Greenlights Translation


Krewella is a band that has been awake for awhile.   They know what they are doing and so do the people who help them. These girls are not just about girl power they are fully awake. They use terms like bull and sheep knowing what I show you in my posts.   Their new song Greenlights is very revealing.  Here is another trip into my mind.  Take a deep breath and hold on tight.

The video starts with a mountain that has a flat top in the distance.  Those who have read my work know that the pyramids in Egypt were built to copy mountains.  Ralph Ellis says its the K2 mountain and I agree.  This is why the Great Pyramid has a flat top, because it was a copy of a mountain with a flat top.  Just like the one in this video.  Not because it was left unfinished.  

The video quickly turns from Nature to a city.  This is to show what we have done to this beautiful planet.  She opens up by singing, “Sometimes when I step into the ring I feel like a sheep but right not Im a wolf”.   This is a slam to religions without most knowing.  All the patriarch religions are from Aries worshipers.  She is saying that she is a lone wolf.  They sing about being stuck in the circles of their mind while showing traffic going in circles.  Most people minds are stuck in circles that they don’t understand.  This world will do that to you.  

The song goes on about being silent looking for a sign and realizing, “Im ready, Im ready, Im RA”.  These girls know who they are.  Now that they know they are divine they see “Nothing but Greenlights”.  Meaning they have the go sign to do whatever they want.  They are Goddesses.  This video was filmed in Indonesia.  It probably still looks like what Lemuria looked like before the war of the gods.  

Jahan steps in and sings, “When Im down to zero, faith has gone way low, tap into that God mode and let all fear go.  I walk like a Pharaoh, run with the werewolves”.  This screams how to wake up.  She knows the werewolves were the Druids and they were the bloodline of the Pharaohs.  Whether Jahan meant to show the androgyny of the ancient gods, I don’t know.  But she looks beautiful.  Subconsciously she is showing the history of this world.   All the Pharaohs tried to be androgynous in their own way.  

Level up your body and your mind.  Walk like the Goddess or God that you are.  Then you will see Greenlights everywhere too.   

5 thoughts on “Greenlights Translation”

  1. Time to go
    Like I am awake this is my second favored song by them. Human was first. But I take green lights like God is telling me trust in myself n know your time is coming to go into the world make our stands.

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    1. Hi Brittany. I’m not big on the word god because it has a stigmatism. If you change it with Higher Self, I agree 💯percent. 😉 You are a Goddess!


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