What is Consciousness?


Consciousness is everything.  It is fundamental.  We have no idea what Consciousness really is.  We think that because we are alive we are conscious.   That maybe true, but we are not conscious of consciousness.   Science thinks consciousness comes from our minds and reality is just a bunch of random molecules and atoms banging around.  Neuroscience knows nothing. Quantum physics is as close as we will get to understanding consciousness unless we change how we view consciousness.  If a scientist actually understood consciousness, they would not be a scientist anymore.  They would be a Mystic.  

Nothing about consciousness is biological.  Consciousness is not reason, knowing or intellect, but they are factors in higher consciousness.  Consciousness is not your brain or your body.  Consciousness pervades and illuminates your mind and body.  It enables you to function and exists apart from your mind and body.  Because it functions through the mind and body we are able to know consciousness.  Without the mind and body we can not know consciousness.  

Consciousness is everywhere.  It is pure existence, nature and pure reality.  Consciousness is like water, it takes the form of the container.  It is the paint that paints the canvas.  Consciousness is not inside your body or brain.  You are inside consciousness.  The universe and nature are consciousness.  This is why the ancient Egyptians said, “The All is mind”.  Everything inside the All is from the All’s imagination.  The All is consciousness.  

As a kid we were in awe of reality.  When we get older we take reality for granted.  Everything is functioning perfect and efficiently.  Nothing is random.  We live in a world of duality or Yin and Yang.  When things happen its because the pendulum has swung too far in one direction and is now swinging back.  The pendulum swing is built into consciousness.  It’s a perfect system.  You are the universe being conscious of itself thinking it is a human being.  You do not have a soul inside you.  You are inside your soul.  The universe is your soul.  Your soul is consciousness.  

This will be a very simplistic explanation, but it will help some to understand more.  Think of consciousness as infinite wifi.  All matter, including you, are antennas.  The antenna is inside the deepest  part of you.  The wifi has to go through you.  Your brain is a computer and consciousness is the infinite internet of everything.  By doing inner work you clear blockages that impede the wifi from reaching the antenna at full strength.  By being conscious of consciousness you upgrade your antenna.  Once you become conscious of consciousness, you become self aware.  Consciousness is aware of itself.  By becoming self aware you level up! 

Your dreams do not happen inside your mind.  Your mind just tries to make sense of your dreams.  Your mind is actually getting in the way of your dreams.  Consciousness is all that ever was, is and will be.  That is you.  The only way you can know consciousness is to become conscious.  Consciousness can imagine anything and create it.  So can you!  You can create yourself and be whatever it is you want to be.  You can also create anything and what you create is consciousness.  Consciousness can literally create itself.  Masculine and feminine are built right into consciousness.  

Here is where Im really going to blow some of you away.  The sun is creating and boosting consciousness.  Consciousness literally flows out of the sun.   All stars like the sun are doing this.  Everywhere there is a star or sun there is intelligent life.  The bigger the star the more intelligent the life around it.  Our sun is puny compared to others in the Universe.  Ever know a dumb person who thinks they know everything.  That is us.  We are so ignorant we think we know it all.  Just like you try to stay away from people like that,  intelligent life stays away from us.  

Consciousness is existence itself.  It is universal, but the ego localizes it and takes ownership of it.  Consciousness has no boundaries, but the ego gives it boundaries.  You can become more conscious by focusing  consciousness on itself.  Become self aware.  Your level of consciousness will dictate your whole life.  Raise your consciousness!  It can be raised so high you feel like you are in a different reality.  If we can get enough people to raise their consciousness, we can change the reality on this planet.  Have you had enough of feeling lost?  It is time to quit burying the sunlight!  The patriarch ego mind has been a massive failure.  If you can’t see that, you are not conscious of consciousness.  The patriarch minds in this world grow old and stale.   It’s time for the new generations to take hold.  As they take hold the old stale world will be torn down.  The patriarch mind is on life support.  Its time to pull the plug!  It is time for a conscious future.  




10 thoughts on “What is Consciousness?”

  1. So, if I understand, you’re saying to become a conscious watcher and rule the mind as an “absolute monarch” instead of ruled by the patriarch mindset.

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    1. In a way, yes. An absolute monarch has a King and a Queen. You must have balance. The key is the Sacred Feminine. Once you have the Sacred Feminine the masculine will heed to her, be an agent for her and become the Sacred Masculine. There is very little Sacred Feminine in the patriarch mindset and because of that there is very little Sacred Masculine. This world fears the Sacred Feminine.

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