these great minds that love you into being antisocial.  The greatest minds of today are Ralph Ellis, Thomas Sowell and Laura Bruno. Ayn Rand was one of the greatest intellectuals of all time.  If people would read their work the world would be a much better place.  Better to find a savior who will think for you then listen to someone who will show you how to think for yourself.  When great minds have tried to lead in the past, they have been killed.  

Have you ever asked yourself if your beliefs are right or wrong?  I highly doubt it.  You ask yourself what others would say or think.  You may even ask yourself how much it will cost. You only start friendships with people who adapt themself to your ways, say what you want to hear and have your virtues.  Because of this you have no great people in your life.  You just let people who think like you control your life.  You have become what the media and other people want you to be.  Deep down you are a philosopher, poet, artist, athlete and even a God or Goddess, but you see yourself as your job, favorite sports team, political party, religion or club.  

If you had the choice of going to a football game or the library, you would go to the football game.  You plead for happiness in life, but security means more to you than anything.  You are afraid of heights and depths.  You hear a joke that makes fun of the masses and you join in the laughter.  You don’t realize that the joke is on you.  Have you ever noticed how ridiculous the common people are made to look in movies?  You are psychologically dominated.  Companies have figured out that quality does not matter to you.  Marketing is all that matters to the muggle.  They cut cost and get a celebrity to endorse their crap.  This works because everyone is in group think.  People see celebrities as royalty or gods.  The masses see the celebrity and think this crap must be good and they buy it.  

You think you are politically, racially, socially or religiously pure.  You are a chauvinist. You are a hypocrite. If you are male and have a woman in your life, your only want to screw her and prove your man hood.  You have no idea the meaning of love.  You have no feeling for the child in your arms, so you turn them into a whipped dog.  You try to enforce your views on others at all cost and when they don’t conform you act like a spoiled bratty child.  You can’t help it because grade school was to train you to work in a factory not think for yourself.  College is to fill you with group ideologies and put you in debt so far that you have to accept any job to pay off that debt.  Crappy food is supplemented by the government, so you buy it because its cheap.  It makes you sick so you start taking medicine, antidepressants and stimulants.  All this makes you run to alcohol, drugs, social media and television.  Yes they know exactly how to control you.  

Politicians and clergymen pity you and take care of you.  Happiness wants to be worked for and earned, but all you want to do is consume happiness.  You take freely but give nothing.  You stuff yourself full of money, food, materiel things and information because you feel empty.  Because you feel empty you need your happiness given to you.  You put stuff up on social media to get likes just to make sure people still like you, you go buy things you don’t need because you have to buy what the world says will make you happy, you goto a church because you have no idea what spirituality is, you  eat fast food that has no nutrition and makes you sick because you don’t think you have time for anything else,  and when the food makes you sick you goto the doctor for a pill to make you feel better physically or mentally.  They are selling your happiness to you because they have put a road block on the real road to happiness.  

Then normal person in this world is dead inside.  They consume junk food, drugs and mindless entertainment.  You look for a bed to rest on, a form of leisure, or some kind of diversion.  You want to live in a bubble.  You do not want politics, you want a politician.  A cult of personality!  

You are a victim who wants to be pandered too.  

Change your diet to a healthy one full of nutrients,  change they way you live your life, change what you read, generate self love and build self reliance.  See your own potential and do it.  Think for yourself!  That is the only way we will get out of this mess.  

8 thoughts on “Cult of Personality”

  1. Excellent Wisdom..
    ” They mess with your nutrition, medicine, status, and social conditioning. They put you in a victim mindset and give you money. You only think they are great because other people have told you they are great. ”
    Indeed Wake up and open your eyes and Hearts…
    Love and Blessings ❤ 🙏

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