The Garter

The garter is an article of clothing that women wear around their thigh.  It is said to keep up stockings.  A lot of men find it very enticing and attractive.  Do we know where this piece of clothing comes from or why women wear them in the first place.  Men have been known to wear garters in secret societies.  There is a Masonic Order called the Order of the Garter.  With the Masons being involved we need to head to Egypt to see where this sexy piece of clothing came from.  

European royalty and ancient Egyptian royalty wore garters.  There are even depictions of Pharaoh Akhenaton wearing a garter.  What gives?  What is so important about this piece of clothing?  In Egypt it was a blue garter that was suppose to be hidden.  The mainstream meaning for the symbolism of the garter is it was worn to show that a women was a virgin and the groom would remove it foreshadowing the events that were about to happen.  That is the explanation for the muggles.  That doesn’t explain the garter loving men of the Masonic order.  Time to enlighten.  

To begin we need to know that the Egyptian words shet and seshet refer to ‘Seth’, a ‘secret’ and a ‘garter’.  The secret societies love homophones and is the key to finding hidden history.  With that in mind the garter is representing a secret society of Seth or Set.  Set is the one who killed his brother Osiris.  Another name for Seth in ancient Egypt was Djeudje and it is pronounced “George”.  Set fought the dragon Aapop and so did  St. George.  Interesting enough in the bible St. Michael fights a dragon called Satan or the devil.  Take the name Michael (makel) to Egyptian and it means ‘blue’. The name satan was derived from the Egyptian Seth.  Satan means opposer or adversary and Seth was Osiris’ opposer or adversary.  So the garter goes right back to the dimmest history of mankind.  

The name George or Djeudje means the pyramids of the sunrise and sunset.  So it is the rising and setting sun.  The Egyptians understood duality.  Seth was the protector of Ra in the underworld every night.  When he slayed Aapop the blood was the red morning sunrise.  See the dualism with the other story of Nut giving birth to the sun every morning and the redness being the blood from the birth?  I argue that Set was the god of duality because he was heroic for protecting Ra or god every night, but he was evil because he killed Osiris and fought with Horus.  Perfect example of life.  

Let’s get into why the garter is blue.  After Seth killed Osiris, Horus wanted revenge.  This is where we get the epic battle of Seth and Horus.  SeeGods of Egypt.  During this long battle Horus lost an eye and Seth lost his testicles.  This is a very well know Egyptian myth.  The importance here is that Horus was known as the blue eyed god.  Seth wore Horus’s eye around his leg like a garter.  This lost eye was a symbol of the Moon and is where we get the term “blue moon”.  The Order of the Garter is to love duality.  Ladies next time you put on a garter know that it is Horus’ eye or the Moon and is a symbol for the love of duality.  The garter toss at weddings was done in Egypt and it all was about Seth and Horus.  It all goes back to Egypt!  Know that duality mean you will have good and bad in this life.  You can not have one without the other.  

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