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The fasces was the symbol of the Roman government.    It symboled magisterial and priestly power.  The fasces is a bundle of 12 rods and may or may not have an axe in the middle of it.  This symbol is used so many countries today.  It is everywhere if you look for it.  What is the meaning of this symbol?  If Italy used if for fascism style government, why is it on so many of the worlds other government and religious symbols?   This symbol ultimately shows that government, secret societies and patriarch religions are intertwined.  Time to enlighten. Continue reading “Fasces”

Self Love


This one teaching is the most important of any other teaching I have showed you.  If you can’t love yourself then you can not love other people.  Real love.  You must love yourself first.  When you fill your own cup with love and it over flows you can share the love you have.  How do you love yourself?    We don’t understand self love.  We think its buying something for ourselves, respecting ourselves or taking care of our body. Self image is not self love.  Lack of understanding is a lack of self love.   Continue reading “Self Love”

Who is the Best Guru?

How can you tell if someone is leading me down the right path of enlightenment?  There are so many self help and so called spiritual gurus out there, how can you tell who is telling the truth?  These are the questions Im getting for the new year.  I guess people want to have 20/20 vision in the year 2020.  First and foremost if a person tells you they know the truth and are enlightened, run away.  Enlightenment is not in the hands of time.   Continue reading “Who is the Best Guru?”

Raising Your Vibration


I have received some emails asking how one can raise their vibration.  For those that don’t understand what your vibration is see my Vibration post.  This post will not be about making you feel better if you are down.  This post will be about lifestyle changes that need to be made in order to raise your vibration.  When your vibration is higher you only attract people and situations of your vibration.  People will want to be around you because of your energy and when they leave your immediate presents they feel weirdly good.  Here are 8 ways to raise your vibration to help you live a more fulfilling meaningful life.  Living a high vibrational lifestyle takes time to cultivate.   Continue reading “Raising Your Vibration”

Spirit, Body and Mind


I know most of my stuff is from before recorded time, but these ancient civilizations were very advanced.  More advance than we are today.  I try to bring the teachings I find from the land before time and bring them to you.  I also try to put it in a way that people today can understand.  A big one I have found is that you must balance spirit, body and mind.  If you want to be happy and have less anxiety, then this post is for you.    Continue reading “Spirit, Body and Mind”