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The fasces was the symbol of the Roman government.    It symboled magisterial and priestly power.  The fasces is a bundle of 12 rods and may or may not have an axe in the middle of it.  This symbol is used so many countries today.  It is everywhere if you look for it.  What is the meaning of this symbol?  If Italy used if for fascism style government, why is it on so many of the worlds other government and religious symbols?   This symbol ultimately shows that government, secret societies and patriarch religions are intertwined.  Time to enlighten.

If the fasces is a symbol for fascism and extreme right wing, what is it doing on the House chamber at the US Capital?  What is it doing in statues of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln?  Britain, France, Spain, Cuba, Russia, Switzerland, Columbia, and so many other countries feature the fasces.  It is used in innumerable religious and military symbols and is on Universities around the world,  so what is going on here?  Oxford University displays a lion holding a fasces in its mouth.  Is the world secretly fascist?  In short, no.  Not in the way everyone thinks the symbol of the fasces means.  

Mainstream historians believe the fasces originated in Etruscan and found its way to Rome.  There is very little evidence for this.  In truth we need to go back to Egypt to see where this symbol originated.  The fasces has 12 rods.  Some unenlightened societies later gave it 24, but 24 is simply doubling 12.  I show in Patriarch Pharaohs that Lower Egypt is where all the patriarch religions and Israelites were from.  In the Book of Isaiah 11:1 it reads:

And there shall come forth a rod out of the trunk of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots.  

In Antiquities 4:4:2 Josephus Flavius writes that the 12 tribes of Israel had 12 rods.  They were bundled together in the Tabernacle to make a fasces.  Here we see the origin of the fasces, but why did they use rods?  In Masonic traditions pillars represent the Pyramids of Egypt.  Rods are just small pillars.  So you have 12 tribes or families of Lower Egypt represented by a rod, which is a pillar, which is a pyramid.  This is an occult way to show Egyptian ancestry.   The rod out of the trunk of Jesse is his bloodline and the branch is his family tree.  Jesse was a Pharaoh of Lower Egypt.  

Whenever and wherever you see the fasces know that Lower Egyptian bloodlines are ruling.  The axe in the middle has nothing to do with power or authority.  The axe is the ancient symbol of Masons.  There is an ancient Egyptian axe glyph that means ‘god’.  The ancient Egyptian word for god-axe and a functional axe was ‘neter’.  The word neter-kherti means stone mason.  Ultimately this axe is a symbol of Thoth.  Masons have an architect of the universe and Thoth was the architect of ancient Egypt.  If you have read my God(s) post you know Yahweh is Thoth.  

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    1. Thanks, Poeturja. No I have not written one. I haven’t really thought about writing one. Most of what I write has been written about. They just don’t take it as far as I do. I push the limits. 😂

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  1. I’ve always thought that something was hidden inside the bundle of 12 and the axe may be the answer. Now just hidden in plane sight. Twelve spheres of the same size when bundled together will perfectly hide the 13th inside the bundle.

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