The Occult War in Plain Sight


I have received several emails asking me what I think is going on in the world today.    With all the things I have uncovered in history, forgive me if I do not believe anything coming from the press, politicians, priests or bankers.  Yes, there is a virus.  Yes, people are getting sick.  Yes, people are dying.  This has happened throughout the history of the world.  No matter how bad the pandemic or plague was in history, the economy was never shut down.  Ever!  The number one motto of all religions, governments and press is “Never let a good crisis goto waste”.  Time to give them a taste of my venom. 

You are seeing the occult war between the bloodlines spill out into your life.  They do not care how many lives of the common people they ruin.   Understand the nuances that are going on, but at the same time you need to look at the larger picture.  The overreach that is happening right now is incredible.  Tragedies are used by the so called elites to gain more power.  To a normal person who is not a psychopath, a tragedy is all consuming and distracting.  People become so overwhelmed by tragedy that they do not see the whole picture.  Why all of a sudden do the so called elites care enough for people to put us all under house arrest?  Who benefits from all of this?  100 million people died in WW1 and WW2.  2.4 million died in Vietnam War. Yet we still beat the war drums around the world.   I hear people talking about how we should start a war with China and make them pay for what they have done.  WTF!  

We need to uncover stones that people would normally not uncover to get to the truth of what is going on.  The virus is effecting people with underlying conditions the most.  Why would the governments suddenly care about people’s underlying conditions now?  If they actually cared about people’s health wouldn’t they ban most of the shitty food we put into our bodies? Heart disease kills over 640,000 people a year in the U.S. alone!  Why is weed killer, that is known to make people sick, put on our lawns and food?  Wouldn’t fast food and high fructose corn syrup been banned a long time ago?  Why do they let sodas dominate our world if they care about our health?  Wouldn’t they care that we had clean air to breathe?  Why would they put chemicals in our drinking water?  Why would they butcher sick animals to put  into our food source?  If you actually think they care about you, then  you really need your eyes opened.   Domestic violence is through the roof right now.  So its okay to let these men beat up on the women at home all in order to save the old and frail!!! Ladies do you think the government cares that you are getting beaten on?  This is an opportunity for rebirth for most of the population.  That is a very good thing.  

I used to think that bankers were the most corrupt people in the world.  Now I think the press has overtaken the number one spot.  Why would CBS use footage from Italy’s hospitals and tell the world it was New York’s hospitals?  This is not new!  They have done this for decades.  Now they are trying to say it was a mistake because they were caught.  The press only wants to create fear!  The leaders of the world want confusion.  No one wants to admit it, but I think that all of our politicians around the world have been bought off, the media is controlled, all universities are bought and paid for, health care is privatized, which means its for profit, so it has to go along with the narrative and science is basically a religion that is paid to do what they are told.  Society is a cult!  The masses will tear down anyone who goes against the religion of lies.  The lies being state and federal government, media, and the oligarchy.  

Think about this, how many politicians have profited off of this virus? How many CEOs have stepped down with a golden parachute and why are the politicians trying to pass laws right now that have nothing to do with the virus? Why would the press create fear just to get ad revenue?  What kind of person takes advantage of a crisis like that!?

The world is finally seeing what I have seen for a long time.  The world is run by a bunch of criminals and psychopaths.  The people need to see their own personal power!  We have to get behind each other!  “I was just doing my job”, can not be the answer anymore.  We need to hold these so called leaders accountable.  Why is Bill Gates pushing his vaccine  agenda full throttle and yet he has no medical license?  Why has the Epstein story disappeared?  Epstein’s black book and flight manifests had thousands of very powerful and rich names on them.  Funny how this virus has distracted everyone.  Why are there even secret societies?  Do you really think that all these secret societies believe that all men are created equal?   

By keeping people divided and causing chaos it makes people easily controlled.  The whole reason why we have wars is so we can hurt each other.  I see this as the reason for causing so much chaos during this virus.  They cause all of this fear and chaos, get us to do what they want us to do and get us fighting among each other. All while they sit back in their mansions and feel like a god.  They know most of the populations has not done shadow work and people will project their worst fears onto others.  While we are fighting among each other they are centralizing everything, making the media a bigger propaganda machine than it already was and they are changing the laws!  Not in the average persons favor.  Why the hell would they come in like tyrants when we are doing all the tyrannical work for them?  Their real power is getting us to hurt each other and they have us convinced that this is what we want.  Its called dark magic!  They get their power from us giving our power to them.  

