School is not about learning.  It is about memorization.  School does not teach a person how to learn.  It just fills people’s minds with ideologies and beliefs.  Real learning is about making distinctions.  Ideology is the greatest obstacle to truth.  Ideology corrupts the world.  What is ideology?  I am going to challenge my readers to try not to be ideological about anything.  It is tough because everything can be ideological.  

Ideology is a set of beliefs on what is true.  It’s a set of beliefs on how things ought to be.   A person stuck in an ideology holds it as certain.  They are stubbornly attached to it and it is true for everyone else, so everyone should subscribe to the ideology and behave how the person thinks they should behave.  Ideology gives prescriptions for behaviors.  People minds get hung up on ideologies and they will defend them their whole life.   Ideologies are dogmatic.  

Ideologies are not exclusive to religion.  Scientist,  press, academics, politics, skeptics and health care, diets are ideological.   Our society is quickly becoming ideological.   Ideology is black and white thinking.  It is very easy to see how others are ideological, but hard to see it in yourself.  Public figures are ideological because it’s addictive and it sells.  A set of beliefs is very addictive.   People will give them money just to pedal an ideology.  

Our minds are so full of ideologies.  It is our history.  The history of the human race is ideological.  Not all ideologies are wrong, but it polarizes people.  You must make distinctions.  The problem is people cling to ideologies and make an entire identity out of it.  That leads to close mindedness.  Ideology is ones mode of holding a belief.  You can hold everything in an ideological manner.  

People get ideological about things that have to do with identity issues.  Anything they identify with.  The more serious an issue is the bigger chance that people will hold it as ideological.  Identity, metaphysics, life and death, power, politics etc.  All are ideological.  The whole reason people become ideological about something is because it is very pleasing to the ego.  The ego will use anything to build an identity out of.  It is why you will see people argue about anything and everything.   They are just defending their ego identity.  Ideology is all about think “What I am thinking”.  

The one thing that has never changed in this world is ideology.  Every ideology is belief based.  It is dependent on language and conceptualizing.  How different would the world be without any ideologies?  With our minds it is impossible to not have ideologies.  Ideologies are all in the mind.  Every ideology feels true.  No matter what side you take.  Our mind will look for conformation bias.   The evidence it presents will be very convincing.  An ideology will lead you to believe you found the truth, you figured it out and now you can understand the world.  It will feel like everyone who disagrees is diluted. 

Every ideology claims absolute truth.  That is the point of an ideology.  Ideology is arrogant.  Fundamentally one thinks they have found the truth.  The get heated and emotional because it is polarizing.  All ideologies are stubborn and close minded.  They refuse to self reflect.  They just want to defend ideology.  They lack self awareness.  If you question them or show how it’s wrong they become very serious.   All ideologies are defensive and emotional.  It’s rooted in fear and attachment.   It is all about survival.  Ideologies govern their whole life.  

Ideologies attack.  They judge, criticize, blame and demonize.  They use projection to defend themselves.  If you are highly ideological you will think others who disagree with you are highly ideological.  It’s all an ego projection.  Ideologies are arrogant.  Ideologist make up proof about what they are trying to sell you and become arrogant about it.  So arrogant they really believe they are better than everyone else.  This is why they cling to what they believe.  Ideologist think they have everything all figured out.  They take themselves way too seriously.    The more ideological a person is they more serious they tend to be.  Ideologist will shame people into doing what they want.  Sound familiar to what’s going on today?  

Ideologies have rules that everyone has to follow.  It is their truth so it has to be everyone’s truth.  Ideologies are rooted in fear, attachment and hatred.  Their very identity hinges on their ideology.  Their ego will protect their ideologies at all cost.  Ideologies govern how one lives.  Who you will be friends with, what you will eat, who you will marry, where you will work,  what you buy, etc.  Ideologies can be easily disproven, the person surrounds themselves in the bubble of their ideologies and only see things that reinforce their ideology.   

