Doom and Gloom


What is it in the human psychology that wants to see the end of the world?  Why do we want to see the apocalypse?   Do we just love to scare the hell out of ourselves?  Is it our cultures?  Is it bred into us?  Im not trying to say that we can not do better as a human race.  Im just questioning our methods as to how we try to put information out there for people to see.  Most things are done by people who are well meaning.  When a person doesn’t think enough people are listening to them then they start this doom and gloom narrative.  For the most part its picked up by other not so well intentioned people and they use it to manipulate.  


I will be taking parts from Gustave Le Bon’s book The Crowd: A Study of the Popular mind.  I have always said “What you hate you become”.   Science you have become a religion.  You need to take a hard look in the mirror.  Science is the modern dooms day religion.  Instead of having a priest telling us that if we do not change god will punish us, we have scientists telling us if we do not change our ways we all will die.  Science has become the new dooms day religion to distract us from our own internal anxiety.  Politicians were more than happy to use religion in the past and today they are more than happy to use science.  We have went from worthless sinners, to worthless humans that cause climate change, to being worthless humans who will give each other a disease.  Don’t worry humans we know you are not smart enough to fix this yourselves so we will fix it for you.  All you have to do is obey!  

We need to confront this now.   Our minds our so full of fear and anxiety that we love these dooms day cults.  We can’t get any justice and peace in our own lives, so we are more than happy to see the rest of the world in chaos.  Again I think a lot of people are meaning well.  They are seeing all the lies on the television and internet and don’t know how to think for themselves.  In crowd think there is no free thinking.  Our fear of not being accepted by the crowd is greater than our fear of being wrong.  I have done work on group think before, but this needs to be gone into deeper.  Critical thinking can not be done in crowds.  It is just easier to go along.  

I grew up mormon, so I know exactly how the crowd psychology works.  I experienced it first hand.  We just had our economy brought to its knees!!!!!  This same play book was done in Nazi Germany.  Everyone in Germany was looking for a savior.  Is that same thing going to happen now?   The media is appealing to emotion not intelligence.  An appeal to fear not reason.  It’s a sales pitch.  It is very powerful  to huge numbers of people.  Facts, reason, evidence and objective ways of looking at this is thrown out the window.  Is everyone going to die if we live our lives?  Are we all going to die if we don’t stop using plastic and oil?  Are we all gonna feel the wrath of god if we don’t have our religion straight?  

We must understand the psychology behind what they are doing.  We all have a mind.  I have written several post on how to empower yourself, so you do not have to be molded by all the influences around you.  Nietzsche’s work is all about becoming an individual then acting in concert with others.  There is something that happens to peoples minds when they get into groups.  Every government, every international group and every religion study how to make the masses do what they want them to do.  How do you get a world that loves their freedom to give up their way of life and force people to be micromanaged?  You have a global emergency.  Take power away from the individual and bring it all under the control of the people who know how to run your life better than you do.  

With our phones, computers and televisions connecting us all we do not need people to join in a crowd to accomplish what they are doing.  Just make people think that everyone else is thinking a certain way and those who don’t think this way will cause millions to die.  People will readily sacrifice their personal interest for the collective interest.  It does not matter what subject you are trying to get people to believe.  It works for anything and everything.  It all comes down to a very small group of people wanting the masses to believe what they are selling.  Group think is very contagious.  That is the disease that is spreading rapidly.  

Groups think in images.  Why do you think there are so many images in churches, government buildings, sports arenas or anywhere crowds can gather?  Today they control you with images on your electronic device.  This is why they keep throwing images and memes up on your screen.  It all has to do with our minds!  You will immediately start thinking in other images that could or couldn’t be connected to the original image.  Next time you look at a meme or an image of the virus up on the screen understand this is what they are doing.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an image is worth a thousand pictures.  Probably more.  The media will only report something with one slant.  They will not show you all the facts.  They will put up images of whatever they are trying to sell you.  They will put stories up that play on your emotions and tell you that if you don’t do what they say all of this will keep happening.  They want you thinking in cartoonist simplistic images so you can’t think for yourself.  They will get celebrities to tell you what they want to sell. All the profits of doom are getting a lot of money to tell you what they are selling.  

