You Should be Sad Translation

I have had some requests asking me to explain some of the symbols I see in today’s world.   My readers want to understand the occult war that is going on in this time of change.  The change Im referring to is that we are leaving Pisces and entering Aquarius.  I have let readers into my mind with showing what’s going on in movies.  When I have more time I will try to show more movies.  Right now I will see if I can show you what’s going on in newer music videos as I see them.  I will stick to the artists who either know what’s going on or are bringing things out of their subconscious and showing the world.  I will start with Halsey’s You Should be Sad.  Here is a peek into my mind and what I see.  It’s dark in there, don’t get lost.  

First and foremost you need to understand that Halsey is not singing to one man.  She is singing to the patriarch religions.  A big clue at the beginning is she gets out of a Trans Am.  Trans means ‘to change throughly’,  Am means ‘to be now’.   Put it together and its ‘change thoroughly now’.  She gets out in a cowgirl outfit.  The occult war is between Upper and Lower Egypt.  Upper Egypt were Taurus worshippers.  She is just showing her loyalty.  When she enters the room most are in cowboy or cowgirl outfits.  Also there are no super masculine men.  Showing there is no place for egotistical crap in a matriarch.  

The words, “Im so glad I never ever had a baby with you” is showing the truth about patriarchal religions.  Contrary to popular belief, Mary did not have a baby with god.  The biblical family were a matriarch and they were made into a patriarch for control.  The sacred feminine never had a baby with the patriarchs.  Its all a lie(See His Royal Jesus).  The words, “Cause you can’t love nothing unless there’s something in it for you” is exactly how the patriarch religions work.   The sacred feminine has made it out of this patriarch era because ‘she ran so far away’.  The patriarchy ‘will never touch her again’ means their days are over.  All the sex in the video is just her slapping the face of patriarchy because they don’t want women to be sexual openly.  Patriarchy only want girls and women to be their personal sex slaves.  Alligator tears is because she is tired of the patriarchy showing false sympathy for the world.  For the meaning of the rose tattoo, see Lilies, Roses and Water.  

The next scene is in a pyramid.  The pyramid is pointing up for Upper Egypt.  She says, “She meant well from the start, put a broken man inside her hands and put back all his parts”.  That is why the sacred feminine has tried to put up with all this BS, but its over.  The feminine energies are getting stronger by the second.  Now Halsey is dressed in a leopard skin outfit representing Seshat.  Seshat did not have a single temple.  She was worshipped throughout ancient Egypt.  Before patriarch religions latched on to Thoth, Seshat was the Goddess of reading, writing, arithmetic and architecture.  In several Pyramid texts she is known as the Lady of the House and Foremost of Builders.  This scene in the video Halsey is on top of a step pyramid build of hay.  Her standing on the straw pyramid is showing she knows the lies that have been built with pesher(See Three Little Pigs).  Seshet is often depicted giving palm leaves to a Pharaoh.  The meaning of this is the Phoenix leaving one era and entering another.  Chandeliers are a symbol of wealth.  They started in churches and became a symbol of wealth for wealthy people because churches and wealthy people were the only ones who could afford them.  I think that a chandelier above her is symbolizing she is going to take their wealth of lies  from them along with their monetary wealth.   Her red hair is showing what I have said from the beginning, all Pharaohs of Egypt had red hair.  She is the new Pharaoh.  

The last scene with her on a white horse is very telling.  The infantile minds of the patriarchs see a white horse has a sign of the apocalypse.  She is on a white horse for the white crown of Upper Egypt and it will be the apocalypse for the patriarchy.  In reality for those who don’t have infantile minds, the white horse symbolizes the balance of wisdom and power.  It also represents freedom without restraint.  That my friends is what is coming with the turn of the age into Aquarius.  If you are in the patriarch religions, you should be sad.  But if you are your own person and your mind is your own, the future is bright.  

18 thoughts on “You Should be Sad Translation”

  1. I’m guessing as in the past, I would say, that the royal priest class and the blood lines still pretty much run the show today, and the world leaders we see in the public arenas are just for show.

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  2. I’m often reading between the lines on many songs since I woke up. From Foofighters, Radiohead and many more. I love how suddenly things are much clearer , and I have a good idea where my soul purpose is. 😉 I heard you should be Sad on the radio, and I had tingles all through me, I know it had deeper meaning .. Thank you for such an amazing translation 👌

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    1. After I woke up I had to go back and rewatch movies and videos, listen to songs again and to back to locations and look at architecture. Everything made sense. It is nice to be able to see and understand what is being put out there today. It is so nice to meet other people who understand too.
      You are welcome. There is more to come. 😉


      1. Amazing,. I’ve been worried about what’s allowed to be spoke out, you have given me courage to stop holding it back and help wake people up to the true messages .. keep it up , you truly are awesome 😘👌

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      2. Thanks. 😊 Definitely speak your mind. You may find some you don’t particularly care for will not come around anymore and new people will come into your life.


  3. One last comment on the Halsey video. The last scene with her on a white horse in front of the larger orange setting orb. To me this also symbolizes the sacred feminine being emanated from the sun and her reflecting the light in darkness, just like the moon; and as we know, life on earth would be very difficult without her.

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