Who is the Best Guru?

How can you tell if someone is leading me down the right path of enlightenment?  There are so many self help and so called spiritual gurus out there, how can you tell who is telling the truth?  These are the questions Im getting for the new year.  I guess people want to have 20/20 vision in the year 2020.  First and foremost if a person tells you they know the truth and are enlightened, run away.  Enlightenment is not in the hands of time.  

There is no step by step way to gain enlightenment.  There are ways to try to achieve it, but everyone is different.  What is time?  Time comes from desire.  Once we desire something we see how long it takes to get what we want.  We have accepted time because we want something or want to become something.  What you want to become will never take place because you have not understood who you are right now.  To understand what is or who you are is immediate.  It is right now.  You don’t need to analyze, go through tortures, pass levels, stare into the abyss, do chores, etc.  All that is childish nonsense!  

I don’t like to use the word enlightenment.  It is loaded like the word god is loaded.  Just like religion none of the gurus have a clue about what they are talking about.  The only thing that self help and steps to enlightenment does is make your mind dull, mechanical and stupid.  When you come upon a guru, doubt everything they are saying.  Including me.  Im telling you stuff that has been lost to the human race.  Forgotten.  But you need to doubt me until you can prove it to yourself.  Saying Im the only one that knows the stuff I reveal to you is silly too.  The mind must be free of authority, followers and patents.  You need to understand that you are perfect.  

Priests, bishops, popes and all these gurus are full of garbage.  They all want money, positions and authority.  They offer you initiations, but are they truthful.  In their mind they are truthful.   The thing with all of this is they need their followers and their followers need them.  They are an authority figure to their followers.  When there is authority over the mind and heart there is no love.  They have what the Hindus call pureless love.  Truth is not something you find.  It comes to you when the mind is free of all this nonsense.  When truth finds you it has compassion and love.  Not to the guru, priest, savior, ideal or anyone else.  It comes with pure love. 

Truth has no motive.  It comes from and acts with intelligence and wisdom.  Truth is not something you buy from another.  I have said it before and I get it from very ancient wisdom.  You must be your own light.  If someone lights your light they can extinguish your light too.  Everyone is looking for someone else to light their light.  I get it.  We are lost in this world.  It does not make sense.  We want someone to make sense of the world for us.  So we pay someone to tell us what to do, so we can trust them.  They give you a feeling you are being looked after, guided and protected.  We can’t get it from our parents, teachers or psychologists because they are equally confused.  So people get caught in the web of self help and religion by the millions.  All because everyone is seeking comfort and security.  I get it.  It is a pleasant state to be in with all of this stuff.  

This is going on with young and old all over the world.  You must understand that no one can give you guidance when it comes to you and your spirituality.  It must come from yourself.   You must do your own inner work.  You don’t need to go to a church, a convention, a retreat or go clear across the world.  Quit trying to find yourself.  You are right where you are right now.  If you belong to any religion, spiritual group or follow anything like that, you belong to corruption.  You must stand alone!  Be your own team!   Have no one above and no one below you.  No authority and no follower.  The world outside needs to be what you have created.  Don’t look for answers from the outside world.  The world wants you to be dull, mechanical and stupid. No institution, organization, religion, society, government or person outside of you can give you the answer you are looking for.  You are the world and the world is you.  Live it to understand yourself.  Be your own disciple.   So to answer the question… You are the best guru for yourself. 

4 thoughts on “Who is the Best Guru?”

  1. for me meeting someone who loved me unconditionally and I them was my moment. My partner gave me the power to be just I needed to be. Liberating me from the constraints of family, societal propaganda, the money trap. I have all I want or need. As I get closer to nature and the beauty and wildness, I am content.

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