Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


This is supposedly the last movie of the Star Wars saga.  I don’t think it will be.  They make way too much money off these movies because they resonate on a subconscious level with so many people.  This movie had so much symbolism.  Spoiler alert.  I will tell you how the movie ends and give away so much more.  If you want to see the movie first, go watch it and come back.  You can also see my translations on The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.  

The Star Wars makers got a lot of their ideas from the ancient texts.  Rey is the Sacred Feminine.  Most people think Rey means king, but most people are wrong.  Rey is a unisex name and it means ‘regal’ or ‘reign’.  They picked the perfect name for the coming reign of the Sacred Feminine in Aquarius.  For all you patriarch Star Wars fans, you are not going to like what the movies are really showing, but the films will see a lot more female fans.  

The movie begins with Kylo Ren obtaining a Sith wayfinder.   I found it interesting that he finds this wayfinder as an upside down pyramid.  Showing Lower Egypt.  He needs this pyramid to find the planet Exegol.  Knowing a little ancient Indo-Aryan I know the name of this planet roughly means ‘not moving on’.  That gave the ending away to me right away.  On this planet Kylo finds Emperor Palpatine.   Palpatine means to touch, inappropriate touching or squeeze.  It basically means to have you hands in everything.  Perfect name for the patriarchs.  Palpatine tells Kylo he needs to kill Rey.  

Rey is training with Princess Leia and has become very strong.  Finn and Poe receive intel from a spy that Palpatine is on Exegol.  Rey learns from reading some of the texts from Luke Skywalker  that a Sith wayfinder will show her the way to Exegol.  Rey, Poe, Finn, Chewbacca, BB-8 and C-3PO head to Pasaana where a clue to a wayfinder is hidden.  


On Pasaana Lando helps Rey and friends find the crash site holding the Sith wayfinder.  Rey finds a dagger inscribed with Sith text, but is confronted by a serpent.  This is my favorite scene in the whole movie.  It takes the Sacred Feminine to speak to a serpent.   She uses her powers to heal a wound on the Serpent and he shows her the way out of the cave.  She tells BB-8 that she just transferred a bit of life, force energy from me to him.  My readers should understand the symbolism pretty clear.  C-3PO can read the ancient Sith writing on the dagger, but he is not permitted to speak it.  A fail safe was  programmed into robots so technology would not reveal secrets of the past.  This is why we need humans reading the past and figuring it out.  

Kylo initiates a force bond between him and Rey so he can find her.  Sensing he is nearby Rey goes to confront him.  While she is fighting him Chewbacca is captured with the Sith dagger.  Rey tries to pull back a First Order transport with the force.  She thinks Chewbacca is on it.  Kylo tries to push it away from her and Rey uses force lightning and accidentally destroys the transport.  At this time she thinks she has killed Chewbacca, but now the whole universe knows how much stronger she has become.  The group escapes on the old Sith ship.  


The group travels to Kijimi, where a slicer extracts the Sith text revealing the location of the wayfinder. This is where Poe is given the wisdom from Zorii.  “They win by making you think you are alone”.  If my readers come away from anything on this post it should be this.  This is the reason I created this website.  To bring all the Sacred Feminine lovers together and to enlighten the ones who want to know.  We are not alone.   Rey senses Chewbacca is alive and the group sets out on a rescue mission aboard Kylo’s ship.  They save Chewbacca and Rey finds the dagger and it gives her visions of how the Sith killed her parents.  This is also where Kylo tells Rey that she is Palpatine’s granddaughter.  

Rey heads to the second Death Star to find the wayfinder.  She discovers it and meets Dark Rey.  Dark Rey tells Rey, “Don’t be afraid of who you are”.  Very wise words.  Kylo gets his hands on the wayfinder and destroys it.  This leads to a duel between Kylo and Rey.  This fight is very telling as all the duels between Kylo and Rey.  Kylo’s light saber is a red cross.  He is a  patriarch fighting for the red crown of Lower Egypt.  Rey’s light saber she uses is always white light and is for the white crown of Upper Egypt.  In a dying act Leia calls to Kylo using the force.  It distracts Kylo and Rey runs her saber through him.  Sensing Leia’s death Rey heals Kylo and says, “She wanted Ben’s hand”.  

