Ash Wednesday

I wanted to get this post out Wednesday, but have been super busy.  Sorry I couldn’t get it out until today.  Hope my readers enjoy.

What is Ash Wednesday?   Where the hell did this silly tradition come from?  We are told it is symbol of repentance to god.   Why do you need ashes for repentance?  The answer I get for that is it is to remember you came from dust and dust you will return.  Well, why not use dust?  This is yet another tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation and no one knows what it going on.  Time to enlighten.

Here again we need thank Ralph Ellis for uncovering what he has uncovered in ancient Egypt.  Because of his findings things start to make sense for why we as a human race do the things we do.  

Christians putting  ash on their foreheads is a sign of repentance.  They either recite, “Remember that you are the dust and dust you shall return” or “Repent, and believe in the Gospel”.  What the hell is going on here?  Im told its suppose to remind people of their sinful ways and their morality and so they need to repent.   Bullocks!!! This is just a way to make money and control people.  No one can give me a straight answer as to why ashes are used.  Your bible says that Adam was made from earth, clay or dirt not ashes!  

In the ancient world ashes were used to express grief.  Christians will admit that Tamar sprinkled ashes on her head when her half brother raped her.  What they won’t admit is her half brother was King Solomon himself and the reason why he was her half brother was because he was also her father.  See my post Patriarch Pharaohs.  All sort of repenting is done with ashes in the bible too.  Moses threatens the Pharaoh with ashes by throwing the ashes in the air and this, according to the bible, made the Pharaoh nervous or scared.  Here in the Moses story lies the answer to why Christians use ashes for grief and repentance.

If you have readPatriarch Pharaohs, you know what is going on here.  The act of putting ashes on the head is not typically Egyptian.  It came from Pharaoh Akhenaton.  Moses was Akhenaton’s brother.  More importantly, girls put ashes on their foreheads after they had been raped by a god.   Why are gods raping girls?   I say girl because they were very young when they were raped.  But again, why is she using ashes?  

Many plagues inflicted ancient Egypt and one of the worst and scariest ones was ash fall.   Where did this ash fall come from?  Ash covered ancient Egypt when the volcano Thera erupted violently.  All of the stories about plagues in the Old Testament come from the eruption of Thera.  This happened at a time when the Hyksos people of Lower Egypt were fighting with the Theban people of Upper Egypt.  The ash fall caused a major political and religious crisis in the land of Egypt.  The gods were angry and the people were blaming the other side for making it happen.  The Theban  and Hyksos Pharaohs met to discuss the deteriorating position of the people in the eyes of the gods.  The meeting settled nothing and caused war.  

The people were scared and wanted a scapegoat, but neither side wanted to be blamed for making the gods angry.   The ash fall killed crops, caused skin rashes, killed some animals, killed people who were caught out in it and created darkness for a few days.  The Egyptians really thought the sky was falling.  Why were they so worried?  If you have read Lemurian Magic, you understand why they were so scared the sky was falling and the gods were angry again.  After the ash storm was over and it seemed like the gods were not angry anymore, people filled a sackcloth with ashes and used it to remember how the gods will cause grief if you make them angry.  

Does this not sound infantile to you?  Do people think a volcano erupting today is because the gods are angry?  We have outgrown this garbage.  We need to outgrow the silly traditions of religion.   Here is yet another tradition most Christians do and have no idea where it came from.  Well now you know.  Stop giving your power away to these psychopaths.  We are who we have been waiting for.  When you know the true history of this world, things start to make sense.  

6 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday”

  1. Well said! When I was little I used to go to the catholic church and wait for my friends to come out with ashes on their foreheads. None of them knew what it meant, they were just sent there to do it. I never understood anything they were forced to do and you know what, neither did they.

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      1. It is blind obedience. That is exactly why they get mad. When you question them it activates the fight or flight response. Their bliss in ignorance has just crumbled.


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