Kings & Queens Translation


Here is another song showing the change coming.  Ava Max has not been around long, but boy is she awake.  People who think these artists are just showing girl power are sadly mistaken.  The world is changing and the events that are happening right now are part of it.  Here is yet another song going out to the patriarchs and only people with eyes to see and ears to hear know what is going on.    If you want to go deeper, click the continue reading button.  

The song starts: 

If all of the Kings had their Queens on the throne 

We would pop champagne and have a toast. 

Meaning if their was balance in this world between the masculine and feminine the world would be fine.  

The song continues: 

To all of the Queens who are fighting alone 

Baby, you’re not dancing on your own.

This is cry out to all the Goddesses who don’t buy into the patriarchal crap.  Even though it may seem that you are alone, you are not.  There are quite a few people out there who are starting to see the lies of this world.  Some of them are finding my site.  I encourage you to go to the sites of the all the people who have followed me and connect with them.  I know what it feels like to be alone in a mad world, its not a good feeling.  Connect with others on my site.  They are searching just like you.  

Can’t live with out me, you wanna

But you can’t, nah nah nah.

Think its funny, but honey

Can’t run this show on your own.

I can feel my body shake

There’s only so much I can take

I’ll show you how a real Queen behaves.

This is the Goddess or the Sacred Feminine saying the gig is up.  You have pushed me in the shadows and it has not worked.  Women and the Sacred Feminine are fighting back.  The patriarchs think its funny to see women fighting back.  This show can not be ran without the sacred feminine.  Yes, I am saying the last four thousand years have been an epic failure.  Evidently so is she.  The Sacred Feminine has had enough, she is going to show us how a real Queen behaves.  Balance is coming, but the imbalance must be torn down first.  

Oh, no damsel in distress, 

Don’t need to save me.

Once I start breathing fire, 

You can’t tame me.

When is the last time man tamed Mother Nature?  Never.  It won’t happen now either.  What is happening now will run its course.  I’m not telling you there is some sort of angry Goddess making this happen.  This is the world trying to get back to balance.  The pendulum is starting to swing the other way.  It is the laws of Nature that all ancient societies knew about.  The more you fight it the longer it will take and the harder it will be.  

You might think 

I’m weak without a sword.

But if I had one,

It would be bigger than yours.

This is my favorite line of the whole song.  She is not talking about a sword here.  Swords always symbolize the phallic.  A sword with a shield symbolize the masculine and feminine.  When I saw the remix cover I knew she understood exactly what she is singing.  Excuse my language here, but she is talking about the patriarch cock.  When someone has been knighted, they are getting the kingdom’s penis on their shoulders.  They are being knighted to carry out the patriarch agenda.  I have always found it funny that in battle they protect themselves and save themselves with a symbol of the feminine, a shield.  Sword fights are all about penises and who has the bigger and better one.  

Disobey me, then baby, 

Its off with your head.

Gonna change it and make it

A world you won’t forget.

She is talking about the world that has existed since patriarchy took hold of it.  If you disobey, it’s off with your head.  Today it’s not off with your head.  They just ruin the life of the people who don’t go along with the narrative.  What is worse, being ruined or having your head cut off?  The Sacred Feminine is going to change that.  The world you won’t forget is going to be Matriarchy 2.0.  It will be Nature based.  Take a look at the laws of Nature.  This is what is coming.  The best advice I can give you for what is coming is get the phrase, “It’s not fair” out of your vocabulary.  In a Matriarch you will have to pull your weight.  Your status, ancestors or beliefs will not matter.  That is as far as I will go with it.  The world is going to have to grow up very quickly.  Matriarchs are not for infantile minds.  Accepting women as equal is the first step.  

You might think I’m weak with out a sword

But I’m stronger than I ever was before.

The Sacred Feminine is gaining steam and will take control in Aquarius.  Everyday she gets stronger and stronger.  

In Chess, the King can

Move one space at a time.

But Queens are free to go

Wherever they like.

You get too close, 

You’ll get a royalty high.

So breathe it in

To feel the life.

Here is the secret of the game of Chess.  The black and white squares have always symbolized ignorance and wisdom.  The Queen can go anywhere she wants.  This game originated in Upper Egypt.  They can speculate all they want about this game.  Upper Egypt was a matriarch and that is why the Queen can go anywhere.  Learn from this game!   She says royal high, I say God or Goddess high.  It is all about the Sacred Feminine.  


15 thoughts on “Kings & Queens Translation”

  1. Hi Serpent,

    Thank you for this (and all of the precious gems of information) you share,

    I notice something in the official clip. Where Ava wears a sky blue headset, and I notice the #6 instead of what suppose to be a branded “Beats” headset and doubled checked it if the brand logo had been changed. Am I correct the #6 stands for female. As I always was fascinated in Nikola Tesla saying of the secret of 3 (male), 6 (female) and 9 (balance). Is this directly related to each other.

    Am I correct this is the same meaning or am I mistaken? Or do you have any insight on this?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tesla was talking about energy. In vortex math 1,2,4,5,7,8, govern the material world. 3,6,9 are energy and they govern the physical world on a quantum level. Sound, frequency, vibration and energy is the standard upon which all creation is based.
      Here is a small video to help understand what what Tesla was referring to.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you for your response and the recommended video,

        I have been watching most of them to get better understanding.

        As Im trying to figure out or get better understanding of symbolism and numbers, and your information has helped me a lot in being able to see and read the Merkaba elements.

        As I did at the time a lot of researching. And I once saw a yin / yang symbol where the white part (yang) was equal to 3, black part (yin) was equal to 6 and the line between was 9. I know the that yin is considered female and somehow saw the correlation in the headset of Ava Max video clip and this part.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Im not saying you are wrong. It is just Tesla was talking energy and frequency when he used those numbers. It makes sense because balance is the key to everything. Especially the male and female aspects.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You are right on the video having 6 on the headset. That video is full of so much symbolism, I did not even see the 6. Thanks for pointing it out to me. You could be on to something. I have never heard 6 being part of the feminine, but if you are correct it makes sense.

        Liked by 1 person

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