The Observer Becomes the Observed


In order to change it takes a lot of energy.  Most will not change because they waste their energy on drama, conflict and television.  In order to change it takes action.  Not action of having done or will do something, but doing it now.  People get stuck on analyzing themselves and their world and thinking about doing something.  The problem with analyzing is the knowledge and wisdom is incomplete or wrong.  The answers we get from analyzing will come from information that is incomplete or wrong. 

Within each and everyone of us is the observer and the observed. The observer thinks that what they are observing is not part of them.  In the process of observing there is imagination and dreams.  With dreams and imagination we can see that change can happen.  If we didn’t imagine or dream that change could happen the energy we have would just dissipate.  

Have you ever asked yourself what are dreams all about?  If you have you might have figured out that dreams are a continuation of our daily lives.  What you do during the day is continued in the world of dreams. In dreams it is all symbols and images.  The symbols and images need to be interpreted.  Why do we dream at all?  Is it possible to have a quiet mind when we sleep?  If dreams are the continuation of our daily life, all the anxiety, desires, turmoil, attachments, etc.  then dreams must take place.  

By observing yourself during the day, all your thoughts, actions, motives, emotions, the way you walk and talk, everything.  By observing  you bring all that is in your subconscious out and in the open.  Most people at the end of their day will try to rerun their day back in their heads and think things like, “I should have done this better”, “I should have done this instead”, “I should not have done that” or “I should have said this instead”.  They are  trying to bring order about their day to their mind.  Whether its neurotic or rational you are trying to bring order in your mind.  Your mind will accept whatever  you are telling yourself.    

By observing yourself, your surroundings and everything you do during the day your mind keeps things in order.  All you have to do is observe.  Don’t try to change anything, just observe.  When you try to change something that is when you have disorder.  Because you are trying to change something to fit with the knowledge and wisdom you have acquired in the past and that knowledge and wisdom is incomplete or wrong.  That knowledge is the past and you are trying to change what is now to be the past and that causes disorder.  

If you are aware of your thoughts, motives, hypocrisies, the mask that you wear, your deceptions, etc., you will find that your mind will become totally quiet at night.  Your sleep will become something totally different.  When you go to sleep the analytical process has been done and the subconscious mind can do what it wants.  The rational analytical side can rest and the subconscious can play.  You will have fantastic dreams because the subconscious is coming through.  Anything is possible in the subconscious.  The ego analytical mind is what restricts it.  It is the analytical mind that causes dreams of what you have been conditioned to believe.  

The observer is the observed.  Analyzing things gives you incomplete or wrong information.  By observing in the now you see the truth of yourself and your surroundings.  Because past information is wrong or incomplete most of us are unbalanced.   By observing without judgement you find out for yourself what is true.  You will overcome what has been put in your mind by religions, science and government.    

Have you ever thought about your consciousness and all that it consists of?   All your individual memories, your schooling, your religious beliefs, your racial memory and  your culture.  All are in your consciousness.  I had to go back and think about being born and brought up in the United States as a Christian with all its traditions and silly superstitions, dogmatism, beliefs and all its culture of hundreds of years.  All my memories, good and bad, pleasure and pain. All my schooling.  Being brought up to search for more and more.  Wanting pleasure over pain.  Seeking wealth.  The television on all the time everywhere I go.  All that is in my consciousness.  I learned to observe how all of it makes up me and makes me act.   Everyone of us has been conditioned in the same manner.  The whole history of mankind is in everyone of you.  Everything is in you if you know how to read it.  

Thought will not fix any of the conditioning. To seek light out of confusion will still be confusion.   Politicians all say they can fix this mess, but they are just as ignorant as the rest.  It is all a game.  Thought has created all the problems.  The problem with all the conflict, big or small, is we have been conditioned that we are separate from each other.   When you like someone or don’t like someone you register and categorize people in you mind. We separate people in our mind.  This is the reason why we separate everyone into countries, races, religions, political groups, teams, states, etc.  

We are mechanical beings.  What you did yesterday you will do today.  You have the same thoughts and actions for the most part day in and day out.  The moment you ask, “How can I stop doing this?”  is saying you want something mechanical to teach you how to stop.  The answer is to observe yourself.  The observer becomes the observed.  Once you realize this and do this, there is no further separating and categorizing.   When you stop the attachment and separation of others you get clarity.  The clarity that you are not separate from others.   Come face to face with yourself and find out who you really are.  Who are you?  

7 thoughts on “The Observer Becomes the Observed”

  1. So, if I’m understanding you, is that with the current state of our ego is trying to control or respond to happenings with our lives throughout any given day. It is responding to these situations mechanically from knowledge and conditioning that is incomplete or wrong. Question; Is our ego trying to operate our life like the Divine Nature in us operates our heart, digestive system, breathing, etc. on autopilot; which when the ego is allowed, most times causes disorder? And by watching the watcher (the ego), with a good foundation in ethics, you stop mechanically analyzing and let the Divine Nature in us operate thus allowing for a peaceful life and good night of sleep.

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    1. You have got it.
      The ego is operating our life. The ancient Egyptians weighing the heart against the feather was weighing the heart against the Laws of Nature or Divine Nature. Was it balanced? Though you can take control of you breath anytime you want, the ego will never be as efficient as the subconscious. You watching the watcher is doing exactly what the Egyptians were talking about, weighing the heart against the feather of knowledge or Divine Nature. Is your conditioning ego driven or Divine Nature driven? Maat herself is the scales. The Goddess must be balanced in your life in order for the scales to balance.
      By observing the observer you are observing with the subconscious and not the analytical mind. With the Divine Nature side of the mind man made ethics has no place, but you will know right from wrong. Everything is in the subconscious, you just have to tap into it. I hope Im making sense. It is all about making the ego an agent for the subconscious not the ruler of the subconscious.


  2. Just started reading your blog. So glad I’ve found it. Had googled st Patrick myths. Just finished Ralph Ellis on scota as I’ve been digging around a while in anient ireland literatures and its all extremely coded, and asking anyone they make no sense as if history was just turned into one big fairy story! Anyway moving gradually beneath the layers as to aid
    the naratives in my artworks. I shall enjoy this. I recently tried to get access to an old chapel. Which apparently has some ancient Jacobean gates I was told the oldest in Ireland anyway the site was built on an old rath. That has been attributed to perhaps a local family/tribe. Unfortunately I couldn’t get acces as works were being carried out. Anyway on the information board I was puzzled. It went as far back as st patrick 432Ad and pre that prehistoric. What they assumed the original looked like and was used for. Like time started AD. The great lie! Just wanted to acknowledge I’m enjoying what I’ve read on here so far tantalising

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    1. Thanks. I’m glad you are enjoying it. Ralph Ellis is the King of history. Until I found his work and Michael Tsarion’s work none of it really made sense. They were the key to me unlocking what I had learned. Things just started to fall into place once I was shown the true history of this world. I hope my work will do the same for you. 😉


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