No ideology ever came from consciousness.  All conscious people I know question all their ideologies.  It’s called common sense.  Ideologies spread like viruses and that is the dangerous virus spreading right now.  Ideology confuses beliefs with reality.  Belief and truth are blended.  They can not tell the difference what is actual and what is figments of their imagination.  This is exactly how our minds work.  Our minds want to construct our own reality to feel secure.  This is why ideologies are so dangerous.  

Truth can never be captured with beliefs.  The ideologist does not understand this because it would destroy the ideologist. Ideology closes the mind to any kind of research.  They believe they have all the answers.  Ego identity is built on ideologies.  Showing a person their ideology is wrong and it feels like they are being personally attacked.  What a person believes becomes their physical reality.  The mind goes on the offensive to protect itself.  The only reason why its threatening is because it is true.  Everything in politics, press, religion, science, climatology, culture, etc. is all ideology.  Anything that triggers you is an ideology held in your mind.  

The mind is all about survival!  This is all normal for us as humans, but we need to understand it is controlling us! Ideology locks the mind.  It keeps the mind from expanding.  You must take on more perspectives to expand the mind.  With all that is going on today would you say the world is stuck in ideologies without even knowing it?  Ideologies are what make muggles the way they are.  Humans are not interested in exploring issues seriously.  They only want to create an enemy and then beat down that enemy.  People lie to others and themselves to keep their ideologies from falling apart.  

Ideologies are intolerant, oppressive, violent and cruel.  Most of the worlds violence comes from ideology.  Non ideologist rarely become violent.  They will defend themselves but they have to be attacked first.  Ideologies waste time and energy.  Most peoples entire lives are devoted to an ideology.  It radicalizes people and fragments their life and world.  Ideology is the exact opposite of love and consciousness.  It stalls real solutions and progress.  Ideologist are  dogmatic.  Real solutions can never work with ideology.  

Ideology corrupts everything including science.  Scientist must be open minded and completely non ideological and they are not willing to do that.  The reason why science takes so long is because it’s all based on ideologies.  It takes a long time to break down the ideologies that are seen as absolute truth.  You are your ideologies.  There is no difference between your ideologies and who you are.  You will deny its an ideology because it is an ideology.  No scientist believes he is built on ideology.  No religion will believe it either.  

People need to be anchored in something, so they anchor themselves is ideology.  They do not want to admit the don’t really know anything.  The mind will not accept anything it does not understand.  So it will look for ideologies to make sense of the world.  Things that they see are good and bad or right and wrong.  Ideologies keep people from question reality.  

People stuck in ideologies are like Dr. Seuss’ Star Bellied Sneetches.  What is the star on your belly?  Today the most obvious one is a mask on the face.  With ideologies people can easily be tricked like Mr. McMonkey McBean does to the Sneetches in the story.   This is what’s going on with the riots!  Just like Mr. McMonkey McBean they are playing both sides.  All because of ideologies!!!!!  You will be played just like the Sneetches until you figure out they play both sides to keep you fighting.  Understanding how ideologies work and run you is your ticket to freedom.  All ideologies were given to you.  You took them without question because you want to survive.  You don’t want your identity to die, so you will defend it to the death.  

The good thing that is happening today is that these events are jarring people out of their complacency.  They are starting to feel like they don’t belong here.  They are seeing all they stuff they thought was real or true has turned out to be false.  They are seeing the Matrix.  They are starting to not be able to relate to others in this world.  That is a good thing.  

Ideologies give people a fake life purpose.  Life purposes should come from within not from without.  The ego needs a sense of belonging and a sense of direction.   So anything that strokes the ego gives the ego security.  The ego will come up with excuses, rationalizations, scientific evidence, theories and studies to back up their ideology.  This is why we will never get any politician, scientist or media to admit they were wrong on everything about the pandemic.  We will never get an apology and we will never know the true numbers.  