The mode of reasoning in group think is infantile.  To say that something is true and is the only way to think is usually the rhetoric.  Things like, “the science is settled” or “my god only knows what is right” really means the truth is very different from the accepted account of what is going on.   Alarmism is always political, financial or religiously motivated.  They exaggerate, affirm, repeat and never prove anything by reasoning.  There is no conscious thinking.  It is all the sky is falling.  Truth does not need the press, a politician, or priest.  It will speak for itself.  Just because most people think it’s true does not mean truth.  History shows that most of the truths we accept today were brought to us by thinkers who were imprisoned, ruined or killed.  That is the track record of human beings.  

They will appeal to sentiments of glory, patriotism, morality, religion and honor to influence the group think.  It appeals to your own personal desires.  This is the black magic that pulls you in. This is a very ancient strategy.  The doomsayers are as old as the human race.  It works because it plays on collective unconscious that remembers the true history of this world(seeLemurian Magic).  We are still here as a human race.  Has any of these doom and gloom people been right?  Has the world ended?  Has the human race died off?     

The false has just as much influence on group think as the true.  The group mind can not tell the difference between what is true and what is false.  Group think is incapable of both reflection and reasoning.  The more improbable something is the more groups will believe it.  If you are not capable of reflecting on something that is being sold to you, then you will fall to peer pressure.  Group think is emotionally empowering.  Most people do not have control of their own mind.  We are sold a pack of lies and we go along with them because we do not feel empowered in our own personal lives.  Saying we are all gonna die or the world will end is very powerful.  

The masses have never wanted the truth.  They just want validation for their thoughts.  Whoever supplies them with illusions is easily their master.  Whoever tries to destroy their illusions is always their victim.  Those in history who were killed or ruined for speaking out were destroyers of illusions.  The ones who went on with the mainstream narrative helped supply the illusions.  The world or universe is not an illusion.  What you think is an illusion.  

Historical facts are only used if it reiterates what is being sold.  You didn’t learn any of your history.  It was given to you in school.  By the new religion of scientism.  Science has priests, holy books, saints, sinners, rules, prophecies, taxes and power that needs to be taken for the greater good.  If you are not part of it and do as you’re told, you hate people and are the enemy.  

Most people do not  have clear and reasoned ideas outside their own speciality.  We are taught to specialize in one thing.  The jack of all trades is very rare.  We need to be experts in one thing only.  That way anything outside of their specialty they will accept easily.  The world wants workers who obey.   Just join the fight and we will change the world.  

Simple affirmations kept free of reason and proof is the surest means of making an idea enter the minds of group think.  Keep repeating it.  Eventually they will believe it.  Do they have any scientists get on the television and debate each other about this virus, so people can make a choice for themselves?   No!  Can’t have people making an educated decision.  The scientists and doctors who do not follow the narrative are destroyed and videos taken down.  They don’t want anyone fact checking them.  This is why they keep moving the goal posts.  It’s a game they don’t want you to win.  If they actually had people debate it they would get slaughtered.  This is why most politicians only have certain people ask questions at their press conferences.  This is also why every death is considered a virus death right now.  

They keep repeating the lie over and over so it fixes itself in the mind as truth.  The group mind is too lazy to debate and do research. The media knows this and so they repeat the lie over and over and over.  Does not matter that those who put the rules in are not abiding by them.  The lie is so engrained in the mind that we don’t care if they follow their own lock down rules.  If the person who came out with these inflated numbers of death, Neil Ferguson, does not take it seriously, then how can you?   He was forced to quit because he had several booty calls with a married women while the rest of the world is on lock down.  Didn’t cause so much as a stir.  It means the lie is working.  

The governments and media know the masses are looking for a savior.  A savior from personal responsibly, from your internal trauma and from doing inner work.  They don’t want you being your own personal savior.  Tyranny on the mind can not be fought against. As Jung said, “We will do anything to keep from facing our own soul”.    Facing the darkness is how you heal.  

