Spirit, Body and Mind


I know most of my stuff is from before recorded time, but these ancient civilizations were very advanced.  More advance than we are today.  I try to bring the teachings I find from the land before time and bring them to you.  I also try to put it in a way that people today can understand.  A big one I have found is that you must balance spirit, body and mind.  If you want to be happy and have less anxiety, then this post is for you.   

Most people I meet are stuck in one of the three, spirit, mind or body.  They go to the gym or workout, have great nutrition and are in great shape, but they are not very smart or spiritual.  Most of the smart people I meet are very intelligent.  They read and learn constantly and make a lot of money, but their body and spirit are lacking.  Then there are the so called spiritual people who walk around in a daze of being in the moment.   They use spirituality as an excuse to not take action.  They just sit on their couch and think positive, be in the moment and think the law of attraction will save them.  Their life is in shambles.  They are fully in the spiritual world and their life literally sucks.  If you want to achieve a true enlightenment, you must balance all three.  

The trick is to do all three the same.  Once you get them in balance you can do a little more of one then the other two, but you need to keep them in balance.  It is like a parent who works all the time and neglects their kids.  Then they wonder why their kids are they way they are.  Most of the muggles in this world neglect all three.  Let me nip this in the bud now.  Religion is not spirituality.  Religion is anti spirit.  Religion keeps you from communicating with your Higher Self.  Television is not good for the mind.  No amount of news, shows and documentaries will make you wiser.  Fast-food is not nutritious. Not one fast food joint is healthy.    Most will tell me they don’t have time to workout or read.  I get it.  But whatever is important to you, you will make time for.  If you follow my blog you understand that you are the most important person in your life.  You can not help others unless you help yourself first.  

I have been in Magic and ancient history going on about 13 years.  When I first started to wake up I was a book worm, I couldn’t get enough knowledge.  I neglected my body.  I started gaining a little weight.  I realized it had a profound effect on the rest of my life.   I got tired easier because I had crappy nutrition in me.  I became more negative.  Garbage in garbage out.  My health suffered and I could not sleep as good.  To fix this I would go into super workout modes.  That is all I would do.  I would ride my bike, walk, play basketball, etc.  I finally got to the point where I figured out I was over compensating.  Once I figured out that I had to balance all three, the text made so much sense to me.  

Here is a big one for this world.  I know a lot of smart people who have their body and mind in order, but there is no spirituality.  They think that because they are religious they are spiritual.  Anything outside of you is not spiritual.  Your body and intellect are all external.  Alan Watts talks about the higher a tree grows the deeper the roots have to be.  Working on your body, creating a business, going to school, playing a sport, playing an instrument, making art, etc.  That is all external.  You must turn within for the roots to grow.  Everyone is looking for money, relationships, looks or something material.  No one is looking into themselves and looking for the relationship they have with themselves.  Look at how your relationship with yourself is!  Are you good to yourself? 

Lets flip the coin here and see some of the so called spiritual people.  You think that because you are in these eastern religions that you have it all figured out.  The eastern religions, new age and self help are all self deception!  I understand that everyone needs to go through what they need to go through.  They are where they need to be.  I get that, but if you are serious about your spirituality and want to learn, listen up.  You are using spirituality as an excuse to not take action.  Everyone I know who are deep into so called spirituality are broke, their life sucks, they smoke way to much weed and they haven’t achieved anything.  You have a responsibility to yourself to achieve something in your life!  Im happy you took drugs and figured out a few things on your own, but all that drug stuff is the spiritual realm.  You live in the physical realm.  Here and now in this physical world.  You cant deny that you have a physical body.  You need to engage the world!  Ignoring the physical and outer world is irresponsible.  Balance body, mind and spirit.  

The new thing is to be present to the moment.  Being present is important, but most have no idea what it means to be present.  I show in my Meditation post what real meditation is.  You are no more present to the moment then when you are engaged in something you like doing, but you are present to the moment when you are doing something.  I stay busy all the time.  People who know me think I have non stop energy.  Im always working on something and have something waiting for me when Im finished with a project.  Between writing, reading, coaching soccer, biking, my job, yard work, walking my dog, working on the cars, etc.  I always have something ready to go.  Sometimes I struggle getting these posts out.  But I do all this to keep in the moment.  The saying ‘there is no time like the present’ is very truthful.  There is no time but the present.  There is only the now.  The past is a memory and the future is always in the future.  Its anticipation and anxiety of what might happen.  There is only one moment and that is the present moment.  

