Signs of Awakening


Awakening is not spontaneous.  It does not just happen.  Awakening is building up something.  It takes a long time to build something up.  Most people have this idea that Enlightenment is instantaneous.  When in truth enlightenment is a life long process.  If you are truly waking up, the steps you are taking will not give you temporary excitement.  They will be the foundation you build your awakened life on.  It has become a fad today to think you are ‘Woke’.  When in actuality they are the furthest thing from being awake.  Here are the top signs that you are awakening.  

  1. You are searching.  Being on my site shows you are searching. Your search for truth is insatiable until you find it.   The materialistic world is no longer serving you and you feel an emptiness.  Something inside you has awakened and now it wants out. 
  2. You start experiencing something you can not explain.  You act in ways that make people think that you are going crazy.  Jim Carrey had the beginning of his awakening in the eye of the public.  You feel a change and it leaves you with a lot of confusion.  You feel it but you can’t explain it.  
  3. You withdraw from other people who are not waking up.  Your thought process is changing.  People will notice you are changing and you can’t voice to someone who is not awake how you feel.  Try to tell them and they think you are crazy.  People who are awake will understand you.  You will withdraw from people because your thoughts can not be expressed to them.  
  4. You start spending time alone.  There are very few people awake in this world and because of that you are the one that starts to feel different.  You can’t share what you think, so you feel its better off to keep it to yourself.  You need time to explore the new you.  
  5. Your senses become heightened.  You feel everything on a higher level.  You will pick up on others emotions and vibrations.  This is yet another reason why you want to be alone because the masses emotions and vibrations are all over the place.  When you get around people it becomes very exhausting because you are in tune and aware of all your surroundings.  You may also need the alone time because you have to recharge yourself.  
  6. You start noticing synchronicity.  Synchronicity is the voice of your Higher Self and she has been talking to you your whole life, but now you are seeing her signs.  When you  start seeing the synchronicity and you don’t answer or try to ignore them, that is when you get the 2X4’s across the face.   
  7. Your intuition becomes strong.  You start to have a strong sense of just knowing.  You don’t need someone to tell you what is good for you or not good for you.  You just know.  Some people feel things and see things before they actually happen.  
  8. You start believing in yourself.  Things that you thought you couldn’t do, you do.  You start manifesting opportunities into your reality of things you really want to do.  It is very important to understand that these are opportunities and you need to act on them.  During this time your hero’s will die.  You realize that you put others on a pedestal because you couldn’t see yourself there.  Now that you are believing in yourself you don’t have time for heros.  
  9. You will start to become more interested in holistic ways of health. You start nurturing yourself.   When I woke up I stopped all prescription medication.  I don’t suggest you do the same, don’t do that to me.  I was on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine.  I stopped all of them and started looking at natural alternatives and getting my diet right.  I started waking up almost 15 years ago and Im healthier today then I was when I was in my early 20’s.  You will shift to a healthier life style.  In a sense you will give yourself a bodily upgrade. 
  10. You start to feel the oneness of it all.  Exactly what the Native Americans were talking about when they say, “We are all one”.  You see we are all made of energy and that we are expressions of that energy.  You understand  what quantum physics is trying to tell this world and that everything is interconnected.  You start to sense your divinity. 
  11. You start to understand you have an ego.  You realize you are living an inauthentic life through this ego.  You are living subjectively and learning, but know you want more.  You realize the ego life is not what its all about and you see how everyone else is stuck in ego.  You want to become more authentic.  
  12. You realize your actions effect more than just yourself.  You start changing your behaviors because you think about how it will effect the planet, nature and all others.  What you put out there returns.  It’s the Ouroboros. You become a nicer person and start leading by example.  
  13. You understand that this life is not all there is.  Death is not the end.  You can not destroy energy you can only change its form.  You are so much more than this physical body.  
  14. You start realizing that you are unique.  You are different and it excites you that you can express yourself different and uniquely.  It does not bother you when people point and stare at the way you are expressing yourself.  
  15. You start to realize this world is based on competition, judgement, ego attachment and jealousy.  You are done with the lies of the world. Televisions starts to seem fake, especially news and media.  You start to question religion.  
  16. You quit trying to please everyone else.  You understand you can’t keep going on being a perfectionist and overachiever.    
  17. The last one, which is my favorite is you come out of the Goddess closet.  You understand the lies of the patriarchy and the sacred feminine is the key to your enlightenment.  

These are not steps they can happen in any order.  They are signs that you are awakening.  These are just a few that I can think of.  If you think I left any out, feel free to leave one in the comments.   If you are just starting to wake up, stick around and look around.  You just might learn to fly.  

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