On this planet Finn meets a girl named Jannah and discovers she was a storm trooper too and that there are several other defectors.  This is where he tells her about the force.  How its an instinct or a feeling.  He tells her he is sure the force is real.  His journey to being awake has advanced to knowing.  

Rey takes Kylo’s ship and decides she is going to go into exile like Yoda and Luke did.  She goes to the same planet Luke exiled himself and Luke’s spirit appears to her.  Luke convinces Rey to fight Palpatine and gives her Leia’s light saber.  Now she has both Luke and Leia’s light saber.  She takes Lukes X-wing fighter, the wayfinder in Kylo’s ship and heads to Exegol.   Meanwhile Kylo gets a visit from the spirit of his father, Han Solo.  After talking to his father Kylo throws away his red cross light saber away and reclaims his identity as Ben Solo.  Palpatine senses Leia’s passing and Ben’s return so he has the planet Kijimi destroyed.  

Rey transmits her coordinates to R2D2 allowing the resistance to follow her to Exegol.  She confronts Palpatine and tries to talk her into getting angry and killing him so his spirit can transfer into her.  Ben shows up to help her and Rey resists killing Palpatine with anger.  She was not afraid to use her anger.  Understanding what your dark side is capable of and being able to harness it is what Dark Rey was telling Rey.  Rey had learned from Dark Rey.  Meanwhile Lando had brought reinforcements from across the galaxy to join the battle.  


Palpatine drains the power from both Rey and Ben to rejuvenate himself.  He becomes so strong he sends force lighting to attack the resistance.  Ben tries to stop him first, but Palpatine incapacitates him.  Weakened Rey hears voices of past Jedis to help her get to her feet.  Palpatine attacks Rey with force lightning and she deflects it using Luke’s light Saber.  Palpatine tells Rey, “You are nothing.  A scavenger girl is no match for the power in me. I am all the Siths!”  

To which Rey replies, “I am all the Jedi!”  She gets Leia’s light saber and this is the amazing part of the last fight scene.  Everyone on the internet is saying she is making an X.  Look again!  She is making the Sacred Feminine cup!   With the power of the cup she destroys him and the whole First Order.  In the process she drains all her life force fighting and dies.  Ben makes it over to her and uses the force to bring her back.  She awakens and sees it is Ben.  Then kisses him.  At the end of the embrace Ben smiles, dies and returns to the force.  I will give you the meaning of this in a moment.  The battle is over everyone returns home and celebrates.  


After the celebration Rey returns to Luke’s abandoned childhood home on Tatooine.  She buries both Luke and Leia’s light sabers and reveals her own.  Her light saber has a yellow light.  In ancient Egypt yellow was the color of acquired knowledge.  It was the color of mental agility and perception.  Yellow is the color of illumination.  It is the color of new ideas and new ways.  As she is watching the twin suns set a passer by asks who she is and what is her name.  The spirit of Luke and Leia are standing there looking at her and she replies, “Rey Skywalker”.  This ending is so deep I don’t know where to start.  

Firstly, in ancient Egypt the sun was called Luce Skywalker.  It is where Lucas got the name for Luke.  The sun is masculine and the masculine time is setting.  So why did Rey take the name Skywalker?  There is another sky walker that comes out and can be seen at night and sometimes during the day.  That sky walker is the Moon.  The Moon is a representation of the Goddess.  The reign of the regal Rey Skywalker is about to begin.  Secondly, people on the internet want to know why Ben was not in spirit with Luke and Leia.  After all Darth Vader was in spirit at the end of one of the movies.  The answer lies in the name Ben.  Ben means ‘son’ or ‘son of my right hand’.  The creators know the patriarchy age is coming to an end and Ben is disappearing with it.  The new age will be a balance of the masculine and feminine.  That is why Luke and Leia were the only ones there in spirit.    

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