Because you can’t do everything at once you have to set goals and schedules.  This helps you move from one activity to another.  As soon as you complete a goal or task, start another activity with another goal.  Moving from one thing to another keeps you in the present moment.  My dad used to say, “Staying busy keeps you out of trouble”.  That is true.  When you are present to the moment you are not drifting through life.  Most people are stuck in the past or worried about the future.  When they get a chance to be in the now they don’t know what to do.  They can’t concentrate enough on something to be in the now.  The key is realizing now is the only moment there really is.  Taking the steering wheel to guide your own life is being in the now!  Most people procrastinate until they have to do something.  Quit procrastinating and you will find out how busy you can be.  Get stuff done.  It keeps you in the now.  When you put things off you push them to the future and the future never comes.  You only get out what you put in the present moment.   Sitting there staring off in to the future and ringing a bell only puts things off into the future.   Being present to the moment is good for the body, mind and spirit in many ways.  Great Witches and Wizards always cast their spells in the now.  Cast your spells as if they are already happening in that very moment.  

We are human and we need human contact. We are all sharing the same struggle.  Searching for wholeness.  The ancient Japanese have legends about Musubi.  Peoples lives twist and tangle, unravel and rejoin with one another.   Once a connection has been made, people regardless of time and place feel something.  A relationship is formed.  You must go out and get your life twisted, tangled and unraveled. Find who you were meant to know and what you were meant to know.  That is Musubi.  Musubi is not about wealth, fame or working harder.  It is about relationships with other people.  When we isolate ourselves we become lonely.  It is not about having a ton of relationships.  Musubi is about the quality of relationships.  Intimacy is what truly matters.  I know it is scary to open up to someone and give them access to all the intimate details in your life and if its romantic, your body.  Real relationships will at first feel like an intrusive experience, but intimacy has life saving consequences.  We are meant to connect with others.  Religion makes you feel guilty about having intimate relationships with others.  Spirituality understands intimate connections with others is life saving.  How many people in your life are you truly intimate with?  A regular relationship is external.  An intimate relationship is internal and external. Its balanced.  

Just having one or two of spirit, mind or body will not bring you happiness.  When you chase something that you think will make you happy, it will be an endless chase.  You will just have to have more and more and more.  Having it all will not make you happy.  Having it all is worse than not having it all.   Open yourself up and connect with people. Its as simple as asking, “What is your name?” You may surprise yourself at just how much you have in common with others who are afraid to connect.    Get healthy.  Eat nutritious food and do some activity.  Even if its just walking, do it.  Respect your body.   Read books.  Just read.  Do inner work.  Observe yourself.  What are your thoughts?  It becomes a snowball effect.  A healthy spirit helps make a healthy mind and body.  A healthy mind helps make a health body and spirit.  A healthy body helps make a healthy mind and spirit.  

Fill your potential in all three.  Respect your body. respect your mind and respect your Higher Self.  It is a trilogy.  If you know numerology, three is the number of self expression and creativity.  It is the number of creation.  Creation is the most important thing in life.  To enter the world of creation you must have balance.   Do not mix up reproduction and invention with creation.  When you invent you are just remembering.  When you reproduce you are just having sex and when you have sex with someone you are just having sex with yourself.  If we are all one, you are having sex with yourself.   Let your mind simmer on that for awhile.  Whoever you are, you are having sex with that person.  When you are balanced you don’t invent or reproduce, you create.  Sex and invention takes on a whole new meaning. When you get a grasp of this then you understand how Magic is sex.  You can not be intimate with yourself or anyone else if you are stuck in spirit, mind or body.  You must be balanced in all three. 

Wilhelm Reich’s books were burned in Germany and the United States.  He had the audacity to say sex, or more correctly the orgasm, cured cancer.  They tried to disprove him by showing prostitutes still got cancer. His research showed that the orgasm did fight cancer, but he showed how the guilt complex puts cancer back into the equation.  In other worlds our social and  religious rules and norms are a cesspool for cancer.  It doesn’t matter how many orgasm you have it will never be enough.  Reich named this energy Orgone which he got from the words orgasm and organic.  He discovered this Orgone energy is everywhere and is your creative energy and your libido.  The orgasm will heal the body and mind, but if your beliefs are in conflict with your true nature then guilt will erase all healing.  He even went as far as saying it would heal all illness in body and mind.  Magical practitioners know the orgasms connection to the body, mind and spirit.  It is why there is a thing called Sacred Sexuality.   Sacred Sexuality may be a physical act, but it connects the body, mind and spirit of two people.  

Reich was a scientist.  He understood the connection between body and mind.  To a point he understood the connection to spirit.  Reich was thrown into seclusion because he had a great mind, but instead of trying to get out he became angry and stayed lonely.  The key to Reich’s work is Musubi(intimate connections) and balancing the body, mind and spirit.  Take care of your body, take care of your mind, have intimate relationships with others and your Higher Self, and do inner work by observing yourself.  By doing this you will remember who you really are.  

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