The Spiral


The spiral is another symbol that was used all over the world.  Every ancient society used it.   Most people think that every civilization had a different meaning for it.  I’ve seen it called a symbol of the sun, the seed of life symbol, symbol of death and rebirth and the symbol of the origin of the Universe.  Though symbols have multiple meanings, there is an original meaning that all the meanings are pulled from.  Someone finds a piece of the truth and thinks they have the complete answer or they just make something up and try to fit it into the mainstream narrative.  The spiral is showing a feminine energy.  An energy that is in every man and women.  As a matter of fact it is everywhere.  It has been lost because we live in a patriarchal society.  Time to put it back where it belongs.  

Spirals are some of the oldest symbols and shapes found in the ancient world.  Archeologist admit that they can only guess at best to their meaning.  The spiral is the most common of natural shapes.  It is everywhere.  It is what we are trying to measure with the fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio.  You can see it in shapes of galaxies, sea shells, flowers, a baby in the womb, plants unfolding in the spring, finger prints,  weather, etc.  It is everywhere in nature. Snakes spiral up when they are getting ready to strike.  This is why the Uraeus symbol was so important to ancient Egypt.  They knew exactly what the spiral meant.  When kings wore the Uraeus it was coiled and for queens it was uncoiled.  They knew the spiral was a feminine energy.  The queen was the spiral herself.  This was a Lower Egyptian symbol, which was a patriarch, but they understood that this energy was in males too.  It is just much stronger in females.  

This symbol is said to represent ones creative energy.  That is correct, but again it is so much more.  This symbol represents the feminine power that is everywhere, Mother Nature, but it also represents your own personal power.  It is why dancing has so much spinning.  The spinning is showing the energy that is everywhere and yet is in the individual dancer.  This is a Sacred Feminine energy, so ladies it is very strong in you.  You are the physical manifestation of the Sacred Feminine and the sooner you realize it the more powerful you will become.  Imagine a spring or coil that is twisted extremely tight. That is your bottled up energy.  When you finally realize who you are, you will stop the force of tightening that spring and it will release in all directions. Trust me you will know when you do it and so will everyone else.  Spirals are primal and raw.  Once you free this energy it will never be restrained again.  The only way to control it is by using Magic.  This is why Witches in particular use the spiral symbol.  They understand what it is.  

Now that you understand what this symbol is showing.  Harness the power within.  Men you can harness this energy too.  The Sacred Feminine energy is everywhere.  This is why men drank menstrual blood.  They were trying to amplify the this power in themselves.  The ancients believed this was one one of the reasons women had menstrual cycles.  The power is so strong within them that it had to be purged once a month.  Once you harness this power, it can be gentle like a plant reemerging or it can be as tremendous as a tornado or hurricane.  Isn’t it fantastic that you have all of this power and you can use it whenever or wherever you want?  We are who we have been waiting for!  



6 thoughts on “The Spiral”

  1. Spiral, also referred to as a helix. Humans allegedly were RNA a single helix. We are now DNA which is a double helix.
    The Fibonacci sequence is quite fascinating. There are circles and spirals/helixes. Spirals are circles which change planes as in a spiral staircase, up and down. The spiral? on a nautical shell may be more correctly described as an increasing or decreasing circle depending on whether one starts at the inner or outer. Because the sun is circular (forget for a moment it is a ball) rather than spiral/helical it is often referred to as a wheel, sun wheel and is often shown as rotating. I hope I have helped. I am trying to work with you. Cheers.

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    1. Yes the spiral is increasing or decreasing just like our energy waxes and wanes in everything we do. Yes the circle is a representation of a spiral.
      Thanks for your input Brian. I look forward to more.


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