Ideologist will use manipulation to create a power base.  They want all the goodies that come with power and success.  They want the status and reputation.  Ideology gives them the power to mobilize a mob.  They eliminate peoples independent thinking, so it’s all group think.  They radicalize it and make it emotional.  All they have to do is say something or scapegoat a situation.  The whole mob gets riled up and do what this one person wants.  It is extremely easy to sell ideas to an emotional mob who are afraid and have a common enemy.  

It is hard to sell to individual thinkers.  But if you get  group think going on, you can sell them anything.  Any ideology you want.  Right now they are selling that every one in the world is racist and every cop is dirty.  When in truth it’s ideologies that got these few individuals to do what they did!!!   Ideologies that were given to them from the same people selling the narrative to the mobs.   The Emperor plays both sides!  Can you begin to see how dangerous ideologies are?  You see how the game is played?  Funny how the ideology of the virus has went away while they encourage everyone to loot and destroy in mobs.  Six companies own 90% of everything we read, watch and listen too.  The billionaires who own those six companies are very good friends and get together to see who is going to run what side of the story.  All to keep us fighting.  

Sit and think about all your beliefs.  Were they put there or did you put it there yourself?   If they are proved wrong, do you get triggered?  The more triggered you are the more attached to it you are and it is your identity.  It is okay to have beliefs.  It’s when you become attached to it that it becomes an ideology.  It’s time to start questioning our ideologies.  Our minds are infantile because of ideologies.  In order to grow we need to take a hard look at our beliefs.  Quit letting other people think for you.  

9 thoughts on “Ideology”

  1. In the undying words of the great detective, Harry Crumb, “Believe what you will but don’t believe it here!” Detachment is the answer. We all fall prey to ideologies. The trick is to ensure our ideological immune system is working at peak capacity. Detachment is the assurance that when an ideology tries to grab our mind it is discovered and rooted out before any real damage is done. Just imagine: without ideologies we wouldn’t need or have preachers and politicians. We wouldn’t experience racism or misogyny. We could never countenance oppression of others or suppression of ideas we do not agree with. Without ideologies we could finally have an inkling of what “freedom” actually means. Great post.

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  2. Ideology is a belief?
    Ideology is not the problem it is the belief that is the problem.
    People that form an ideology have thoughts, whether they are right, wrong or flexible is another matter.
    A belief is generally more fixed, regimental. Certainly less flexible.
    Ideology and belief can both be naïve.
    A lot depends upon people. Some are emotionally driven others logically driven
    It aint easy.
    Charlotte Iserbyt is interesting. Conditioned, brainwashing, mind control.
    Ideology can be debated
    Belief is an argument.

    Not sure if I have contributed or helped

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    1. All ideologies are strongly held beliefs or polarized beliefs. The reason it can be debated is because it’s a belief not truth. If they would let people debate on a public forum about ideologies, we would have no ideologies. The truth would be shown on one side or the other. Instead they get these fake experts up there to fan the flame of whatever side of the ideology they are on. If I tell you most birds can fly, its truth and can not be debated. If I tell you birds are stupid, have no consciousness and thats why I will kill and eat them, that is an ideology. The truth does not need to be debated, it speaks for itself.
      Truth does not make money. Ideologies are great for making money and is why they will be around forever on this planet. It takes beliefs to argue for ideologies.

      Great comment Brian. You have helped and contributed.

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  3. Very informative post, GSerpent, thanks for your insight. The dark magicians are definitely pulling off some of their best mental sorcery today, all the while, trying to keep us polarized instead of allowing the masses to stay centered, clear headed and focused. Utilizing the energy emitted from the sun this time of year, will allow the few to stay the course and continue traveling along the middle path, flanked by the Pillars of Hercules.

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    1. Thanks, Sunshamar. Yes there is some very dark magic being used right now. Only those staying between the Pillars of Hercules will have a clear head. Definitely use the energy of the sun and get out and enjoy the sun. 😉


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