Ancient Wisdom to Help Your Magic


This post will be a guide to help my readers interested in Magic to have the mindset needed to be successful.   Magic is not easy.  Those that think the Sacred Feminine is weak will never succeed in Magic.  They are not strong enough.  This is the way to Magic.  These are ancient philosophies I have put together to help guide you on your path to Magic.

The road of mastery is only traveled by those who can tolerate being a beginner.  Knowledge begins with the acknowledgement of ignorance.   Those who can embrace being a beginner will thrive.  

Effectiveness begins with elimination.  Choose your ignorances as carefully as your interests.  

Stop hoping for a completion of anything in life.  Life is not a journey.  It is more like a dance.  People make the mistake of thinking that one day their life will be complete.  If they work long and hard enough, one day they can retire and rest.  Quit thinking that one day people will understand you.  Muggles always think things will be different.  If only….  Get out of this mindset.   As long as there is life, the purpose is to create, play, work, tussle and make love to the present moment.  Give the world your unique gift.  

Subdue yourself.  Clear eyes see accurately.  Quiet minds think calmly.  Steady hands create without mistakes.  Stoke the flame of intellect and wisdom.  Make the truth your ally in all things.  

Learn to obey yourself.  This is one of the hardest things you will ever try to learn.  Life is a storm that will test you unceasingly.  Be the Captain of your ship.  Learn to fly in the violent  storm or sail the raging sea.  Let wisdom be allied with your will.  Let effort be enhanced by the sea of knowledge.  Let endurance resist adversity.  Let your conscious be the light through the darkness.  

Live as though your parents were dead.  You can love your parents, but you need to be free of their expectations and criticism.  Live your life not theirs.  Trying to live up to anyone’s expectations will make you a slave to those expectations.  

Learn from your past.  Don’t live in it.  Integrate what you have learned from past experiences into your life, but don’t let it control your future.  See the infinite flowering of the present.  

Never change your mind just to please someone else.  If someone changes your mind based on a new perspective.  Then make your new decisions based on the new perspective.  Never betray your own intuition and deepest knowledge in order to go along with someone else or please them.  You and the other person will be weakened by such an action.  You will grow to resent the other person and they will grow to resent you.  Your inauthenticity will burden you and the other person.  It will inhibit your capacity for acting freely.  

Live your purpose.  Only you can find your true purpose. Without a life purpose a person is totally lost.  Without a purpose one drifts and does not create.  The main reason a lot of people lose interest in sex is because they do not have a purpose.  Your creative energy is your sexual energy.  Witches and Wizards understand that they must live their purpose.  If they live someone else’s purpose they weaken their Magic and do a disservice to the Universe or Nature.  You cheat the people you love of an authentic person.  A person who can offer full undivided presence.  

Goto your edge and take a step past it.  Embrace chaos.  Fall in love with falling apart.  In any given moment a person’s growth is optimized if they take a step beyond what they believe is their capacity, limit, edge or fear.  Just like athletes will push themselves past their limits you should push yourself to your limit in life.  If you never try, you won’t know what you are capable of doing.  The thing you fear is not what prevents you from succeeding, its the excuses you make up that stop you.  Never be so lazy that you stagnate in the zone of security and comfort.  Always take one step slightly beyond the edge of fear and discomfort in everything you do.  

Be willing to change.  Be capable of not knowing.  Witches and Wizards are comfortable with entering a period of unknowing and waiting for a vision or information that will give them a new path.  They understand that being human is the ebb and flow of energy and you will have cycles.  The symbol of the crescent moon is the the symbol of your waxing and waning energy cycles.  

Accepting things that happen that are out of your control is the the beginning of strength and freedom.  Embrace the chaos of life.  Accept and endure.  There is tremendous power in acceptance.  To fully accept frees you from fear. It makes you appreciate the good times more.   Live in accordance of reality.  

Never use your family or friends as an excuse.  If you remain inauthentic and use your family and friends as an excuse, then your core becomes weakened and you lose depth.  Your partner will lose trust and sexual polarity with you.  If you are inauthentic with your family and friends you will never be authentic.  Live your purpose.  

Don’t get lost in tasks and busy work.  Always refresh yourself by retreating to Nature.  Never get lost in the details of life.  Life is the present moment.  Busy work, chores and tasks are fine, but don’t let it keep you from smelling the flowers or seeing the beauty in Nature.  

Admit you have weaknesses.  By doing this you can address them and work on them.  Don’t underestimate the value of effort constantly applied.  

Self criticism is productive and healthy.  Self loathing is neurotic and destructive.  Once your mind is your own you will know the difference.  Self pity is the cause of many sorrows and the solution to nothing.  

Times of instability will help agile individuals rapidly climb.  Many people wait for the storm and instability to pass.  They don’t consider that while they are the ship, they are also the storm.  Turbulent times have a way of breathing life into new ways.  

Adversity is always opportunity.  Life is full of trouble.  Life ends.  Denying these truths will make you unstable.  Welcome the onslaught of adversity.  We learn to endure by enduring.  

One who you see as a hero should shame and challenge you.  Heroes should only be an example that allow us to measure the distance of what we are and what we could be.  Most are only good when its convenient. Heroes are good when its not convenient.  

Self control is self preservation.  Do not act when the tide of rage flows in.  Wait for it to go out.  Then act with reason.  A minute of rage can undo a lifetime of diligence.  

Anger is briefly energizing, but ultimately exhausting.  Anger clouds our judgment leading us into one disaster after another.  Anger allows others to manipulate our behavior.  Find a fuel that burns cleaner.  

We hurt the ones we love the most because of our own dark moods.  They can not read our minds to keep from offending us.  We lash out at them for mistreatment we received from others who are nowhere around.  Misery and mistrust spread like an airborne virus.  

Cowards are bold in a crowd.  Weak men become murders in mobs.  

Success will not pacify your critics.  Positive attention does not come without negative attention.  This is the price of having an impact.  

Use your life as a mirror.  Many people can not stand looking at the mirror so they break it.  Blaming others will make you feel better about your shortcomings, it will not help you address them.  

Obsessing over your enemies will make you more like them.  What you hate, you become.  

Pain is the teacher that commands the attention of every student.  A lesson learned from suffering is not easily forgotten.  


7 thoughts on “Ancient Wisdom to Help Your Magic”

  1. Thanks for writing an invitation to magic. I would love to see more conversation around what it means to be called to a magical path. It’s such a taboo topic usually. And yes, agreed on the divine feminine. Powerful energy. Feels magical to me too. Holy magic is a thing I wish more people would consider. Just a more empowered form of prayer.

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