This post will go so deep that some of you will drown in your own emotions.  It will be about the true nature of prayer.  Prayer is not holy work it is wholly work.  We are taught that prayer is talking to a bearded man in the sky.  This is the furthest from the truth.  Ever wonder why your prayers are hardly ever answered?  We are told that god knows what is good for you and if he doesn’t want to give you something or help you with something that is his will.  This is pure madness!  No wonder we are so messed up as a human race.  The key to unlocking prayer is to ‘Know Thyself’.  

Holy work is your conversation with yourself.  It is your capacity to introspect.  When someone talks to themselves in todays day and age its considered a mental illness.  The ancients, who built all those megalithic structures that we have no idea how they built them and we can’t even conceive of building them today, taught that talking to someone other than yourself was madness.  Even in the middle ages when someone spoke to themselves it was considered natural.   Great poets and artists of history have talked to themselves on a consistent basis, but we put little asterisks next to their names saying they were a touch mad. 

The ancients kept their praying private.  They kept it hermetic.  It is why we say something is hermetically sealed.  Hermetic is internalize.  The Native Americans would talk to the sky and trees, but understood they were having a conversation with themselves.  The ancient Egyptians knew they were talking to their Higher Selfand this is what the Ankh was all about.  The loop was a mirror.  They looked in the mirror and talked to their double, their twin or  their Higher Self.  

It was part of being a human being.  It was a communion with oneself.  Basis of all knowledge is finding out about yourself.  How can you know anyone else unless you know yourself first? We don’t know ourselves so we cant know others and this is why society is a mess.  Self knowledge is missing in this world and its is all religion’s fault.  I have said it before I will say it again, “This world is a mess because of religion!”  Religion has taught everyone to look outside of themselves for the answers.  So everyone looks to anything but their own psychology for everything.  

Everyone of us hears a voice in our head.  For most it will not shut up.  That is your ego.  What you may not realize is you also have a listener.  So we see our mind as we see ourselves in the world.  When we talk we can hear ourselves talk, but that is not the case for the voice in our head.   When the voice in our head talks its not making any noise for our ears to hear.  The listener in your head is your divine self.  In most peoples terms it would be god, but I refer to it as the Goddess because it is the subconscious or the feminine side of the brain.  Try to follow me here.  The ego is the masculine side and it will not shut up.  The side listening to the ego is the Goddess, God, Higher Self or the divine.  The divine is right there with you all day everyday.  

This is the foundation of Magic.  The Goddess is listening to ego with its wants and desires and all the nonsense the ego conjures up all day everyday.  When you are talking to yourself in your head, you are praying.  What no one understands is this God, Goddess or Higher Self is right there with you all the time.  It is bringing to you what your ego keeps asking for.  If you really listen to your ego, you will see why your life is the way it is.  God is bringing you everything the ego really wants.  

What you need to understand is that God is not in a remote location or a made up location.  When you send your prayers out to a far off location or a made up location, they take a long time to return or they don’t return.  The divine is right there with you every second of your life. I refer to it as the Voice of the Goddess, but when you hear people talking about guardian angels, ancestors or guides this is what they are trying to describe. They just don’t know how to describe it any other way.  That and they think that god needs helpers.  

The Goddess is speaking to you all the time, but she does it in a way that does not draw attention to herself.  If you know any women who are truly connected to the sacred feminine they are exactly like this.  They don’t draw attention to themselves yet they are very powerful women.  I hope the feminists are following me on this because they are stuck so far in the ego and the world wants you there.  When and if you find the sacred feminine, boy will things change rapidly.   The Goddess does not care  about hierarchy.   She does not want to rule.  The divine spark is a voice in you that you can learn to listen too.  You must turn down the ego racket.  When you silence the ego,  the voice of the divine increases and so does the guidance.  Religion has taken that spark and inserted priests and a bearded man outside of you.  That way you turn outside to look for guidance.  

Children have it right when the speak to an imaginary friend.  They are speaking and playing with their imagination, but we cause the to stop by giving it a stigma.  This is what Alan Watts was telling us when he said we have to be child like.  Listening to anyone, but the Goddess or divine spark inside you, is like Michael Tsarion says, “A slap in the face to that force”.  We slap that force in the face anytime we don’t try to listen to her and look outside of ourselves for answers.  The ego is a tyrant and responds only to other tyrants.  It is why we let people have tyranny over our lives.  People want to meditate on things but the only thing you need to meditate on is to realize that voice in your head is your ego.  It is the part of you that explores the world and learns.  It can only take you so far.  It is very limited, but you have within you the Goddess, God or Higher Self.  Like I said, I call it the Goddess because that is what it is.  

Once you balance out the mind it will be a working dialogue between two friends.  The Goddess or your Higher Self has been guiding you all along.  You just have not look for the signs.  She speaks in synchronicity.   Now that you know who the real Divine is, you can tell the priests, or anyone else who wants to pray for you, what I tell them,  “Thanks, but no thanks.  The Goddess speaks to me, so I really don’t care what your made up tyrannical god is telling you”.   

Use my website to learn how to quiet your mind.  Once you get all the noise out of the way, the Goddess, God or your Higher Self will speak to you and you will hear her.  When you really get this, I mean really get it and start praying to yourself, you will be astonished at what answers you get.  For those who can’t wrap their head around this and think Im dooming everyone to hell, “If there is a God, she won’t mind!”   

Move over patriarchy its time to walk on water for the Goddess!  It’s time for a new beginning.  

12 thoughts on “Praying”

  1. Yes, of course… I just don’t call it prayer as to me, the meaning of prayer is begging for something I desire from some entity more powerful than I. I suppose a left-over from my Christian upbringing. If I called my internal dialogue anything it would be conversation with my mind.

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    1. What you do was the original meaning of prayer. Religion has made it into the begging that it is.
      The ancients considered having conversations with your own mind very healthy.


  2. This is really interesting, and makes complete sense. I’m not necessarily a Christian and I’m very spiritual. But I stumbled across a book called the Gospel of Thomas. Now this book was removed from the Bible early on because it portrayed the sayings of Jesus in a different, perhaps more clearer way. Now verse 14 mentions something very similar to what is outlined in this article, whereby Jesus stated that ‘if you pray, you will be condemned’. In verse 104, Jesus also became offended when the disciples asked him to pray and fast, as Jesus stated he was unaware of what sin or defeat had taken place. So there’s definitely something about prayer that people are doing wrong and that’s why I’m thankful for the article above which explains why.

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    1. Thanks, Casper. The Gospel of Thomas was left out for this and several other reasons. Thomas means twin and yes the biblical Jesus had a twin brother. So it is the Gospel of the Twin. Very little of Christianity has to do with the teachings of the real biblical Jesus. Christianity is based on Saul. He created it for money and Roman control.
      You are welcome. Im glad I could help you connect some dots.


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