Think For Yourself


What is your life all about?  Is is all about making someone else happy?  Is it about fulfilling some consumerism culture?  Is it about living the life that has been handed to you?  Go outside, take a look around you, breath in the air.  There is a lot more to life than that hamster cage you have been put into.   In this post Im going to smack you out of the daze that you are in to get you to think outside the box.   To get you to think in a way you might have not thought before.  

You can not become aware of a problem unless you have thought about it.  Thinking for yourself should be something you value.  Think about  problems independently.  Get valuable info from others, but in the end think through it yourself.   That is the core of making your mind your own.   The more you know the more independent you can be with your thinking.  Listening to the press and politicians is just getting information handed to you.  You get caught up in the value and beliefs of the people giving you the information instead of coming to your own conclusion.  When you think through something and work through it on your own, you get an understanding as to what’s going on.  In the ancient times it was the norm for someone to think about something for themselves.  Instead of just taking facts from media or government and they would analyze it.  All the information being thrown at you is all backed by money or an agenda.  

You are going to die one day.  It does not matter if you are rich, poor, famous, homeless, fat or fit because you will die one day.  It may mean you will stick around a longer or shorter time, but in the end you will die.   The universe has been around infinitely and will be here infinitely.  So if you live to 40 or 100, does it matter?  If you love being controlled and living a limited life then so be it.  Do you like being told what to do and have no responsibility?  If you do, then good for you I’m not going to talk you out of it.  Just don’t complain if you have to support yourself one day and can’t do it.  

What I like to do is ask people if they can contemplate being a bad person.  What do you consider bad?  If you can’t have an honest look at being bad then you can’t choose to be a good person.  Look at all the atrocities you see.  What usually happens is a power hungry psychopath politician, which most of them are, gets voted in and gets all these regular average people to commit atrocities.  Then you ask yourself, “How could this have happened?”  You want to know how it happens.  The average persons definition of good is to obey.  “Just follow orders”.  “Just do what Im told”.  Unquestioning obedience.  Toe the political agenda and party line.   Does not matter how evil or lame the order from the politician is.  Good people goto heaven bad people goto hell.  

That average person only wants to fulfill biological drives, ego needs and social conditioning.  Their thoughts are Im hot, Im cold, Im hungry, Im aroused, I need to use the bathroom, I need to get to work, etc.  Then there is ego gratification thoughts of how do I look?  Do I look cool? What do they think of me?  Then there is social conditioning which is part of their ego structure.  They behave in a way they are programed to behave.  If you show them something outside of their conditioning they defend it because they see it as part of their existence.  

The world eats meat like crazy.  The moral justification of eating other animals is that they are unconscious.  Because they are supposedly unconscious its okay to slaughter them and eat them.  Well what if humans were more unconscious than animals?  Most people think their thoughts are their own and it’s not.   Sit there and still your mind right now.  Can you still your mind for 10 seconds?  Can your mind go blank without having a single thought enter it?  Not one word enters your mind for 10 seconds?  I will say that very few of you can do it.  It means your thoughts and mind are on auto pilot.   It means your thinking is not any higher than that of an animal being led to slaughter.   It’s more complex and it feels real, but it is not different.  

Everyone is thinking right now, “What if I die?”  That is the wrong question!!!!!!!  Ask yourself if you have even been born!  If your mind is running on autopilot then its running on ego gratification, social conditioning and fulfillment of biological drives.  How are you any different than a cow, a pig or a turkey?  Tell me!!!!  So what do you have to lose?  There has to be something in your life that puts a firm stake in the ground that says “This is ME!!!”  Wouldn’t you rather live a life that says this is me than a life on autopilot.  Autopilot means you are unconscious!  You do not exist!  You are just a mass of cells wondering around aimlessly.  This is what the world leaders think of you.  The governments, press, science, the so called elites and religions know you can’t think for yourself, so they can put on as ridiculous of a show that is going on right now and you will take it all in.  You will follow anything!  Or you will start abusing drugs and alcohol.  

