Self Love


This one teaching is the most important of any other teaching I have showed you.  If you can’t love yourself then you can not love other people.  Real love.  You must love yourself first.  When you fill your own cup with love and it over flows you can share the love you have.  How do you love yourself?    We don’t understand self love.  We think its buying something for ourselves, respecting ourselves or taking care of our body. Self image is not self love.  Lack of understanding is a lack of self love.  

Self love is not some feel good emotion.  Thinking positive thoughts and not making ourselves uncomfortable is not self love either.  If we could time travel back to the ancients and they said they had one thing to teach us.  The most important thing you will ever learn.  You would probably think it would be the answer to how they moved all those megalithic blocks.  But you would be wrong.  They would teach you self love.  Self love is the reason the ancients were more intelligent then we are today.  

Religion thinks it preaches about love.  Religion teaches you to hate anything different.  Be judgmental of anything not religious.  Its all based in fear.  Nothing about religion is about self love.  Religion will actually teach you to hate yourself.  It fills you with guilt because you aren’t perfect in the eyes of the bearded man.  People tell me that the poor don’t need self love.  It will not feed them.  They tell me that the poor need to be taken care of with food and shelter.  My answer to that is if self love was taught in this world, there wouldn’t be poor and hungry in the massive amounts it is in today.  

Self love is not loving your physical self. Though low self esteem is a sign of low self love.  You can work out all you want or get all sorts of plastic surgery, but you still will not have self love.    Self love is loving your Higher Self because your Higher Self is you.  Loving who you physically are is part of it, but loving who you are spiritually is the key.  You can not understand who you really are through rational thinking or through science.  Magic is the key to understanding who you are and how powerful you really are.   

Realize the beauty of who you are.  Everyone wants to change something about themselves.  Loving your body is just a small piece of it.  Yes, get yourself to love your body, but there is more.  Most get themselves to be infatuated with their own body and then they wonder why people only get infatuated with them.  They can’t have a real relationship.  All of their relationships are based on them being infatuated with someone or someone being infatuated with them.  Until you can fall in love with how amazing you are and how magical you are, you will never fall in love with anyone else.  

The difference between a Goddess or a God and you is self love.  Self love is appreciating your infinite self or your Higher Self.  It is creating your world.  You are creating your world in the same way you are making the sun shine.  The higher your consciousness goes  the more you become aware that you are generating your reality.  Do you understand now how you are not just your body?  If you just love your body it is conditional because you are only loving it for what it can do for you.  Self love is loving yourself just for its existence.  Becoming conscious enough to understand all the elements of reality.  

You know how you feel when you see a gorgeous sunset or view from the top of a mountain? That is what you need to feel when you think about yourself.  You take everything for granted because your subconscious runs everything on autopilot.  Beauty is a flower unfolding in the sun with its bright colors and fragrance.   Its as complex as a symphony, a masterpiece in art or diary of a life well lived.  Its ability to pierce your heart, soul and mind does not depend on the parts of the flower, but just the presence of the flower itself.   The flower has self love because its not trying to impress you, it’s just being a flower.  You noticing the flower, the views and the sunsets is a form of self love.  Animals don’t make judgments about physical appearances or abilities.  They only care about your character and your capacity for self love.  

One of the biggest obstacles to self love is attachment.  Attachment is not wanting to let go.  Attachment can be to a person, a belief, an ideal, a car, a house, ideas, conclusions, opinions, prejudices, the past, some future concept etc.  Ever had a lover who you considered clingy?  We get attached out of loneliness and fear.  Everything in this world is a concept and we want to be attached to that concept.   We are attached to who we have built ourselves to be.  We are attached to our ego or inauthentic self.  We are attached to sex, pleasure, what our job is, who are friends are, and what are beliefs are.  Attachment brings conflict.  It is why countries and religions are continually in conflict.  All for a sense of security.  The harder you try to hold on to something or someone the further you push it away.  Attachment breeds corruption.  When you are attached to your inauthentic self corruption is inevitable.  Because you are against whoever does not belong to your beliefs and conditioning.  There is no self love in attachment.  Where there is self love there is not attachment.  You will find that when you get self love  things will try to attach to you.  

Self love is a sacred gift to yourself.  Though negation come to the positive.  See what self love is not and it will lead you to the truth.  See what is false.  People don’t do this because they are so sure of themselves.  Self love is freedom.  Everything about you, good and bad, is you.  All of it.  I have shown how the lemniscate is communication with your Higher Self.  Now I will show you how the ancient Chinese Yin and Yang is the relationship with your Higher Self.  Your whole being is an interdependence.  You inner world and outer world.  Your Higher Self and Lower Self. The Yin and Yang is like they are spinning.  Which they are.  There are two involved, but the two are really one.  The Ankh was a mirror.   The ancient Egyptians would talk to themselves in the mirror of the Ankh because they saw the reflection as their Higher Self and the Higher Self world.  Coexisting as one.  The line of connection between what is and what you are is always in play.  

Duality is fundamental.  It takes two.  When you intermingle with your Higher Self you weave a interconnectedness.  The fabric of living.  Just like words having different meanings in different contexts, we have different meaning in different contexts.  Your are different with your Higher Self than you are without her. Just like your are different with a partner than you are alone.  The whole universe is your mind.  Self love is the love of your mind.  However you limit your vision of yourself is how you limit self love.  When you have self love you do what it takes respect yourself.  Life purpose comes from self love.  When you have self love you have a vision and passion.  You know your potential and you go after it.  You don’t do things just because others want you to do it or you don’t not do things because other don’t want you to do it.  

