Why We Believe the Lies


Lies run so deep in this world that we take it for granted.  We accept it as normal.  We all lie like hell.  It is the major source of human stress.  Lying kills people.  Lying is neurotic.  People who lie the most become the most successful in this world.  We lie to preserve our self image. We have to act a certain way that we think we should act and will lie to preserve that image.  This post will explain why we keep believing lie after lie after lie from the people we see as leaders.  

Do you want to know why our politicians  and press are thy way they are?  It’s because no one is truthful with themselves.  Everyone of us lie all the time.  Reading this you are probably lying to yourself about how much you think you lie.  Your whole life is built on self deception.  You are deceiving yourself.  You lie, manipulate and self deceive.  You have a pseudo self.  You will go to all lengths to preserve your pseudo self.  You want to protect that ego pseudo self.    

Once someone becomes attached to their rolls and rules it is very hard change.  We think we have to live up to our own imaginings about how we think others think we should behave.  We don’t know who we are, so we try to guess who we should be because we have an image we have to maintain.  Whatever we think others think about us we have to keep it from falling apart at all cost.  This is why your politicians, press, religions, scientists, etc.  will never admit they are wrong.  They will destroy the world to keep their image going.  The masses must think that the people in charge are smarter than them.  When in reality they are just bigger liars than you.  

People maintain an image in the eyes of others in order to sell themselves in a certain way.  We have to understand we are not who we have been pretending to be and we need to admit we don’t know who we really are.  Beneath our masks that we present to others we are an irrational mess of ever-changing ,conflicting and embarrassing beliefs.  The lies we live by have become vital cornerstones to our identities.  There is no way we can discard these lies even if we wanted to.  The more successful a person is, the more lies they have to present for themselves.   Their pseudo self is enormous.  Im talking to you politicians, science and press! 

All the lies we have are walls.  Walls that keep us from really knowing each other.   When a person digs into knowledge and accepts that they have lived a lie, they are capable of intimacy.  The person becomes in charge of their own life. They have a heart to love and they have a voice to sing.   It does not matter what lie you choose, political, religious, scientific, if you don’t see how the lies run you then you will never wake up.  Low awareness serves the pseudo self.  The pseudo self does not want responsibility.  Being awake takes responsibility and forces you to confront all the lies you have been living.  To face the lies is painful.  It makes the pseudo self come crashing down.  The pseudo self has to die in order for you to raise awareness.  

Truth is not what people want.  We don’t live our life valuing truth.  We think we want the truth, but if it is not in line with our pseudo self’s beliefs we discard it.  What people on this planet really want is the survival of the pseudo self.  We will go to any length to defend our ideas and beliefs.  This is what’s going on right now around the world.  When people scream at others to believe what they believe, lie about the official numbers, shame others for not thinking like them, put people on house arrest,  tell people they are killing people for coming out of their homes, calling the police on neighbors who go outside, etc.  all of it is to protect the ego.  That is forcing your pseudo self on everyone else.   There is no common sense with the pseudo self.  

Your pseudo self needs comfort and security. It needs certainty.  When you are not certain about something your ego goes crazy.  So you search for the certainty that you want.  That is what  every person on this planet is doing, searching for comfort and the feeling of being right.  All to prop up their pseudo self.  The reason why people do everything they do is for their own personal survival of the pseudo self.  This is why you watch the news that you watch and why the press will stop at nothing to get you to believe what they want you to believe.   Pseudo selves are in charge of the press.  Pseudo selves are what deliver the press.  Pseudo selves are running governments, religions, media and science.  

The lies that are flying around in this world right now are so deep that the average person is becoming very frustrated.  The people of the world have conditioned themselves to think rather than act when they get angry.  We think it’s a virtue to communicate in nonviolent ways.  In truth our anger scares us so we repress it.  We carry a lot of anger around with us.  Most of it is irrational, but some of it is rational.  The problem is that when we swallow are frustrations it becomes a plague on our thoughts.  What should have been a brief moment of honest self expression becomes a prolonged experience of growing resentment.  Over time this causes us to destroy the things we sought to protect.  

We are afraid to express most of our thoughts and feelings.  Honesty is putting yourself out there to be vulnerable.  It can be painful and destructive, but it breaks the mental chains that keep us in denial of what is true.  Truth in this world is just an agreed on set of lies.  You have to keep falling down a pit of lies and climb back out of it.  In this world it is a never ending process.  The struggle towards truth is never ending.  The only way to have truth in this world is if people would only be honest with themselves.  That is why we humans will never change.  We can’t be honest with ourselves.  