The reason why everything looks so unorganized and out of control is because they need our permission to give them our power.  The real power in all of these leaders is they control us with our permission.   When they control us with our permission it makes them our puppet masters.  We need to fall in love with the word “NO”!  They figured out along time ago that coming out and murdering people will not work for the long term in controlling people.  By getting our permission to control us can work for generations.  That way if they ever get challenged others will take up for them and even fight to the death for them.  They don’t have to defend themselves.  Someone else will do it for them. The world is full of Dark Magicians.  It is time to expose them.  

I have shown you in a previous post who the devil is.  Each and everyone of us has a God or Goddess and a Devil in us.  When people see the so called elites doing satanic rituals it is just rituals to deal with and accept what they are capable of doing with their dark side.  You have those same dark forces in you, but you have not dealt with them or brought them to the surface.  They use ancient rituals to bring these darker aspects out and to the surface.  Most of them act on the dark forces! Once you see the power of the dark forces it is very hard to say no.  Once a person acts on the dark forces, they can be manipulated because they will blackmail  them their entire life.  Even if we did get some well meaning people in governments, press, science or other high positions, they are blackmailed their entire life.  Most who they  blackmail are okay with it because of the power they get.  Be a good little boy or girl and we will make sure you have power over others.  They continue to goto these so called “satanic rituals” the rest of their lives to keep understanding their dark self.  They are just using their own dark power.  There is a reason why Star Wars called it the dark side.  It is too much work for these leaders to actually learn a different way.  The dark way is so much easier.  Don’t get me wrong, there are good leaders out there, but they are a very small minority.  In times like this if they don’t go along with the main narrative they are ruined by the ignorant masses or the media.  

The ignorant masses do not understand the dark and light forces.  I could go into demons and angels, but the only thing my readers need to comprehend is that when you contact any force light or dark, you are contacting yourself.  I talk about a Higher Self well you have a Lower Self too and everywhere in-between.  People get fooled into connecting with anyone of them, but they don’t know the difference.  Your Higher Self wants you to reintroduce you to yourself, so you can act for yourself and  your lower self wants you too feed off others and manipulate them.   They are all your powers!  Ever see in a show where the character has  an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder?  The angel and devil are little versions of the main character because this its what is being shown.  

Secret societies have maintained these teachings from very ancient times.  These teachings and rituals go all the way back to Atlantis and Lemuria.  The average person does not understand these rituals because they have been indoctrinated by religions that keep the power outside of them.  Here is the kicker, the average so called leader does not understand these rituals either because wisdom has been lost in this world!  So the very few who do understand it use it to control the rest.  When the so called leaders get into the dark arts, their ego  makes them believe they are gods on earth  and they are what the human race needs.  The dark arts are so attractive because the ego is in charge.  They stay away from the Higher Self because the Higher Self takes the work of healing yourself and confronting your shadow.  These people really believe they are gods walking on earth.  Gods in the sense of the Greek Gods and Goddesses controlling the humans.  I have stated many of times that no one understands these myths anymore, but these leaders know their bloodline so they really believe they are gods.  This is why you can have a person coming out and saying, “I know what’s good for the human race.  Humans don’t know what is food for them, but I do so Im going to inoculate the world”.  I know this is very hard for people to accept.  

This is why the universal law is not to mess with other species.  The new species is too easily controlled by a few!  You must tap into your inner God or Goddess!  You are just as much part of the divine as any of them!  The Mayans talked about a world order of living from the heart.  It was seen as one world order because everyone was referencing the divine in themselves.  When you realize this it raises the vibration of the planet.  The so called “new world order” is a mockery of this!  In the ancient texts it was talking about one order working with each other, but the so called leaders think they have the right to rule the world.  

You have to understand that there is a shift going on.  The bloodlines are battling over how much control they will lose or gain.  The exodus story in the bible is one of those battles. It was a time of leaving Taurus and going into Aries.  We are leaving Pisces and going into Aquarius.   They have to get your permission to manipulate you.  When they write about what’s going on today they will talk about fishermen or fish, those that stayed with the old way, and flowing water or waterfalls, those that went with the new way, and fish swimming up stream or up a waterfall, those who did both.   