They want people to go on drugs because it gives a person the high of their life without having to accomplish anything.  You get a super high and all you have accomplished is to inject a needle, snort something or take a pill.   You come out of the high and you have less of an attention span, less ability to focus and you crave more of that drug.  You lose impulse control and your life starts going down hill.  So now you have even more reason to do more drugs.  It is so hard to get off drugs and the leaders of the world know it.  

Here is another question.  Since everyone is so sure there is a god keeping tabs on us, what if your god never knew all the good things you did in your life?  What if everything you do is not being watched on whether you are good or bad?  No reward or punishment waiting for you. Would you still be a good person?  Part of waking up is asking, “Who am I?”  I started waking up 15 years ago and have not been sick since.  Yes I have these little head colds or allergies, but thats it.  When you mind is healthy your body is healthy.  Nothing can touch you!   When your mind is sick, your life is sick and you are full of fear.   This is not to say bad things will not happen.  Of course they will happen.  Going off the script can cause problems.  There is no path to candy canes, rose pedals and unicorns everywhere.  Im not concerned about the length of my life.  You need to understand it is all short.  Im concerned to the point that I want to be there for my daughter, but thats it.  Whether you live to be 100 or 27, it’s all short.  Look at all that Steve Jobs accomplished.  All the success, billionaire, world wide fame and do whatever he wants.  Then it all ended.   The veil between life and death is tiny. What are we doing?  We are sitting around watching the press and politicians lie to us.  We are watching the celebrities live their magnificent life in lock down.  We are all focusing on the wrong things!

I got into ancient history, magic and the occult because I wanted to know the truth.  That is it.  Just know the truth for me.  So I could understand the world.  No one pays me anything or hands me their truth.  I did it for me.  I started writing it down for others because it was a challenge for me.  It is just a hobby.  But that makes me very dangerous because I don’t have an agenda.  When you push yourself to extremes for yourself, the natural highs you get are unbelievable.  You will go to levels of presents that you could only dream of.  Being present to the moment is a gift to yourself.  The reward is the work itself.  Whatever you want to do for you.  It does not matter what anyone else thinks. It does not matter if a god is looking to see if  you are being good.  It matters that you know.    What do you think about yourself?  When you look into the mirror how do you feel?   Are you that person who has had that second birth and realized you are a God or Goddess?  There is a progression to waking up or there is a progression to losing consciousness.  Which are you?  

When you have a rebirth the old person that you were dies.  You are transforming.  The person you were five years ago does not exist.  We are all afraid of dying when we should be afraid of not waking up.  Not being reborn means you are not achieving anything in your life for yourself.  You have to push the limits of your mind.  All the fear keeps you from pushing yourself.  When find your power you let that power move through you instead of trying to force it.  Most people are stuck in their own head wondering what others think of them.  So whatever message they are trying to give others is not very powerful.  There is no power and energy in their message.They try to force it on others.    

The experience you are having right now will end.  It is called death.  The end of the physical body.  What are your thoughts?  What paradigm are you in?  Your autopilot in your mind is there to help you become great a something.  The problem is that  if you become great at being nothing then that is your autopilot.  It is a default mode in case you don’t develop a personality.  It is called the ego.  It exists so that if you don’t snap out of it, you can still live some kind of life.  No matter how sucky it is.  The average person is on auto pilot 95% of the time.  Is your autopilot great or just wondering around?  If you are fed up with what’s going on then great.  That is a start.  

People think spirituality is a rationalization for non action.    Just sit there and let whatever happens happen.  Sit in meditation and let time go by while they smoke weed and play video games.   You can do something you love to become present.  We are here to contribute, evolve and be our best.  But we have become a victim mentality culture.   Blame others, I can’t, Im a victim, It’s not fair…You chose this life!   Whether you believe it or not, you chose to come here.   The two worse things you can do to a human being is make them identify as a victim and give them a handout.  As soon as you believe you are a victim, you will look for anything to prove you are right.  It’s called validating your thoughts.  It changes your focus.  Everyone needs help sometimes, but this victim culture has become a life style.  This virus is bringing all the victimhood to the top.  

