The Star


The star is the pentacle, pentagram or any other version of this 5 pointed image. They are all stars.  The star is the most widely revered of all esoteric symbols.  Its on just about every countries flag and is associated with magic, paganism, devilry and christian mysticism.  Islam even has it on their flag.  Everyone has their own idea of what this symbol means to their cause, but no one knows the true meaning of this symbol.  Time to enlighten.  

We get the symbol of the star or the pentagram from the pattern of the planet Venus in the sky.  Every eight years her orbit makes 5 points where she is closest to the earth.  If you draw lines from those closest points it makes a pentacle in the sky.  It is from this pattern that we get the symbol of the star.  The ancients observed the stars every night and used this pattern to symbolize the stars.  Everything else was forced on to this image.  The most ridiculous one I have seen is the star represents the 5 wounds of Jesus.  Others say it represents man, magic, the elements and enlightenment.    Anything you want to attribute to 5 can be put in the star.  They are all wrong.  

Pythagorus wrote that the star was the key to higher knowledge.  He was correct as you will soon find out.  The star represents the Goddess in many traditions and that brings us closer to the truth.  All Goddess are just aspects of the first Goddess Isis and one of her symbols was the star.  Christians don’t know this, but the Star of Bethlehem is actually Mary herself.  Mary being of Egyptians decent was considered a form of Isis.  Mary like every other royal woman from Egypt was the Queen of Heaven or Queen of Sheba.  Her real name was Helena. They just used the word Mary because it meant female bishop. That is exactly what Helena was, a female bishop in the Nazarene sect.  Quit looking in the sky and arguing which star is the Star of Bethlehem. It shows your ignorance.  

Witches used the star quite often.  It even became known as the witch’s cross.  So we have Goddesses, Queens and Witches all in close relation to the star.  That is the key to the true meaning of the star.  The true meaning of the symbol of the star is ‘spiritual maturation’.  Every country and religion would like to think they are spiritually mature, but they are far from it.  In order to have be spiritually mature you need to incorporate the sacred feminine.  This is exactly why females, queens, witches  and Goddesses are the symbol of the star.  They are the living sacred feminine.  I find it very interesting that when you turn the star upside down it is the head of a goat.  Goat is Aries and Aries is the time that all the patriarch religions were started.  In the Tarot when a card is reversed the meaning of the card is reversed too.  The reverse meaning of the star is immature, adolescent and juvenile spirituality.  That is a perfect description of patriarch religions.  So Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Scientology or any other infantile patriarchal group, GROW UP!  

Earn the star that the ancients knew.  That star is the sacred feminine.  Without her you get what the world looks like today- immature, greedy and juvenile.  With the sacred feminine you have what the ancient world looked like- mature, generous, temperate and capable.   The star was the highest honor to give to someone in the ancient past.  Everything they did revolved around the stars.  As above so below.  Today the term is just thrown around for anyone who excels in anything.  It takes away from the true meaning of the symbol.   We have went from having a Queen of Heaven to a 5 star general.  One excelled in knowledge, culture and lifting people up and the the other excels in war.  Killing a man is fashionable and heroic in this world.  We praise them and put their names up on walls and cathedrals.  Killing in the name of patriarchal religions and country is the best we can do.   It’s time to rewrite the stars.   

6 thoughts on “The Star”

    1. I find it funny they are using the head Goddess name for a group we are declaring war against. As far as I’m concerned the world has declared war against Isis since the patriarchy religions were invented.


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