We have a gross misconception of what meditation is.  Most think that they have to sit like a monk and have their hands out.  All this does is have you doing something you think you have to do.  Meditation is not doing, it is being.  Meditation itself means to think or ponder about something, but the act itself is supposedly trying to quiet the mind.  In this post I will not tell you how to meditate.  You must be your own light!  Your light can not be sparked or turned on by someone else.  If it is, it can be turned off by someone else.  I will show you what meditation was to the ancients, so you can implement it in to your own life and help brighten your own light.  

We are conditioned to let someone else have authority over us.  We want the authority of a priest, politician, guru, book, etc. over us.   In Magic you must not have an outside authority over your  life.  You must be your own authority.  If you are not your own authority you are not free.  In order to understand meditation, what it actually is and how it flows, you must be your own authority.  Authority comes from the word author and means ‘one who originates something’.   You must be your originator of something on the inside!  This includes not thinking of me as an authority.  Use me as a guide, but not an authority.  Your experiences and knowledge should be the only thing that leads you to your conclusions.  But you can not set those conclusions in stone.  Once you close your mind, you will never understand meditation.  

You must be completely alone in meditation.  I do not mean not having other people present.  When you get good at meditation you can walk down a busy street and meditate.  I mean you must be your own light.  When you are your own light you light the world.  To know what you are, be aware of your own structure and becoming self aware is the first step to understanding meditation.  You are not what a philosopher, psychologist, scientist, priest, or anyone else says you are.   No one can tell you what or who you really are.  

Observing the past is how you get to know the way you got to your present and the state of your present.  The movement of the past meeting the present must end there.  Observing the now is very hard to do because you must close off the past.  Observing only takes place in the now.  When negativity, anger, greed, depression, jealousy, etc. come into your mind, it is in the now.  Observe it without judgment or conclusions.  This is why I have said in previous posts to let your emotions come and go like weather.  We are conditioned to suppress everything.  Im saying observe it, feel it for what it is and let it flow out.  It will dissipate.  

When you observe yourself having these emotions, these emotions go through a radical change.  Quantum physics has discovered that when you observe something things change on the quantum level.  Observing yourself changes you.  The observer matters!  This is so true with observing yourself.  The ancients saw this as letting your whole self flower and from observing it you go through a radical transformation.  Authority has no place in meditation.  By observing yourself you spark your inner light.  The act of observing is the change that ignites you.  

It is very hard to resist the tradition that you must be guided from the outside.  This is why so many self help gurus are popping up like a fast spreading disease.  They are taking something from the ancient past and saying they are the author of it.  They are greedy and know that people will not understand that they have to be their own authority.  People will just keep paying them to be the authority figure.  

Everyday each and everyone of us have what we call experiences.  Experience means to ‘go through and finish’.  We  record quite a few of our experiences in our memory.  Memory distorts observation.  Religious people are conditioned in ideologies, rituals, dogmas and saviors.  They want to have a religious experience, so they will experience it.  Because that is their conditioning.  There are various gods and profits in this world. Each person who believes in that god or profit will have an experience of that god or profit.  You will have religious experiences and visions according to your conditioning.  In order to have an experience you must have an experiencer.  The experiencer craves everything they have been told.  They want to experience something they consider divine.  We as humans want to recognize our experiences.  By doing this we are bringing in the past.  For meditation you have to block out the memories.  

True meditation is not easy.  We humans want an easy going life.  If we have to bring our attention to something that takes a lot of effort, we move along.  Observing your pleasures, sorrows, fear, anger and all the complexities of life is the beginning of understanding its relationship with you.  But this is hard work.  It’s much easier to let someone else give us an image of others.  As long as you let someone else give you the image of what is, you will not understand meditation.  

There are various forms of meditation in the world.  People are so gullible they are willing to drop the burden of their beliefs and pick up something else that is just as bad.  All methods of meditation assert that thought must be controlled. That you need to get to the point of not having  thoughts.  Concentration is all it takes to stop the mind.  This is crap!  I show in Magic to see every thought as an offering.  Accept or reject it.  The thought of controlling the mind is thoughts itself.  Let the thoughts come and go.  You have the power to accept them or reject them.  Why should your thoughts stop?  If the All is mind then everything is thinking.  Thinking is a movement.  You can decide which way to move.  

We all have been conditioned to have our life controlled.   Control exists where there is comparison.  People compare themselves to others, so they make an effort to be like others.  If there is no comparison there is no control.  You discover “I am what I am”.  Those who know their bible have seen this saying before.  I am what I am means there is no movement towards something you think is more.  When you see the reality of comparing yourself to others the power dissipates.   Getting into the habit of accepting and rejecting your thoughts will slow your mind down naturally.  Without you even knowing.  

The past is always in the back of our mind.  Someone hurt you, told you something or something happened.  We live in the past.  The past is the movement modified in the present and goes to the future.  The now is non movement.  When your memories hit your mind in the now it must stop right there to keep it from going to the future.  This is how your past does not control your future.  

Consciousness has all sorts of unconscious and ego demands.  If you do not take consciousness as a whole and want to examine every fragment about it, you will be busy examining the rest of your life.  We need to examine consciousness as a whole.  When you have no motive or direction about understanding consciousness you see the whole.  The more motive you have to meditate the less you will meditate.  We are taught we must have a motive for everything.  No action without a motive.  The moment you have a motive to want to meditate, whether its pleasure, pain, reward or punishment, you will not see the whole.  

Meditation, and this includes yoga too,  will not get you harmony by sitting in a position, doing exercises or breathing a certain way, but the way of living itself will bring you harmony.  Understanding what consciousness is and your relationship to it will bring you harmony.  When the mind is prepared to observe without any motive, that is true meditation.  To stand completely alone and be a light to yourself.  The mind has no motive to do it and has no movement. This makes the mind silent.  Not imposed silence or cultivated silence.  A silence that is the result of not stopping something.  It is the natural outcome of living.  When you start with knowing something you end up with doubt.  When you start with not knowing you end up with truth.  

Most believe that meditation started in the east.  If you are referring to the garbage that we call meditation today, then yes it started in the east.  True meditation was done by  pretty much all ancient cultures.  What you see today as meditation was given to us by Alexander the Great.  If you need to sit like a monk and stare at a wall or do yoga and put yourself in all sorts of positions, then fine do it.  Meditation can be done anywhere at anytime.  You don’t need a reason to meditate.  Doing anything you love to do is meditation. 

Just Be.  That is meditation.   

15 thoughts on “Meditation”

  1. Excellent Wisdom in your words.. And so true..
    I can meditate while walking in the woods, or just sitting watching birds in my garden.. While at other times I sit with intention to meditate deeper..
    Much love and have a beautiful week..

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  2. After finding your writings on Meditation and Consciousness… I just have to thank you for the hard-right turn I just executed on my Path. Your statement, “When the mind is prepared to observe without any motive, that is true meditation.” Is this what is meant by Verse 42, of the Gospel of Thomas, “Jesus said, “Become passers-by.”?

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    1. Yes that is exactly what is meant by that. Just stop and be. You can do it anywhere if you just ‘become passers-by’. No motive for doing it just observing and being. It is quite a wonderful state to be in. There is a big reason they left the Gospel of Thomas out of the Bible.

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