Raising Your Vibration


I have received some emails asking how one can raise their vibration.  For those that don’t understand what your vibration is see my Vibration post.  This post will not be about making you feel better if you are down.  This post will be about lifestyle changes that need to be made in order to raise your vibration.  When your vibration is higher you only attract people and situations of your vibration.  People will want to be around you because of your energy and when they leave your immediate presents they feel weirdly good.  Here are 8 ways to raise your vibration to help you live a more fulfilling meaningful life.  Living a high vibrational lifestyle takes time to cultivate.  

  1. Live your purpose or passion. Most people do not live their purpose.  Living your passion is your authentic self.  It is finding yourself.   What is it that you love to do?   If there was no such thing as money and you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?  That is your passion.  Do it as a hobby.  Just do it.  Only you can figure out what your passion is.  If someone is telling you what you should do, its not your passion.  When you live your passion and purpose it is so powerful.  Your vibration will take off once you find your passion.  
  2. Turn off the television and radio.  Programing and lowering of your vibration happens with both of these.  If you want to listen to music or watch television shows figure out how to do it commercial free.  I buy all my music and make playlists, but you can get paid versions of music apps that are commercial free.  Use Hulu and Netflix type media to watch your shows.  Watch shows and listen to music that raise your vibration.  If you are paying for something and you are watching and listening to things that lower your vibration, that is your fault.  Pay attention to how the shows and music make you feel.  Listening and watching what makes you feel good will help cultivate who you are. Television and radio only give you what you are supposed to be listening to and what you are suppose to like.  Say no to what your suppose to like and listening to and choose what you want to listen to and watch.  Cultivating your own taste in these will help raise your vibration.  Especially listening to music that is in line with you.  
  3. Stop watching and reading the news.  Don’t even have the news on in the background or read news feeds.  I have shown that the ‘All Seeing Eye’ is your subconscious and she sees and hears all.  If you are just scrolling through a feed or listening to news as background sound, your subconscious will see it and hear it all.  If she sees it or hears it enough, she will think you want it and manifest it your life.  The news gives you an us versus them mentality.  All news is political.  The news is the way it is because negativity is the way to get people to engage.  When they engage the ratings go up and money flows in from sponsors.  The news decides for people if the world is a good place or bad place.  Im not telling you to ignore the real world.  A lot of the stuff they put on the news is instigated or stretching the truth.  When you focus on all the negative things your vibration lowers.  If you are in a low vibration you can not help others get out of a low vibration.  Good things happen way more than bad things but you will never see that watching the news that was picked to trigger fear, hate, anger and jealousy.  
  4. Get off social media.  At the very least limit yourself to how much time you spend on it.  Have social media blackouts every weekend.   We are so addicted to social media that we spend all our time, money and attention on a fake life that exists online.  Getting off social media gives you more time to spend with real friends and do things you want to do or need to do.  
  5. Expect the best from people.  Smile at others and say hi.  Get out of your programming that if someone is different they are bad.  The most interesting people I meet end up having higher values than the Hippocratic people who want to be like everyone else and want everyone else to be like them.  Having higher values is different in this world.
  6. Stop eating fast food and processed food.  You are what you eat and drink so quit drinking sodas too.  Fast food, sodas and processed foods have little to no nutrition.  You will find that just by doing this you will be more energetic.  Use that energy to start exercising.  You will create a snowball effect on how you look and feel and that raises your energy.  
  7. Clean up your immediate living space.  If you have a messy house, apt, office, car or room that shows you have a messy mind.  Organizing the outside part of your life will help organize your mind.  If you need to get your mind organized first then do it.  Start making a schedule out for yourself.  Getting the inside and outside of your life organized will raise your vibration.   
  8. This last one you will only hear from me.  Get out of any and all religion.  I have said it before I will say it again,”Religion is anti-spiritual”. Especially for women.   It keeps you from communication with your Higher Self.  When you communicate with your Higher Self you get theLemniscate.  Your vibration goes through the roof when you get the Lemniscate.  Everything in religion is limiting beliefs.  

By doing these things you will love your life.  Even if you just do one or two of these things it will have a big impact on raising your vibration.  Hope this will help those of you wanting to raise your vibration.   You are a vibration!  Think of it like a strobe light.  The faster the strobe light is the more people can see you dance.  If someone is not used to seeing the strobe lights flash fast they will not be able to stick around and watch the show.  People who are used to it will jump in and dance with you.  That is how your vibration will work with other people.  To lower vibrating people you will be a ghost.  With that in mind, be careful watching the video.  

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