Time and Change


Time = spirit.  Time is spirit in movement.  Time and being are the same.  Movement of desire. 

Time is the process of filling the void.  It is a vast movement of what we are a part of.  Time is perspective.  Time is activated by desire, eternity has no desire.Time is not speeding up, desires are amping up.  When we desire something time measures how long it takes to get what we desire.  Time is purely human.  Time starts with an act of self deception, Person you want to be is not authentic self.  Biological time starts with mother, needs of instinctual body is what time is measuring.  Without desire or delay of desire, there would be no time.

See time as a moment.  When you travel from point to point we measure it in distance and time.  We see how long it takes to get there.  Time is the whole movement of the past.  Everything in the past is implied.  All the traditions, beliefs and culture of the past are handed down.  We are the past.  The past is memories.  We are our memories now.  You are a bundle of memories.  Are the memories pleasant, fulfilling, fearful, happy, angry, sad, fun etc.  All of your memories are in the present.  Without those memories you would not exist.  Everyone of us are memories.  It is the accumulation of knowledge, responses, actions, beliefs, judgements, reactions, etc.  The whole process is brought about biologically.  The forty or fifty thousand years of time the human race has existed is not lost.  You are it!!  What is happening right now is the future.  

Tribalism has existed since the beginning of time.  Tribalism divides people by country, race, beliefs, etc.  Tribalism is holding on to the past beliefs.  It is the whole accumulation of the past of a  group, tribe, nations and beliefs.  We are still the same psychologically and inwardly as we were 50,000 years ago.  We can talk to and text anyone anywhere in the world, but what we say is still very primitive.  It does no matter if its nice, mean, angry, pleasant, sad or business related.  It is the same process that has been going on all along.  We just can do it immediately.  Time has not changed us.  Technically we have made great progress, but inwardly and psychologically we are very primitive.  We are still as primitive as any of the ancients were psychologically.  

Time is a movement.  The future is what we are now.  What we are now we will be in the future.   Religion, suffering, technology, beliefs, culture, traditions, etc. has not changed us.  If you think tomorrow or anytime in the future is going to change, you are mistaken.  What is change?   Is it something in the future?  When one says they will change they are referring to the future.  Brought about by desire.   Desire is the essence of the will.  Time is used to measure  when you will do something later.  When you give your opinions and plans on doing something later, you are expecting time to change.  The moment you say you will change, you have already admitted the future.  Whenever you make plans for the future or say I will do something, you are admitting time.  Time has not changed.  In order to end something that has been and change the future it has to happen now.  

If you are greedy you, can rationalize why you are greedy.  It is part of life.  It is how one become successful.  The human race has been greedy since the beginning.  It is why are society is the way it is.  It is why we kill each other, kill Nature, have homeless people, kill our environment….greed is why our societies are for the rich! Superiority or inferiority is what this world offers.  How destructive can you be?  Change means ending what is right now!  In doing so you change the future.  You can not change the future unless you change now.  

Time is a movement like thought.  Time is necessary to learn to something.  Unless we change ourselves we are just reorganizing misery into different forms.  Is it possible to change tomorrow?  Not unless you change the now.  The internal now.  Change yourself internally and you change your future.  That is how you deal with time.  Self  tells the difference between mind and world.  Tennant occupying 2 mansions.  Inner work is your own.  Its time to begin a new future.  

6 thoughts on “Time and Change”

  1. Very thought-provoking look at time. If time=Spirit and time is Spirit in movement. What is moving time in the Astral Body while we are in repose, dreaming. Sometimes dreaming, one moves from place to place at great distances, in what is observed as, a very short amount of time?

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      1. I’ve recently come across your post and I’m reading, playing catch-up. Currently, I’m reading both your recent posts and the ones starting in July 2017. I’m also very interested in reading some of Ralph Ellis’ work which you speak so highly of. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge with those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Great times we currently live in, are they not?

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      2. You are welcome. Thank you for reading and having such great comments. I hope you enjoy. There is a link to Ralph’s site in my friends button. All his books are on Amazon and Apple iBooks.
        Great and interesting times indeed.


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