What is fear?  It is not just something that you experience once in awhile.   It goes much deeper than just psychology.  Fear is in our DNA.  The human race has experienced it since its inception.  Has anyone ever taught you how to deal with fear or what it is?  Odds are you will say no.  Everyone tries to deal with fear all the time yet no one tells us how to deal with it.  We don’t like fear, yet it triggers so easy within us.  Fear is running rampant right now.  Just like all our other emotions the world tells you to suppress it.  This post will help you overcome the limits you have been taught.  Fear dominates everyone’s life.  With the way things are today it will not only dominate it will run your life.  What you need to understand is that fear has been dominating your life from the beginning.  

I have had people contact me and want me to tell them how to take away their fear.  Fear is part of being human and is what makes people controllable.  Fear gets a bad rap.  Fear is necessary.  It keeps you from jumping off bridges and trying to do harm to others.  This post will help you manage and overcome your fear.  You will never get rid of fear all together.  The problem is when you live in a state of fear.  We need to just keep it from dominating our lives.  

The world is constantly afraid. Everyone is in a state of fear.  Especially right now.   No one really knows it because its like a fish in water.  The fish does not know its in water.  People do not know their emotions are running them.  You are at the effect of fear, but you don’t understand it.  We as a human race were created in fear, forced to lived in fear,  and ultimately were freed from our shackles in fear.  Those that have read Lemurian Magic understand what I am talking about.  The majority of your survival functions are outside of your conscious awareness.  

What is fear?  Why is it hard to drop?  Fear is a self control mechanism.  It is a core survival mechanism.  Fear is sophisticated and elaborate just like all our emotions.  All emotions are from experience.  Science or a book will not help you deal with fear.  Fear is used to maintain whatever you believe you are.  Wether its from physical, social, cultural, financial or mental survival, fear will pop up.  Fear will keep you alive, but it also maintains your identity.  Everyone has very different identities than everyone else.  

Fear is survival at its most basic.  Not only will it pop up with physical dangers, but it will pop up with with things that will kill you psychologically.  Your self image.  You can not think clearly when you are in a state of fear.  If you identify yourself with your family and friends, you are going to be afraid to lose them.  If you identify with your job, you will be afraid to lose it.  If you identify with a religion, you are going to be afraid that it is wrong.  If you are materialistic, like this world is, you are going to be afraid of losing your possessions.  This world loves its money, status, control over others, fame and success, so it is afraid of losing all that.  What ever you identify with, you will battle with that demon your whole life.  You will never solve the problem of fear unless you change yourself.  

There is no easy fix to stop fear.  Religious identities are filled with fear.  Scientific and rational identities all have fear.  Even skeptics are filled with fear.  Skepticism is fear itself.  Have you ever been sceptic about your skepticism?  Maybe its driven by fear.  Fear is self fulfilling.  When you are afraid of something you end up being it.  Science, your fear of dogmatism, religion and mysticism makes science a dogmatic religion.  

Now Im going to go deep right here.  You identifying yourself as a human or a physical creature will cause you fear to preserve that identity.  By being attached to being a physical being that comes with certain fears.  When you are convinced you are something and it can’t be any other way that will produce the fear that drives you.  Certain things you can detach from very easy.  Others are very hard.  The hardest thing to detach from is your identity.  Who you think you are is not who you really are.  People fear losing all their attachments.  They fear losing themselves.  

All fear is the fear of total loss of self.  What is the total loss of self?  Death.  That is the core of all fear.  Death.  But it is not just physical death, people are more afraid of psychological death.  Religious extremest would rather die doing their god’s work because its the image they have created.  They die doing work for religion and they still keep their image.  That is what is going on subconsciously in their minds.  Those who think this is a radical idea are wrong.  It’s in you too.  Would you jump in to saving your kid from drowning if it meant you would die in the process?  Of course  most of us would, but that is because we identify with being a good parent.   What you identify with is relevant.  Its what you are attached to or have been conditioned to be attached to.  

Everyone thinks fear is natural.  No it is not.  It is all being constructed in your mind.  You project the fear out into the world through the lens of your identity.  The mind is constructing all the fear.   All fear is imaginary.  Including the fear of death.  The fear of this virus is not the virus itself.  It is the fear of losing what you are attached too.  Ninety Nine percent of people live in fear.  When one is awake they don’t fear much.  Society conditions us to fear, but it goes deeper than that.  Fear was there in the beginning and has been there all the way through to today.  One of the side effects of discovering the truth of this world is that you transcend fear.  Our world is not built upon truth, its built on survival.  Society is built upon using your fears against you.  

This world is materialistic.  The fear that is spreading right now is that we are going to lose those material possessions.  Danger is relative to how you define yourself.  All facts are created in ones mind.  Everyone has invented their own story.  This fear that is spreading today is because it is threatening everyone’s individual story.  Misperceiving is what causes fear.  My main point here is if you understood death you would not fear it.  If you do not fear death you don’t fear.   The measures they are taking now is so the hospitals are not overwhelmed.  Several speeches from CDC are saying healthy people will not feel much with this virus.  Is our world so unhealthy that a virus, that doesn’t effect healthy people drastically, will overwhelm the hospitals?  Maybe the world is finding out that fast-food and sodas are not healthy.  

Fear is practical.  It can not be understood in a classroom.   You are the only one who can understand your fears.  The fear you are feeling, bring it out and feel it.  Where is it located in your body?   Be mindful of this fear.  See how it is making you feel.  Just like being mindful of your thoughts, be mindful of your emotions and see how they make you feel.  This feeling you are addicted to.  You want to feel it.  It is why you keep the television on and listen to the fear mongering.  Fear is designed to save you, not to keep the feeling  coming up over and over.  That puts you in a state of fear.  Fear is an unconscious knee jerk reaction.  To not know what fear is,  causes you to subconsciously react.  You need to create a gap between your fear and the reaction.   This helps you respond consciously.  Those who are unconscious will not understand this.  Because of the history of our world we are reacting how we have in the past.  The sky is falling for most right now.  

