Finding the Goddess


I wrote this very short story awhile back.  It is a story of enlightenment.  In all the patriarch stories and books the word ‘man’ is used.  When I ask what about ‘woman’, I get the reply that ‘man’ means men and women.  They have masculinized the human race just like the divine.  In a fit of rage one night I wrote this story.  I have put the divine and spirit back where it belongs, with the sacred feminine.  To the patriarchs out there reading, when I say ‘woman’ I mean both men and women.  I hope my readers enjoy.  

A woman is lost in a dangerous forest. It is very dark in the woods as she looks for the Goddess.   She pushes through the thick forest, crossing streams, weaving through underbrush and climbing over rocks.  She is exhausted and wonders how far she must go. Her mind and heart are tired.  She wonders if she should climb a tree to get a higher vantage point.  In the silence of the dark night all she can hear are crickets, frogs and owls.  

Soon she sees the footprints of the Goddess in the wet mud, but she has seen the trail of the Goddess many times.   Can you see the footprints along the bank of a river?  No matter how tall the trees, how dark the cave, how high the mountains or how deep the valleys you can not hide the Goddess.  For she reaches to the sky.     

Seeing the Goddess, she hears the sweet song of the night owl.  The full moon shines through the breaks in the canopy of the trees revealing the the green leaves and golden bark.  There on the river bank in the moon light the woman discovers the Goddess.  Nothing can hide her anymore.  What glorious hair with flowing curls.  No artist could draw or paint her.  

The woman wants to talk to the Goddess.  She runs toward her screaming, “Wait! Wait!”  The Goddess turns into a horse so the woman lassos her but the Goddess is too wild and raw.  The horse runs out of the forest towards a rolling hill and into a misty valley where she hides.  

The woman wants to tame the horse so she follows the Goddess.  The woman knows she can not whip the horse into submission, she must get the trust of the horse so the horse  will work with her.  The woman can not scare the horse or the horse will run back deep into the forest.  She patiently and gently tames the horse cleanly.  The horse calmly lets the woman ride her without a saddle and bridle.  The woman knows no force is needed.  

The woman returns on the back of the horse.  Her hair and dress wafting behind them in the wind.  The woman is serene and happy and starts to sing.  Her voice can be heard far and wide on the moonlit night.  Her angelic voice speaks as to how the woman and horse feel.  

The woman was able to return with the Goddess.  But now the horse has disappeared.  The woman sits alone serene and silent.  She is sleeping though the sun has come up.  She keeps dreaming peacefully.  The lasso she used was thrown into the fire.  It had become useless.  

The woman, horse and Goddess are now nowhere to be seen.  Only clear blue sky above that can’t be described with words.  Mother of Dragons and walking through fire.  Only those who reach this point will understand what I mean.  

The woman has become one with the source.  She wonders if her steps before finding the Goddess were in vain.  Her life before the Goddess seems like she was blind and deaf.  She goes about her day not longing for materialistic things.  The rivers flow, the flowers blossom, the wind blows, the clouds rain and the sun shines all without her thinking about it.  

The woman walks naked into the city.  Covered with dust, dirt and mud from head to toe.  She still laughs merrily among the people.  For without knowledge from Goddesses or Witches she makes the trees bloom, stars shine and life begin.  She has become the Goddess.  Just her existence and presents is all the magic that is needed.  

12 thoughts on “Finding the Goddess”

  1. I love this story! I’ve been having such amazing Goddess experiences in dreams and waking life. She is becoming more obviously active. So beautiful and powerful! Happy New Year to you and yours. Thank you for holding space for the Goddess.

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