One of the big manipulations of the old way is to always say a big event is coming.  This always keeps you out of the now.  It gets you looking to the future all the time.  When things do not go their way they say the thing in the distance is now an immediate thing.  Things like the end of the world, a pandemic, christ’s return, mass arrests, meteorite crashing or the antichrist has come.  This gets you out of your center.   You should want to only reference yourself about your future.  You decide what’s going on.  True leaders will tell you to make your own decisions.  Learn how to read your surroundings.  Im an expert in occult symbols and actions and they are everywhere right now.  They are giving signs to people with eyes to see and ears to hear about what is true and what is not.  They know a huge change is happening, but they want to manipulate the change.  The change is so huge that many of my psychic friends can not see what is coming very clearly.  

The change that is coming is going to have people feeling betrayed.  There will be a lot of emotion from all the corruption.  This taste of totalitarianism should be a wake up call.  If we value freedom it is times when our social freedom is dying that we need to keep our psychological freedom.  Psychological freedom is the freedom to think for ourselves.  As Epictetus wrote:

“Me in chains?  You may fetter me in chains but my will, not even Zeus himself could over power.”

In a time of change people will look to politicians and bureaucrats to save them.  We do this at our own peril.  As Carl Jung wrote:

“The increasing dependence on the state is anything but a healthy symptom, it means that the whole nation is in a fair way to becoming a heard of sheep, constantly relying on a shepherd to drive them into good pastures.  The shepherd’s staff soon becomes a rod of iron, and the shepherds turn into wolves…Any man who still possesses the instinct of self preservation knows perfectly well that only a swindler would relieve him of responsibility…[those] who promise everything are sure to fulfill nothing, and everyone who promises too much is in danger of using evil means to carry out those promises.”  

These leaders are not divine!  Most of the government officials received inside information about this up coming pandemic.  They all got out of the stock market and profited on real-estate.   Looting has become institutionalized.   Your government does not see a problem with what they did.  The elites are all made up of posers, charlatans and crooks.  

Frederic Bastiat wrote:   

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” 

These people are no different than a monarchy.  The kings thought they had a divine right to rule and so does the oligarchy running the world today.  There is no way you will ever get these corrupt people to act moral!  These elites do not give a damn about you!  Why the hell are they pretending to care about you during this pandemic?!  Where was their compassion during any one of the wars?  Where were they during the Flint water crisis?  Not one of the elites are going to feel any pain from this down turn in the economy.  We sit their and watch them make little videos in their mansions and cheer them on!  

What was this meeting that all the government officials and elites had that caused them to get out of all their stock and shut everything down?  Here we go science, you paid for charlatans!  All the western governments held the line of “We need herd immunity to beat this” until….A report was done by an British epidemiologist named Neil Ferguson.  The paper was not peer reviewed! He told the U.S. government that 2.2 million people will die immediately and over 5 hundred thousand Britains would die unless they did exactly what he said to do.   This report is what caused the western governments to shut everything down.  Ferguson’s track record is mediocre at best.  It was Ferguson in 2001 that had Tony Blair kill 6 million cattle to stop foot and mouth disease.  It cost 10 billion pounds and ruined the lives of countless farmers.  Today looking back they said it was absurd to do.  This alarmist has several other episodes that he was wrong on.  This is why I hate science!!!! Science is another religion who thinks they are right about everything.  Do you think Mr. Ferguson will have any repercussions for being wrong? Again!!!!   Where is the press on Mr. Ferguson?  Bill Gates has given Mr. Ferguson and the Imperial College millions of dollars.  Now that the U.S. has suspended all funding to the World Health Organization Bill Gates is the number one contributor of money to the World Health Organization.  He gives more than any other country on the planet! 