Self love will help you overcome the fear you are having that keeps you from taking the steps towards your purpose and passion.  Understanding the whole process is you and loving that process is self love.  Who are you?   What do you want to do?  Asking these to yourself is the beginning of self love.  Self love is loving all of mankind and womankind, all of nature, all of the universe, and all of everything because its you.  You are doing it all.  You are a participant in your own perfect system.  A system that if it goes too far to one side it will be pull pack to the other side in a constant push and pull.   Its called duality and you did it.  No gods or goddesses outside of you are going to do it.  You are going to bring it back.  

Most successful people may look like they have it all together, but they don’t.   They are miserable.  They are not conscious and are hollow inside.   All these bankers, CEO’s and media people don’t love mankind and womankind.  They despise the world.  They are happy manipulating, exploiting and profiting from others.  When you have self love you can’t sustain that.  They don’t care about the world they are just satisfying the ego.  So how do you get out of that?  Lets just say you are a manager or owner of a fast food restaurant.  You are selling people this food and sugary drinks that have no nutrition and its making us all fat, sick and stupid.   In order for you to actually see the hurt you are doing you need to expand your consciousness of self and expand your self love.   See that you are hurting millions of people, including children, selling this garbage.  You are ultimately hurting yourself.  You could be putting energy, intellect and creativeness into helping others.  Like selling them healthy food.  But we love money more than we love ourselves.   You must have self love to make this leap to see what I am talking about.  

If you are working in a job you hate, you have a self love problem.  If you have money problems, you have a self love problem.  If you belong to a religion you have a self love problem.   The less self love you have the more selfish you are.  Wanting people to be like you is a lack of self love.  When I see or hear people argue about politics I can see the lack of self love.  Why do you need people to think the way that you do?  The system you created will fix itself.  Love the process.  Politics, all sides,  have become so corrupt it is destined to fall.   There is no self love in politics.  Its all me, me, me!  The more you want things your way the less self love.  Worrying, hate and fear put you in negative states.  

If you really wanted to stop climate change, war, poverty terrorism, racism, mass shootings, violence, etc.  you would expand your self love.  Understanding others situation and understanding how they got to where they are is self love.  Im not saying let it happen, but understand that all these actions have happened because something has went to far one way and the pendulum needs swing the other way.  These are not just random things.  Something is seriously wrong in order for it to happen.  The problem is the environment of this world!  The conditioning, ideals, beliefs, education, societal norms, etc.  It all keeps repeating because the structure of the world is creating them.  The world loves money more than it loves itself.  There is no diet, pill or plastic surgery you can give the world and your environment to fix it.  

When we live an unhealthy life we get sick.  We think we can diet, take a pill or have plastic surgery to fix it.  We don’t have enough self love to live a healthy life.  Then we let then medical profession who only care about money and have no self love try to fix us.  Every problem in the world can go back to self love.  No one can see or love others and themselves for who they are.  The reason people judge and criticize is because they are so judgmental of themselves and hate themselves.  All the things you hate in others are the things you hate about yourself.  Its called your shadow.  You need to love yourself in order to love others.  Its tuff to admit.  You can’t accept yourself unconditionally, so you cant accept others in your life unconditionally.  Problems would autocorrect if there was self love.  

No amount of money, sex, drugs, fame, beauty or anything material will compensate for self love.  How deep are you able to self love?  Self love is not an emotion or feeling.  Consciousness, your consciousness is creating and constructing everything and every moment.  It is the All or the Grand Architect.  This consciousness loves itself.  It does not judge or criticize.  It is what it is. Reality has to be itself. Consciousness is reality.  This is why I show in my What is Love post that real love is being yourself.  All of reality as a whole is your consciousness and is what it is.  It is conscious of itself.  It can not hate itself, judge itself, reject itself or exclude itself.   You are what you are.  You must accept yourself how you are.  Who you are is the truth.  The truth can’t deny itself because its the truth.  

Atheist think the world has no consciousness.  Its all material.  The only reason something exists is because it was imagined first.  Imagination is consciousness.  Imagination accepts what it is.  Consciousness is not biological.  Consciousness is all.  The human body you think is you is being imagined by this consciousness.  Reality has to accept itself to be itself.  But in order for you to realize what you are you must love yourself.  Recognize how amazing you are.  Everything is a function of your infinite consciousness.  Realize it and recognize that life is unconditionally amazing.   Falling in love with the whole process is falling in love with yourself.  

Self love does not mean you become a doormat.  You can still have boundaries.  If you are a people pleaser you lack self love.  Everyone in this world has no self love.  They all want to exploit others and have maximum selfishness.  So quit letting them exploit you.  When you look in to love yourself you find that all the things you love about yourself you love on the outside too.  You love yourself in terms of what is other.  Because of other you can understand you are you.   When you have self love the sound of the rain needs no translation.  Let go of the labels and conditioning that were given to you since you were born.  Those things are not yours.  Let it go.  

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  1. This was amazing! Thank you especially for the metaphor of seeing a sunset in regard of ourselves! I loved reading it. As I recently started a blog called I would move to invite you to have a read! It’s about selflove and acceptance and seeing you there would be amazing! All the best

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