Birth of Truth?


There has never been much truth in this world.  All we have is weaponized information.  This pandemic has done to people what psychedelics usually do to someone when they take them.  It has magnified what was already there.  What the press, government and other institutions have done is start information warfare.  They are using the same playbook from history and that is they try to convince you that what you think is true about the world is the absolute truth.  They will never give you the truth.  They give you information to convince you that what you already believe to be true is true and it gives you validation for your thoughts.  They goes as far as to try to make you angry about the things you believe are true about the world.  They build a distorted picture of the world simply by picking and choosing pieces of half truths and putting them together for the group they want to stir up.  

I want to ask my readers, “Who benefits from a divided population?”   We don’t have intellectuals, professors, teachers, doctors, scientists or journalist anymore.  All we have are activists trying to win over your mind.  In a sense they are all politicians.  This is very dangerous territory because every last politician is compromised and bought off.   I am homeless when it comes to being part of any group think.  That makes me the ultimate observer.  We have entered a period in time where we have finally figured out we can not trust our so called experts.  The only thing that is not corrupt are the individuals who have done their own work.  The paradox that has formed is that the individual is going to have to save the corrupt institutions who are trying to squash them.  The people in institutions do not want to hear this.  In truth, if the world does not make use of the individuals doing their own work, everything will collapse.  Everything.  

The diversity of ideas that need explored and debated need individuals who have done the work without an agenda.  The truth does not need threats or fairy tales to make a sane person see its true.  When you pursue truth over power and politics, truth over judgement, and ideas over identity then you are a truth seeking individual.  What I have done to look for truth is read  the mainstream narrative, then whatever the era is I’m reading about go and read the other side of the story.  I also look for other things written in the era or time, like books, articles, diaries, etc., to get an idea of the mindset and priorities of the population.  Seeing the mindset of the population will tell you so much.  

Cultures and societies go through the same levels of development individuals do.  They just develop slower.   Each stage of development transcends the previous stage, but it  also includes what was formerly there.  When you wake up or go up higher stages, the previous you just does not disappear.   It is still part of you.  When you look back at your life you see that you could not have gotten to where you are without certain things happening to you or you doing certain things.  It is the same for the world and society.  Societies and cultures don’t just appear out of thin air, they must grow.  This is another reason why we must stop lying about the history of our world.  The ancient civilizations, who are more advanced than we are today,  did not just appear out of thing air.  We have squashed the truth about our ancient history all for control.  We can not grow without knowing our true history.  We need to keep that in mind with the shift that is happening right now.  But we also need the real truth of what has happened not the agreed upon lie.  

Do your own work on history.  Know that you do not know.  Do your own work on history and for goodness sakes don’t believe what a movie has said is true history.  Every actor, actress, director and producer are all activist too.  Everything you have been formally taught by institutions is going to be wrong.  You must have the curiosity of a child to find the truth.  In fact, have the mind of a child.  You must crawl before you stand, stand before you walk and walk before you run.  We have been spoon fed on everything, so we don’t have sense making abilities about what is going on.  An authority will never have your personal wellbeing in mind.  They will only have their own well being in mind.  How they can manipulate people to gain power.  

They only way you will find truthfulness is to start having relationships with people whose highest value is truthfulness.   You will have to open yourself to intimacy and vulnerability in order to do so.  Having people like this in your life will create a safe place psychologically so you can explore and share information honesty.  Most people do not want to pollute or trash the world, we need to be careful that we don’t pollute or trash the truth by rationalizing our own disinformation as truth.  This is the main reason why we have so little truth in this world.   Everyone rationalizes their own disinformation because it will bring on the changes that they want.  In truth, when the truth is let out about anything in history everyone will feel cheated.  Not just on side or one group.  The whole of all populations will feel cheated, betrayed and lied too.  Find the truth on your own.  Don’t let billionaires and governments tell you what to think.  

We are who we have been waiting for!   The truth will leave a light on for you.  Only you can bring truth into your own life.  

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