Fear is resistance.  It is resistance to a future experience.  This insight will help you overcome fear.  Fear is refusing to experience things.  Your mind will bring out worst case scenarios and play them in your head.  The ultimate solution to fear is to live through the thing you fear most.  Is it going to be as bad as you imagined?  Probably not.  Most people’s consciousness is so poor that they don’t see how attached they are to materialistic things and their identity.  

Fear is irrational and relentless.  It is attached to your survival.  Fear does not care about your beliefs, logic or ideals.  Fear only cares about survival.  Your ideals, beliefs and logic are survival at work.  Your body stores all of your fears.  It manifests itself in unhealthy ways.  With all the fear from history we don’t need to store more fear.  The opposite of love is fear.  Life is going to send fear your way.  Its the only way you can learn to overcome it.  People react against fear and avoid it.  Manage it and be smart about it.  

Im not saying fear is bad.  Without fear you would be dead.  Everything you do in this life is based on survival.  The very nature of fear is to be self biased.  What does all fear boil down to?  It ultimately is that you fear yourself.  You are consciousness manifesting itself in your existence.  Everything you fear is what you hate about yourself.  You are a Goddess or God.  You are all there was, is or ever will be.  Everything you hate about the world is part of yourself.  That is what scares you.  Consciousness is unlimited.  Its all the good and the bad rolled up. Your own infinite self scares you.  

As you grow from a child you out grow your fears.  As you grow consciously you out grow your fears.  As you grow you don’t become less fearful.  You actually are expanding your identity.  When you get to the point that you understand you are the all, the distinction between self and other disappears.   The limited becomes unlimited.  The process is called life.  How limited is the process working for you.  Are you resisting it?  How scared are you of realizing your are God or a Goddess?  Ultimately what is happening is you are becoming aware of yourself.  You created everything in this universe.  All the good and the bad.  Is it too big of a responsibility for you to accept this?  Fear arises because you think there is an other.  You fear what you are.  Your consciousness can not accept itself.  

Oneness is consciousness that has fully accepted itself.  Being in the ego mind you think you are separate.  You are not conscious that you are a Goddess or God.  You have a limited identity.  Even after awakening people will be fearful.  You will never stop fear completely,  but you can control how you react to it.  Don’t try to be a perfectionist.  If you did not have fear we could not exist in this form.  We would all do dangerous things.   We would all die.  Im not telling you to detach from everything.  That is religious garbage.  I have said many times that we have to experience life.  Detaching from everything is not experiencing life.  How can you learn if you don’t experience life?  

People have been asking me what we can do at this time.  I say use this time to get healthy, get outside and get to know your family.  Im not selling anything.  I just want you to use this time to get healthy and be mindful.  We are able to do so much more than we think.  A healthy person will hardly feel anything from this.  I have a ton of Witches that follow me who show what herbs and food will keep your immune system strong.  Goto their websites and follow what they are teaching.  Take this opportunity to get yourself healthy and it will help you even when this virus is long gone.  You will feel happier, stronger and healthier.  Getting healthy will boost your mood and your immune system.  Get off processed food, sodas and fast food. Go for a walk or run.  Just do anything to get your body moving.   To help get your mind healthier, turn off the television.  Read a book.    Find the Goddess or God in you.  Don’t let fear cripple your mind.  If this is not a call to the human race to become healthier, I don’t know what is.  Be safe, be smart and get healthy.   


6 thoughts on “Fear”

  1. You are reading to much into it.
    Fear is a natural mechanism.
    Some people have none, some a lot. It has a lot to do with self confidence.
    Fear can cause a rise in adrenalin which in certain situations is a benefit or sometimes essential.
    The controllers want us afraid so they can then control us.
    A good fear brings courage. We can then fight back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right, it is all about self confidence. With self confidence comes courage.
      Many people have a fear of snakes, then you see others holding snakes and even having them as pets. They do not fear snakes. Fear is created in the mind.
      Fear has its place, but being in a state of fear is not good. That is what is happening right now. Im just trying to help my readers not fall into a state of fear.
      Thanks for the great comment Brian.


  2. This is a nice post. Many people are in fear. They fear the unknown. What may happen to them when they walk out of their home. What will happen while they are driving etc.. Because of the conditions in today’s world, anything can happen at anytime. If we fear constantly, we won’t enjoy life. We won’t live. So the best thing that we can do is to try to remain calm. And let go of anything that we cannot control. We can control other people’s actions. We can’t control the weather. Any of us are at risk of getting sick. It’s out of our control. We have to let it go. Let us focus on what we can control. Our inner peace, what we eat, positive thinking, exercising, praying. Jehovah God is aware of everything that we are going through. Emotionally and physically. He cares. And he wants us to throw all our worries, fears, anxiety on him. ❤️

    1 Peter 5:7-While you throw all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.

    Ecclesiastes 9:11-11 I have seen something further under the sun, that the swift do not always win the race, nor do the mighty win the battle, nor do the wise always have the food, nor do the intelligent always have the riches, nor do those with knowledge always have success, because (time and unexpected events overtake them all.)

    Jeremiah 29:11-For I well know the thoughts that I am thinking toward you,’ declares Jehovah, ‘thoughts of peace, and not of calamity, to give you a future and a hope.


    1. Did you even read the post? This pandemic is what you believe it is, thats all. If you believe a bearded man is going to save you then so be it. Let him save you. Let HIM take away your fear. Let HIM control your life.
      I don’t let imaginary things run my life. I can control my own fear. Thanks.


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