Be Your Own Hero


Our mind is a pendulum.  It goes back and forth from the past to the future.  That is how your thoughts are.  Even as you are reading this your thoughts are thinking about something in the past or something in the future.  This is normal, but we need to train our mind to do that when we want it too.  Have you ever been at work or school and your mind is wandering and then snaps back into the present and you’re like “crap I don’t know what to do now”.  Happens to me all the time.  It’s important that you recognize that most of your thoughts are in the past and future.  This is just the human mind.  It’s very normal.  

It’s not your fault you think the way do.  Say it out loud, “Its not my fault”.  If you feel afraid, depressed, unhappy, have doubt, worried about how you look, have anxiety, low confidence, etc.  It’s not your fault.  It is all part of being a human being.  Magic helps you recognize that you can train this.  When people have these negative feelings they think there is something wrong with them.  There is nothing wrong with it.  You are human.  Humans have emotions and feelings.  Now that you know it’s not your fault what do you do about it?  

I want you to write down the name of a person you think is successful or a winner.  They can be alive or dead.  They can even be a fictional character.  It doesn’t matter just write down someone or some character you look up too or wish you could be like.  Now write down the qualities of that person or character you like.  The reasons why you look up to them.  What is it about them that makes them successful or a winner?  What are the qualities that make them the way they are?  One more question and this will be the key to changing your thoughts.  Which one of my readers wrote down their own name and their own qualities?  I will bet not one of you chose yourself.  No one ever has told me their own name.  People always think of someone else.  

If you want to be successful in life you have to decide what being successful means to you.   You and no one else.  Then live your life based on that.  What happens is other people have defined what being successful means and we go about our life trying to exceed the expectations of someone else instead of trying to exceed our own expectations.  All the reasons that you wrote down about the person you look up too, all those qualities you like about them, I can guarantee that you have those qualities too.  It is important that the definition of successful or being a winner is something you decide what it means to you and not someone else.  That way regardless of what happens in life you know inside you are a winner or successful.   You decide what being successful is to you and you fulfill it.  It is important that you can control it and it’s not outside of you.  If being successful to you always depends on the final result then it will always be out of your control.  The moment your definition of being successful or being a winner depends on someone else, it will effect your confidence.  

When things happen to you, you don’t know if its good are bad.  It’s the meaning that you give it that will change everything.  You just need to use whatever is happening to you in your favor.  Many things will happen to you in your life that is out of your control.  Instead of thinking you messed up or things are bad, think it’s time to learn.  We live in an age of instant gratification.  Anything in life worth achieving will always have delayed gratification.  You can not appreciate something when it comes easy.  You love the things you work for in your life because it’s so damn hard to achieve.  When things are just handed to us, we don’t respect it or love it as much.  This is why kids that have things handed to them all the time don’t respect what you give them.  We are all constantly learning.  When we make mistakes it does not mean we failed.  It makes us learn and work harder for what we want to achieve.  

Everyone is looking for a magic pill.  Magic is not taken anywhere near as seriously as it should.  Having a strong mind is a game changer.  When something you are trying to do does not succeed the first time, it does not mean it won’t work.  You have to keep trying and practicing to get it right.  Be patient with it.  It may take you your whole life to get where you want, but as you go up step by step it makes you better.  When you chase recognition or money it is over.  You will not achieve what you want to achieve.  It has to be internal.   When you achieve your internal goals the recognition and money are just bonuses.   Don’t look up to others, be the one others look up too.  

We need a rebirth of heroes and sheroes and this planet.  The world is slipping into unconscious chaos.  Our heroes are politicians, celebrities and the press.  The Ancients Greeks famously said, “The people are known by the idols they worship”.  The crap we look up to speaks volumes.  

If you look up to anyone outside of yourself you will never become a hero.   When I tell people they are entitled to be a hero or shero they blush.  Admit you want to be a hero and release the truth. To live a great life is to act in the service of what you value.  Not what someone else values.  Construct a self chosen value system and live in the service of it.  Use roll models for inspiration, but be your own hero.  

Arthur Schopenhauer wrote:  

“A happy life is impossible, the highest man can achieve is an heroic life.”  

As Nietzsche wrote:

“Do not reject the hero in your soul!  Keep holy your highest hopes!”   

We are who we have been waiting for!!!  

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