As I write this the Dutch have put out their findings on the study of Corona virus.  Dutch Study:  Hundreds of Thousands May Have Virus.  Fatality Rate Could be Astronomically Lower is the headline.  Stanford University says new data suggests the Coronavirus is not as deadly as we thought.   They are finding that a lot of people had it and they didn’t know it.  Im not even going to go into how the number of deaths are being manipulated.  I will leave that to the reader to explore.   I am also not saying that these new studies are correct.  Im showing you that science can be manipulated for whatever their purpose.  They can manipulate it for a party affiliation, which is what they are doing in the U.S. or whoever has the most power and money.  With all the manipulation of numbers going on, how can the world be mad at China?  They are a socialist government.  They manipulated the numbers for their own purposes.  Whether they were embarrassed or trying to hide something it does not matter.  They needed the numbers to work in their favor and that is exactly what the rest of the world is doing.  Science is just like any other religion.  It can be manipulated for any agenda.  No matter how sinister or ignorant.  Thank you science for showing the world just how dogmatic you are.  Money has to stop going to scientists and universities from private donors.  With the amount of money Bill Gates has he could buy every science lab and department in the world and they will do exactly what their god, Bill Gates, says to do! Hallowed be his name.  All hail Bill Gates!  If you disagree with this new virus religion you are threatened.  Someone called me a Covididiot.  Thank you very much, I like that name.  With all the polarizations going on, I’m waiting for the witch burnings to start all over again.  

I love the younger generations.  The millennials and generation Z get a hard way to go from the old stale minds of this world.  They don’t go along with the lies of going in debt for life to buy a house, but they also don’t buy into racism, sexism and religion.  These younger generations love being with each other no matter the race or sex.  They believe females are just as good at everything as males and they are blind to skin color.  For the most part they hate religion and the news.  So if the younger generations don’t believe in an bipolar god, an invisible boogie man of a different race or country, becoming a debt slave or the fear porn off the news, then how do you control them?  You don’t!  You have to create a new boogie man that no one can see.  One that will have you looking at your neighbor suspiciously.   In steps the blown out numbers on a report about viruses.  This not only has everyone scared of different races and sexes, it has everyone scared and suspicious of everyone else!!!!!!  It also brings people back in line to do whatever the leaders say without question.  Everyone is screaming, “Save us from ourselves!”  


I will leave you with one more thing to think about.  Why can I not stand next to a friend or coworker that I have been around most of my life, but I can go to a fast food drive thru or order a pizza, have a perfect stranger who I can’t see prepare my food, and who could possibly sneeze, cough and spit on it then hand to me to eat?   How does this make sense!?

Those that think Im way off base, fine go about your ignorant life.  Ignorance is bliss, but the alternative to a sinister government is that the people in charge are so stupid that no one knows what’s going on.  No one is at the controls of space ship earth.   That seems a lot more scary to me.  This is a pandemic of control and greed or possibly ignorance.   Find your personal power and stay safe.  We are who we have been waiting for!  

11 thoughts on “The Occult War in Plain Sight”

  1. First let me say, I would have liked to see a million “Liked” on this post. I could have written exactly the same things you say here, if I had your words and your knowledge of how it all REALLY works.
    An astounding piece, this. *Deep bow!*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Sha’Tara. Most of my readers are not on WordPress so like my other posts I will not get a bunch of likes. Im getting good mail and hate mail so I have hit a nerve. 😉


  2. Thanks GSerpent, for your truthful heart-felt insight into the current state of humanity. You can count me in, to not playing this game by their rules. Each one of us has been sent or selected by ourselves, to be part of our current incarnation. Together with the aid from the Divine Feminine, we each have the ability to be a co-creator of this time and space we call home. Though I may not change the world as a whole, we are all gifted with the Spiritual tools (mind, body and the Higher Self) necessary to change our personal conscious world, thus, (“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul”) raising the conscious level of this reality in total. To be successful, we must be comfortable balancing our heart on the scale against the feather. For if there is one thing I’ve learned, is that Divine Truth and Wisdom are enduring and are forever waiting to give a helping hand to those that do the work and are actively seeking knowledge. Speaking the truths, as GSerpent says, “Find your personal power and stay safe.”

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  3. Finally i’ve found someone who thinks the same as me! I think that this pandemy has definitively broke all social bonding i’ve created till now. Time for a personal revolution! It’s better to walk alone that to be close to someone with wich you do not feel comfortable, or worse wich can directly damage you.

    Millennials and the others can be more open minded, but they don’t have the personal power to overcome this test. I’m a millenials too, so i’ve thought a lot about this.
    Much of my generation does not know what real suffering is, and when it will come for them they will either go crazy or turn to a more sinister mentality.

    What i’m really thinking now is if there is really the possibility for like-minded people to gather togheter and begin to think about the future. I’m sure esoteric and occult knowledge is the must.
    We are really shifting toward a different Age of human history on this planet and i think it’s important to not lose this chance.

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