Three Levels of Magic


Magic is not for the faint of heart.  There are different levels to Magic.  My techniques in Magic are meant to unlock certain things inside you.  If I write about something you don’t understand it could be for someone who is more advanced in Magic.   The more advanced person will understand what Im writing about and the less advanced person might think Im crazy.  Don’t get lost in your own translation. I have put Magic into 3 categories.  Novice, Intermediate and Ancient.   Some new readers are sending me emails of how my stuff is confusing and a little out there.   I will try to show you how to go up a level in Magic so you can understand.   Just like everything else you can’t jump right in and expect to be an expert.  

The novice will seek when they realize they have a deep deficiency in life.  They have holes in themselves that need to be filled.  All the material stuff like relationships, money, cars, food, etc. are not working.  They are looking for something that will give results.  They have realized the self help crap does not work.  The novice is not happy with their current environment.  They are anxious, depressed and tired.  I call it coping.  Most novices are not ready to look within to resolve their issues.  The novice is negatively motivated.  They are not looking for the extraordinary feeling of growing themselves.   They could careless about expanding their consciousness.  They just want the pain to stop.  They are just interested in how to stop coping in life.  

The novice is not interested in changing their beliefs and finding their passion.  When I talk to other so called magicians, witches or wizards and they still have beliefs in religion, I know they are a novice.  Novices are not looking for interchange they just want something to make them fill better.  Inner growth is not on their agenda.  They are not interested in how Magic works or why their world is the way it is.  They are in coping and just want to feel better.  They reason why the novice started looking at self help was to inflate their ego anyway.  They have figured out that inflating the ego is not a long term fix.  

The novice does not care about truth.  It does not matter how many of the lies I expose of this world, they can not comprehend it.  They actually will question why one even wants to know the truth.  An ancient Witch or Wizard will want to know truth for truths sake.  The novice does not care about reality or how reality works.  They just want a quick fix to their problems.  If a novice is interested in truth, they only want to hear truth that validates their thoughts and beliefs.  Their ego mind thinks it already knows what the truth is.  There is no need to explore or question.  

The novice also takes their mind too serious.  They think their thoughts are their own and they don’t understand how the all is mind.  The novice has no awareness.  They are so stuck in their own head that their thoughts are their reality.  They don’t understand that having awareness of your own thoughts is the first step to creating your own individual thoughts and reality.  Everything to the novice is a theory.  They can not see themselves experiencing the ancient magic.  Everything that I am bringing to my readers I have experienced myself or other ancient magicians have experienced them.  Before I bring wisdom to my readers I try to experience it myself.  If I can’t experience it in my inner work, I don’t bring it to my readers until I can experience it.  I have a ton of other knowledge I want to bring out, but I have not unlocked an inner experience for it yet.  Something can not be truly understood until it is experienced.  

A novice has trouble taking action.  This is why The Secret was so popular.  Novices thought they could think a great life into existence.  Sitting all day and thinking about something will only make you lazy.  You must take action on the opportunities that come your way.  Even thinking about action makes a novice anxious.  When opportunities come your way and you don’t take action on them, it will stunt your growth in Magic.  This is why they keep pumping that book of garbage.   It is an ancient power of Magic to use your mind in the way they describe, but not taking action on what your subconscious is bringing you will frustrate you because none of it will become real for you.  You must take action, but the novice has blocks and inner resistance that they will not deal with.  So the novice just keeps seeking more advice to cover up the problem of not taking action.  It is why most my posts hit hard.  The hit will either move them up to a higher level of awakening or they will run.  Sooner or later the novice will quit putting it off and take action.  That is when my posts start making sense.  

The intermediate has an understanding of the ego.  They see how deceptive the ego is and how it is controlling their life.  The novice will think the ego is bad and they need to get rid of the ego.  The intermediate understands the death of the ego is only the death of its authority over their mind.  The intermediate will have an open mind and sees how a close mind keeps them from growing.  They understand that an open mind is needed just to entertain thoughts from an ancient.  The intermediate understands that their reality will distort the wisdom they hear.  The novice will take a piece of wisdom and compare it to their ideas, beliefs, politics, media and social norms and discount it.  The intermediate knows society is psychologically sick and that we are in a dark ages, but the novice thinks because of technology and so called science we are in a golden age.  The intermediate knows this worlds environment is sick.  The intermediate wants to reach their highest potential.  

