How Do I Dissolve the Ego?


Why do we want to satisfy me first?  Why has man given so much importance to the ego?  We have meditations to try to get rid of it or calm it down, so why must we bow to our ego’s every whim?  Is it taught to us from childhood?  Has the ego become a habit?  When one feels there is no self there is nothing, so why do we spend endless amounts of energy trying to bring it under control? Those who don’t work on ego are afraid of becoming nothing.  

There is a battle going on in all our minds.  The ego can not have a relationship with anyone.  It is an isolating process. The ego rejects the sacred feminine and will try to find it in women.  Only to find most women are ego based too.   It is not accurate of reality.  A reality that can be touched and seen objectively.  The ego is a series of structures put together by thought.  Selfish actions are tearing the world apart.  We can not see that if we are in the ego.  The ego identifies itself as a Democrat, Republican, Christian, Jew, Hindu, scientist, etc.  The very nature of the ego is to be separate from everyone else.  

What are we to do?  How do we free ourselves from the ego?  I have meditated.  Tried to control it.  Deny myself of certain pleasures. I’ve isolated myself.  None of that works.  Negation is a positive action. Peel off all that you think is you.  We have identified ourselves with our bodies and everything the body concerns itself with.  When we are concerned with how we look, we are sustaining the ego. When we are in the ego mind, everything we do or say is to stroke the ego.   Meditation in the mainstream sense is stroking the ego. 

In order to dissolve the ego you must have alertness, watchfulness and attention( see The Observer becomes the Observed).  In the ego is great pleasure.  People have tried self torture and self control.  It does not work either. The ego is deeply rooted.   Is it possible to not have the shadow of the ego?  Which means no isolated individuality.  Im not talking about the “Im the whole” or “We are all one”.  None of that new age nonsense.   Im talking about the honest feeling that you are not an isolated individual and you are part of something bigger.  Some new agers will tell you that if you don’t accept everyone you are not whole.  Nonsense!  

Be love. The one simple factor that totally dissolves the ego.  The word love is misused.  I love my spouse, but I can’t get along with them.  I love my country so much I will kill everyone else.  I love god so much I will kill and torture anyone who does not believe in him.  Love is sacred.  The depth and beauty are sacred.  If you have love, real love, everything else disappears.  We have lost what love really is.  Love is the only thing that will dissolve the ego.  Not,  “I love everyone”.  You must love yourself.  Have the beauty of love in your heart.  See my post Self Love and What is Love?  

Love is how you dissolve the ego.  

8 thoughts on “How Do I Dissolve the Ego?”

  1. Many people confuse ego with narcissism.
    Narcissism, which is separate to self confidence and differing to ego is substantially on the increase.
    Could it be that modern Western society has moved to far from the collective to the individual.
    Is an individual society easier to control?
    We need a healthy dose of ego and self confidence.
    We do not need narcissism.
    Most politicians appear to be narcissistic which explains a lot about them and why they will not listen to us.

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    1. Politicians are psychopaths.
      Dissolving the ego is bringing it equal to the subconscious. It becomes an agent for the Goddess. The ego wants to be in control of everything. Including others. If others like the ego it will lash out. Self confidence, I have found, is in the subconscious.
      We have become too collective. In a crowd insanity rules. It’s just a matter of whose ego agrees with each other.
      Individuals can work together like an orchestra. It just needs a maestro to bring them in tune. We have two problem with that… 1. People need to know how to use or master their own mind like an instrument. 2. We have no maestros of the mind.
      They were slaughtered a long time ago.


    1. So true. The ego loves to be in charge and will do anything to stay in charge. The trick is balance with the subconscious. We can not get rid of the ego all together or we would not be human.
      I love the post you linked to. It shows how we need to bring the ego down off its pedestal and bring it to atonement.


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