The Cloak


The cloak is an outer garment worn over clothing.  It has been used as a coat to protect one from the cold and rain, but it has also been a fashion statement or part of a uniform.  The cloak is a staple in fantasy genre and medieval stories.  Cloaks are usually associated with Witches, Wizards and Vampires.  Since they are so prevalent in magic and stories with hidden symbolism they must represent something.  It definitely has a meaning, but like everything else it has been lost to time.  Time to bring the true meaning of the cloak back.  

In some stories cloaks are often magical.  In Harry Potter there is a cloak of invisibility.  In Lord of the Rings the Elf made cloak gives the wearer  chameleon like abilities to blend in with their surroundings.  Which in turn makes them invisible.  In other stories cloaks help the character levitate or is used as an armor for protection from other magic.  

In todays world we see the cloak as trying to hide something.  It is a disguise or its used for someone being sneaky.  We even have the term cloak and dagger which refers to espionage and secretive crimes.  In this way the cloak keeps the person be hidden and conceals the weapon.  The term cloak and dagger comes from the Sicarii Warriors.  They wore cloaks and carried a dagger.  I have shown in previous work that the biblical Jesus’ disciples were Sciarii Warriors(see His Royal Jesus).  

The ancient Greeks and Romans wore cloaks.  It was a way to show they were part of the  upper class.  The toga is a form of a cloak.  In ancient Egypt high priests and the Pharaoh would wear leopard skin cloaks.  It was also wore by ancient Egyptian women who were part of the upper class.  In western countries wealthy people would wear cloaks as evening wear to go see operas.  This luxurious cloth became known as the opera cloak.  The cloak became a staple for royalty all over the world.  Popes and cardinals wear cloaks to signify their rank.  Many religions have priests wear cloaks.  

The cloak is from the magic tradition.  Very few in history knew what they were wearing.  Very few today know what they are wearing.  A poncho and shawl are a version of cloaks.  Magic has become a fashion statement because it speaks to the subconscious.  There is a lot of garbage on the internet about the meaning of the cloak.  There are even meanings for every color.  If you decide to wear a cloak after you understand it, pick any color you like that means something to you.  Because that is what the cloak is all about.  

In reality the cloak symbolizes a second skin ready to peel for new birth.  It is a form of serpent symbolism.  It is symbolic of shedding the old skin from learning something new.  It symbolizes a persons intention and preparation for inner transformation.  It is armor against ignorance.  It creates a womb around us for our inner transformation.  It is our willingness to let go of the material world and become authentic.  Our inner work is invisible to others because it can only be done by ourselves.  No one else can do the work for you.  The cloak is symbolic of the hermetically sealed place we alone do our transformation.  We must interact with the world in order to evolve.  We learn from interactions with others and interactions with the mundane.  You can take that cloak off anytime you want to open up to other, but you can put it back on to protect and make yourself invisible.  Doing the inner work will levitate you above others.  


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