The intermediate understands they have a Higher Self.  They know there is more than what the eye can see.  The novice is impatient and will want to take DMT or a psychedelics because they think this way they can get the answers.  The novice thinks a drug will enlighten them.  The intermediate understands enlightenment is a life long journey and that even before they woke up their path led  them to waking.  The novice will take shortcuts in everything they do including enlightenment.  The intermediate knows the value of wisdom and will do what they can to get it. The novice does not want to do the work and will take the wisdom I am giving for granted.  The intermediate wants to learn more.  The intermediate recognizes the transformative power my wisdom will have on their life. To the novice my wisdom is crazy or just an idea.  

The novice has tunnel vision and the intermediate’s vision has expanded.  The intermediate and ancient have interests in psychology, philosophy, history, science and metaphysics.    All things that will help you on your path of Magic.   To the novice these are unimportant.  The intermediate and ancient see how all of these things connect and build a snowball effect.  The novice can not understand symbols and the abstract.  The intermediate may not understand all symbols and the abstract, but they know what it is and work to understand it.  The ancient understands symbols and the abstract.  

The novice thinks they know it all and if they do not know something its not worth knowing.  They are so polarized that they will argue about anything.  They are a neurotic defensive skeptic.  The novice is an arm chair lawyer about everything.  The intermediate has a healthy skepticism who will listen to the meaning behind wisdom and try to implement it into their reality.  They want to connect things and learn.  The novice only desires to defend their beliefs and way of thinning.  The intermediate takes what they learn in Magic and tries to implement it in their life.  They know its not about beliefs its about transforming your life from muggle to Magic.  They will try to master the parts of Magic they understand and learn more about the parts of Magic they don’t understand.  Understanding one part of Magic unlocks other part of Magic. 

The intermediate understands that to move up to the ancient level of Magic they have to remove things from their mind.  They begin to understand that they know very little.  They begin to see that most of what they thought they knew was not true.  This is the main thing that keeps a Witch or Wizard from becoming an ancient.  They can not accept the idea of just how bad this world really is with all the falsehoods.  It becomes very confusing and scary and they back away.  

The ancient Witch or Wizard has a very open mind.  They will take new ideas that the normal mind can not comprehend and ground it in reality.  The can work on an idea no matter how crazy it sounds.  The ancient rejects all social norms.  The ideas of society are rejected once they become an ancient.  The ancient practices Magic everyday.  Any Magic that they have implemented in their life they will work on it everyday.  They take massive inner action.  They dig deeper and deeper into their inner demons.  The intermediate does this too, but not on the same level.  

An ancient accepts that every problem is created by themselves.  That there is no one else to blame.  They accept responsibility for themselves.  The ancient will try to trigger themselves so those emotions are brought to the surface to be dealt with.  The ancient will focus more on truth then goals.  I don’t write these posts for more money or fame. I write them to get truth out there.  The ancient Witch or Wizard wants to embody what it true.  The intermediate may know the truth, but the ancient lives the truth.  The intermediate has goals attached to the truth.  They want to be known or make more money with the truth and offer it to the novice for a price.  

Ancients focus on awareness.  Everything is about increasing their awareness.  Thoughts will hold you back, so the ancient will reject the mind unless it coincides with intuition.  The mind will come up with a ton of garbage, but as an ancient you let go of the mind until it works with intuition.  True awareness is awareness of all that is your reality.  This usually takes years of observing yourself.  This is real inner development.  

The core of being an ancient is questioning the ego constantly.  Why is your mind bringing you the thoughts and emotions that you have?  The ancient rejects success and the need for praise.  They see that success is an empty illusion.  It does not mean that they do not get success, praise or money.  It is just not their first objective.    The ancients priorities become different.  Magic becomes a way of life.  Magic is done for its own sake.  The ancient wants to grow and transform themselves.  They become very patient.  Their expectations come into line and are realistic.  

The ancient is enriched with their studies.  They understand that the simplest answer is usually the correct answer.  They will embody the simplicity in themselves and their reality.  The ancient understands the emotional challenges are the hardest challenges of all.  They have put in the emotional labor and no longer run from it.  Emotional pain excites them because they see it as moving them forward.  The novice thinks emotions mean they are failing.  The ancient sees it as an opportunity for growth.  The ancient is okay with failing.  They learn and try again.  