What is the best way to hide a lie?  Hide it in plain sight by telling yourself it’s not a lie.  That is how your ego works.  Be really careful when someone or even yourself starts to point the finger at everyone else.  Everyone needs to take their finger and point it at themselves.  Telling yourself that all that you are putting out is true is serving your pseudo self.  You are doing this without even knowing it!  Your whole life has been lived this way.   Digging into history and knowledge will depolarize you. It will show you how the world is manipulated.  Once you see this you need to turn those eyes on yourself and see how you are manipulating your world.    

The human mind is wired to self deceive.  It is all because of the ego that developed after the war of the gods.  The ego saved the human race.  It had to do what it had to do to survive. Now it wants to run everything.  It thinks it’s never wrong and will do anything and everything to prove that.  These are the minds running this world!! Who they believe they are is a compete fabrication of the mind.  They think they know how life works and what reality is.  It is all a lie in their head that they force it on others to protect the pseudo self.  Not one leader of this world has a high consciousness.  If they did they would not want to lead!  To hold a belief and not realize it’s a belief, that requires low consciousness.  

You can not serve a pseudo self when you recognize its all BS.  When truth and survival of the pseudo self collide, the pseudo self will survive if you are not awake.  As long as you see yourself as a biological body, you will protect it at all cost. Does not matter how many lives are destroyed.  You have to protect your truth! The truth of your pseudo self.  The lies and manipulations that run you will back fire and manifest as bad health or negative emotions.  

The information coming out today is manipulated, rearranged and absent of the truth.  It is concocted and presented in such a way that does not represent the true picture.  All of the information is distorted or exaggerated all to protect pseudo selves.  They will pretend that they are compassionate and selfless when presenting the facts.  The people who try to act like they are doing something for compassion and love are the most selfish people on the planet.  When they start moralizing.  Run.  

The press understands that if you’re gonna tell lies you have to tell them with complete devotion.   It gets complicated because when the people who they think are too stupid to think for themselves start investigating, the press make up lies to cover up their lies.  It becomes a very tricking game.  One the pseudo self does not want to lose.  We have no idea what morality  really is.  All we care about is that we get more and more people to think the way we think.  The pseudo self wants more and will not stop.  It has an insatiable thirst to make people think it’s right.  

This is why the human race will never be free.  Our minds will not let us.  We must enforce people to think like us.  If we cant think for ourselves we must force people to think like our ideology or leader.  It does not matter what race we are, all we want is more more more!!!!!  I thought that maybe one day we as a human race would eventually grow up.  With what has gone on in the last few weeks, I have started to doubt myself.  It is obvious the human race as a whole is still in the infantile stages of development.   Our mind is split in two.  Until we can see the lies that the ego uses to run our own life.  We will never see the lies that are used to control us.  

7 thoughts on “Why We Believe the Lies”

  1. Purposeful deception on a large scale is a disease. No one is capable of telling the absolute truth. We all “fudge” our version of reality. But wholesale deception is a serious problem. Pathological lying is rampant. It must stop. Now. 😣😠😢😶

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  2. As I was reading through I kept seeing parts I wanted to highlight – there were many but perhaps this one illustrates it best of all for me, and quote: “The only way to have truth in this world is if people would only be honest with themselves. That is why we humans will never change. We can’t be honest with ourselves.”
    If you “argue” with a believer against her/his group-think, they practically label you a mass murderer or enemy of humanity. Twice I was verbally compared to Trump because I refused to buy into the virus hoax, and that by individuals who accept my financial and physical help because they can’t afford to pay for bills, or for maintenance on their homes. Do you know how tempting it was to say, well, in that case, why don’t you ask Trump for help? He’s got a lot more money than I do… Yes to the pseudo-self examples you give: people are their own worst enemies because of their hubris and an innate fear they do not want to ever live without.

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    1. I know exactly how you feel. There is no common sense in the pseudo self or group mind. Not only do the individuals you refer to have both those going on, but it sounds like they have a “poor little me” mind set.
      Everything they have going on will be protected the all costs. If you say what you feel like saying, it will just reinforce that victim mind set and divisive group think which is what their mind really wants. If that makes sense.
      It does not matter what truth you give them, if it goes against the narrative of their mind they will ruin everything around them including their own life to prove they are right. The whole world works this way. We really are our own worst enemy. We subconsciously hate ourselves and because of that we are willing to destroy the world to protect our pseudo self. The human race is a race of Gollums.

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