The Drug In Me Is Reimagined Traslation


I love it when bands ‘wake up’.  Their music and videos really change and they bring their knew knowledge and wisdom out in the open for all to see. Problem is most can’t see it.   To really understand this video you have to see The Drug In Me Is You video.  In that video all the girls are being what this patriarchal world wants them to be.  He made this new video because I assume he woke up.  I can tell in his music on his new album that I am correct.  This song and video is an apology to the Sacred Feminine. 

He is in a frozen setting because this is what the Sacred Feminine has been in for the last four thousand years or more.  He is serenading her to come out of hiding.  This world has pushed her away.  In the very beginning you see an out of focus glimpse of her.  There are four dancing goddesses.  Four is the number of being.  It is part of the reason the pyramids all over the world have four sides.  Four is the number that connects mind, body and spirit with the physical world.  Four symbolizes safety and security of home, the need for stability and strength on a solid foundation of values.  The values of this patriarchal world have been built on lies.  

They are dancing because the ancients knew that when one dances it transforms them.  It enhances the physical strength of the person and changes their mentality.  When one dances the person is no longer human.  Dance raises the person to spirit.  They become a God or Goddess.  The ancients believed that while dancing they could control the forces of nature, summon friendly and banish hostile powers.  Dancing has a significant purpose.  It was a magical action used to achieve a magical purpose.  

The Sacred Feminine appears when he sings, “I lost my goddamn mind”.  Those who have woke up know the significance of what he is saying here.  She is in a light blue dress because Mary is what this patriarchal world offers as the Sacred Feminine and Mary is always in blue.  She also has a crap load of makeup on, bleached hair and a princess crown, again symbolizing what this world thinks women should look like.  She looks to appear as if she has been crying and abused.  Perfect for how this world has treated her.  

The words, “I can’t believe I’m actually meant to be here” hits home for many.  You are meant to be here!  I know exactly how you feel in that you don’t fit in with this patriarchal world, but we are meant to be here.  Speak your mind.  Be who you are!  That is the only way to change this world!

The dancers circle the Sacred Feminine because the circle is the symbol of spiritual penetration.  The circle creates a mystic communion with the dancers and what is encircled.  It at once imparts its powers to the circle of dancers and draws from the circle the power it needs to create the magic.  In other words the circle is bringing the Sacred Feminine to the world that desperately needs it.  She is holding roses which symbolizes the womb and bloodline of the woman and Sacred Feminine.  

At the end fire erupts.  Not only is her presents thawing the world, but fire has always symbolized intellect.  The intellect of knowing the Sacred Feminine is needed to burn the patriarchal world down and thaw the frozen ground.  During this he is screaming “Can’t you see!!!”  Words I have screamed many of times to no avail.  So I ask all my readers, “Can you see the change coming?”   I know there is a lot of fear mongering going on right now, but you are meant to be here.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  It is the beginning of the change.  The fire will not burn you.  

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