Challenges are for you to grow.  We have an internal and external journey.  The inner journey is mastering your internal balance, control, purpose, perspective, focus, humor, presents, self belief, etc.  We also have an external journey.  How does the world work?  How do we create?  Creating is bringing out the Goddess or God in ourselves.  Creating is beautiful.  Create anything.  Creating helps you become present, calm and resourceful.  Most peoples definition of spiritual is surrounding themselves with an easy life.  If you are not challenged, you don’t grow.  If you are truly present to the moment you can be present anytime and anywhere.  We think that if we create something that we will be come attached to it, identify it with our ego and be afraid to lose it.  You will gain the biggest leaps in spirituality by creating something and being proud of yourself for doing it, lose it and then get it back.  That is an incredible process of life.  

As long as you are in the punishment reward cycle you are not awake.  Being awake means you control yourself, your state, your emotions and your actions.  From the point of not needing anything, what would you do?  Who would you be?  Would you just sit around the rest of your life?  Why do you think rich kids never reach the heights of their parents?  The thinking mind is very powerful, but the problem is when the thinking becomes so entrenched that there is no present energy.  Now the thinking is running you. I want.  Be like me.  Think how I think.  Your life goes by in a pathetic haze of a slave master who you believe is you. None of it is your thoughts.  It has all been put in your mind for you.    Who is the slave, you or your dog?  Im not telling you what to think.  Im just encouraging you to think.  Is life all about more more more?  What matters right now is I got you thinking about your life.  Is your life your design?  Something you built.  Something that someone else did not hand to you.  Something that does not matter if others think it’s cool.  

Can you not follow the path of least resistance?  Not be stuck in a punishment reward system? Not being a slave to the voice in your head?  Can you create something in your life?  There is so much here to distract you.  Us versus them, petty gossip, violence, diversions, bred and circuses all that mind numbing garbage.  What if you questioned every now and then about the bigger questions of life or what is the meaning of life?     Hopefully this post has you thinking about thinking.  Doing that changes your energy or vibration.  If you notice your vibration change, pay attention to how others react and respond to you.  People may even be drawn to you because you will have a vibration that few people have ever felt.  They will like being near you.  Notice how different, opened and empowered state of mind you are in.  

When you think for yourself you give yourself direction.  You don’t rely on anyone else.  You don’t rely on lies and distorted information.  Mainstream society is a herd of cows running towards  a cliff.  If you keep running with them you are going to run off the cliff.  What makes today dangerous is the herd does not like you not thinking like them, so they will lasso you and pull you down with them.  You need to not only get away from the herd but you need to get far away from the way they think.  Stop getting information mindlessly and having others force feed you the info.  Start asking questions!  Be very skeptical and analytical.  Value your own opinion.  Think.  Curiosity and open mindedness will help you think for yourself.  If you are close minded then you will never find what is true.  Be an independent thinker.  You will not only separate yourself from the herd but you will break completely away from the herd.  

10 thoughts on “Think For Yourself”

  1. Quote: ” Be an independent thinker. You will not only separate yourself from the herd but you will break completely away from the herd.”
    Thinking your own thoughts and making sure they are, indeed, your own thoughts, that’s the key to self empowerment.

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  2. Thanks for this post. I started questioning today if I needed medication as I realized that most people around me are medicated on prescription, alcohol, or weed. But then you reminded me – we can choose to be present – we can choose to control our emotions; we can choose to deal with issues in the moment and think them through. I agree with that the way animals are treated today is very cruel.

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    1. Thanks, Sara. In an insane world a sane person will seem insane. It’s tough to stay in the moment, but alls it takes is practice. Don’t try to control your emotions. Let them come and go like weather. There are no wrong emotions. The hardest part is starting down the path of waking and you have got that beaten.

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