It is said that Mjolnir or Thor’s hammer is a symbol that Norse pagans used to symbolize their adherence to their ancestral gods.  Thor’s hammer is the best known pagan symbol today.  The legends of Thor are full of symbolism and hidden history, but his religion, like all religions, was used to control the common people.  Just like all other religions, it is a Masonic religion. 

The word Mjolnir is a word that means crushing and grinding in the agriculture and destructive sense.  It is associated with lightning because it strikes fast and hard.  The origins of Mjolnir are steeped in myth.  One legend says it fell to earth as a meteor.  Another legend says the trickster god, Loki, made it.  Its power is legendary.  Mjolnir was able to destroy mountains and topple giants in a single strike.  This was a very special weapon of war because like a boomerang it returned to whoever threw it.  

It is obvious that the myth of Mjolnir is to keep the memory of the War of the Gods.  It is also obvious to me that it is a symbol of authority because in one of the myths a giant named Trym stole Mjolnir from Thor.  Trym means noise, uproar or turmoil.  That is exactly why the war of the gods happened.  Authority was taken away from a certain group of beings(see Lemurian Magic).  Mjolnir is still popular today and seems to have escaped the grasp of the Christian church.  Just like the Hindu gods are from Egypt so are the Norse gods.  All religions are masonic and Mjolnir or Thor’s hammer puts the stamp of approval on the Norse gods.  Its all for people with eyes to see and ears to hear.    

A hammer in the hand of the presiding officer of a lodge, is an emblem of authority, and shows he has the right to rule and govern his lodge.  The Master of the Masonic lodge grasping his hammer or mallet is immediately clothed with the symbol of resistless force and power over all dealings, emergencies and business of the lodge.  It is a symbol of absolutism and authority.  Freemasons within hearing of the ceaseless shocks of the hammer bows to the emblem of might.  With the hammer the Master of the lodge has assumed authority and calls to order and submission.  A hammer thrown by a Masons arm symbolized possession of a territory for the lodge.  When the Master divests himself of the position he loses the hammer.  

Snorri Sturluson wrote the Prose Edda and Poetic Edda which is where most of Norse mythology comes from.  Snorri was a writer, poet, lawyer, politician and  a Mason.  Im not saying there is anything wrong with that.  Much of the history in his area and time come from his writings, but he was privy to the history I show you in my work.  Whether his writings were to preserve history or start yet another religion, he had a thundering approval with the hammer.  

I know Im right on this because in on myth that has to do with Yule, Thor slaughters two goats and brings them back to life.  The goats, Teeth Grinder and Teeth Gnasher, become Thor’s steeds.  The goats are Aries and if you know my work it symbolizes everything about the patriarch religions.  The yule goat tradition survives today.  People even wear goat masks.  I can just see the Masons sitting back chuckling next to a  Yule log fire and drinking their spiked eggnog.  

7 thoughts on “Mjolnir”

  1. You might be on to something with the Mason connection. The Mjolnir also forms the Greek letter Tau, symbolizing the triumph of man’s spiritual nature over his physical nature. The video clip you chosen shows at the 1:30 mark Ragnar and King Ecbert conversation about Heaven and Hell. Ragnar in chains, first sets with his spine (33 bones) at the base of one pillar speaks of darkness with his legs spread forming a right angle and the King speaking of light, then sets with his back against the opposite pillar with his legs inside Ragnar legs. (Squaring the Circle). And the beat goes on.

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  2. Freemasonry has an uncanny ability to mold to any religion its made to do that , It only requiring the belief of a supreme being and the immortality of the soul, so it’s no wonder one sees a so called Masonic connection in religions

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