The ancient is willing to question all their beliefs.  They know beliefs hold one back.  The novice and intermediate want to protect their beliefs.  The ancient understands that the more they know the more they don’t know.  You can never stop learning because there are infinite things to learn.  The ancient is okay with confusion.  They will try to make the confusion understandable.  The most important thing the ancient understands is that there is no Magic without the Goddess.  

Very few people reach the ancient level of Magic.  It is okay to be a novice.  We all have to start somewhere.  It is  important to realize that everything you have done or have experienced has led you up to the point of who you are today.  All that has happened has happened to put you in the spot you are right now.  If you are just finding Magic, learn it for Magic sake.  Seek truth for truth sake.  You do not need to be in a hurry.   You have the rest of your life to become an Ancient Witch or Wizard.  Its all in your dance of life.  Are you going to be remembered for being a muggle who followed all the rules of this world or are you going to be remembered for having a magical life?  You are curious about Magic because you left the lights on.  Its up to you to fulfill your destiny.  

21 thoughts on “Three Levels of Magic”

  1. I love reading your posts as I get so much help from you. I would like to say that I feel self help is not a total waste. It can be a good tool at difficult times to help us understand ourselves and take back our personal power. There are so many things in life that teach us, especially women, to not claim our power and even give it up. Life can be hard and I have used many tools on my life path that have brought me to the point I am at.
    I am very grateful that I have now found your blog to further me in my development and understanding of my path.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome Miya glad you found my blog.
      Self help reinforces that you are not good enough. If you thought you were good enough you wouldn’t need self help. First and foremost in Magic you need to realize you are good enough. You don’t need someone or something outside of you to complete you. You are perfect exactly how you are right now. Does anything in nature other than humans seek self help? Nature understands that she is perfect the way she is. Magic is all about tapping into that nature side of your humanness. Magic will bring your Goddess out. A Goddess does not need self help.
      In the sense that self help led you too this exact moment in time to looking at Magic, well that’s perfect. 😉


      1. yes, I agree. But there are times along the way that it may help those not on the path of Magic or just beginning. on the path. I agree there comes a time when we don’t need it anymore.

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      2. You are right. As I say in this post, Magic is not for the faint of heart. So it’s definitely not for everyone. Whatever works for an individual is what is needed for them. If self help gets them to wake up then that is good.


      3. I agree. We have our whole life, but to be your true self takes accepting yourself as you are. I mean “who you really are”. Anything else is inauthentic.


  2. Thank you.
    I keep coming to your blog over and over in between a myriad of things that I made happen since I decided to change my life.
    I must say English is not my mother’s tongue and yet, the way you write , express yourself and bring out the information is absolutely clear and enlightening for me.
    Another thing I’ve noticed is that every time you post something new, it’s is somehow related to something I’ve been experiencing / searching for/ investigating.
    Sincronicity, that’s ( also) how Magic works.
    Thank you again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Synchronicity is Magic. It’s great that you can see the synchronicity. Most can’t.
      Im glad I could help you.
      Thank you, Laura. The reason why I write the way I do is to try to connect with as many people as I can. So thank you for noticing that too.


  3. “The ancient is okay with failing. They learn and try again.” I totally agree with this statement, I have found that my key to most anything is to continue to TRY. Also, like you stated that most generally, the simplest answer is usually the correct answer. Trying takes work and willingness to continue to accomplish whatever you are trying to attempt.

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    1. Exactly! I coach girls soccer and I try to tell them that they will not learn if they are afraid to try. Mistakes happen. We are not robots. Keep trying. Keep pushing yourself to try new things. As I tell my soccer girls, “We miss all the shots we don’t take”. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. When I was young, my uncle would always ask, “What are you up to?” and I’d more times than not reply, “Nothing.” He would then ask, “Do you know what happens to people that do nothing? Nothing!” Have you wrote anything about, Patience ? It sounds like your coaching skills could give you plenty of insight. 😉

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      2. I have not done a post on patience. Looks like I have a subject for a future post. 😉
        I try to mix my coaching style with my philosophy. The girls give me a hard way to go but I can tell they like it.


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