Conformity deadens the spirit.  It is the nonconformist who bring out new ideas, creations and ways of living which produce a vibrant society.  A fulfilling life is one who sees the flowering of their uniqueness.  We all have a yearning for life and self expression, but for the most part we are all afraid to die.  They use this fear of death against us.  They think that very few people are capable of bringing anything of significance into this world.  So they give you social roles and that make people feel they are participating in something significant.  Ernest Becker wrote it best in his book Denial of Death:

“Like many prisoners they are comfortable in their limited and protected routines, and the idea of parole into the wide world of chance, accident, and choice terrifies them.  In the prison of ones character one can pretend to feel that he is somebody, that the world is manageable, that there is a reason for one’s life, and a ready justification for one’s actions.  To live automatically and uncritically is to be assured of at least a minimum share of the programmed culture heroics.”

“Society itself is a codified hero system, which means that society everywhere is a living myth of the significance of human life, a defiant creation of meaning.  Every society thus is a “religion” whether it thinks it is so or not.  Soviet “religion” and Maoist “religion” are as truly religious as are scientific and consumer “religion”, no matter how much they may try to disguise themselves by omitting religious and spiritual ideas from their lives.”

Just like any other religion the greater number of people who believe what they are selling the easier it is to sell it to others.  This is why, my readers, we are feared by the masses.  We plant the seeds of doubt into the minds of the conformists.  If they are wrong about something, what else could they be wrong about?  Without the group think they lose their significance.  Therefore the masses will attack anyone going against the mainstream narrative.  The masses will try to push you back into conformity anyway they can because their whole existence is on the line.  

The conformists existence is comfortable but robotic.  They want to be told how to behave and what to believe.  They live their life for others.  Virginia Woolf wrote it perfectly:

“Once conform, once do what other people do because they do it, and a lethargy steals over all the finer nerves and faculties of the soul.  One becomes all outer show and inward emptiness; dull, callous, and indifferent.”  

Becker thought we love the profits of doom and gloom because we are afraid of death.  Nietzsche thought it was because we feared what others thought about us and we are lazy.  In truth we love the doom and gloom because we are addicted to it.  We have had doom and gloom since the inception of our race.  It is why we war so much and love horror movies.  We love having the daylights scared out of us.  Does not matter if what is scaring us is truthful or make believe, we love being filled with fear and anxiety.   Will we ever detox ourselves from this as a race?  I don’t see how we can, but we can quit believing in the profits of doom and research things on our own.  Have open debates, not staged political debates, about subjects so people can decide for themselves.   The ancients knew that thinking for yourself brought about some anxiety.  That is how they got their dose of the anxiety drug.  As Soren Kierkegaard wrote: “Cultivating uniqueness is like riding a wild stallion.”  

Will you come out of your house and dance with me?    There are finally realizing that vitamin D is what you need to protect yourself from the virus.  Come outside and dance with me.  


4 thoughts on “Doom and Gloom”

  1. I am a nurse who got the virus after taking care of covid patients. My reaction when I tested positive none. I was not afraid. For what?

    Most of my patients barely had symptoms! Elderly people were like this is it. We had one patient die while she had the virus, but that’s because she decided to go off dialysis! Counts as a death from covid. I have been working in a stress box, thanks media.

    Management has had no direction from corporate. So we have literally have new policies daily. I almost got fired for getting covid and for being honest with health department. Mind you almost every nurse now has it.

    I have been angry at the news. Who scream fear and cause panic. A few years ago it was police killing minorities. Did all that magically disappear. What will we have next year to cause the population to be polarized? Politics that’s a daily. But I am sure it will be something else that will cause us to hate our neighbor.

    The most amazing thing happened to me through this. I gave up on fear! I decided to place one foot in front of the other and enjoy today. I will live in the present. I will not spend another day being controlled by others agendas.

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    1. Thanks, Peter. I know a few people in the medical and scientific fields and they are telling me basically the same thing.
      These psychopath politicians know that a polarized population is easily moved. All they have to do is give them info that pulls them in or pushes them away. It really is that easy. The human mind is not as advanced as we think it is. You are right, they will have something to always polarize us.

      Im glad you gave up fear. I wish more would give it up. I understand it’s very hard, but living in a state of fear is not good. I have posts trying to help people overcome it, but most are addicted to their fear. They like being controlled. Welcome to the freedom of no fear. Breath in the free air my friend. 😉


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