Surviving in an Evil World


With Thanksgiving approaching I figured I would do a post on how to rise above the behavior that has shaped our world.  Here in the U. S.  we celebrate the killing of the Native Americans and stealing their land every year.  How can we reconcile that and rise above this evil?  How do we create a beautiful environment?  It does not matter who you are, you can go out and try to stop all the evil things in the world and become a self righteous warrior, but until its dealt with on the inside evil will never go away.  

Every person on this planet is capable of very beautiful things and very evil things.  If you don’t think you are capable of good and evil, you have not done any shadow or inner work.  Are you a person that gets angry easily?  If you get stuck in traffic or someone cuts you off, do you have road rage?  Every person suppresses negative energy.  That negative energy can fuel and fester on itself.  When negative things happen in people’s lives, people can get lower and lower into that negative energy.   It bursts out in what they feel is a combative situation.  

The core of this comes from when you were a child.  When you did something your parents thought was negative they disciplined you.  Most of the time for me it was a spanking and being grounded or going to my room.  The child will suppress whatever negative energy with that situation.  They also get the message that how they are feeling is not important to their parents, so they suppress the emotions.  Im not telling anyone how to raise a child.  Im just showing that the way we have all been raised is part of a vicious cycle that needs to be broken.  

Other people are not your enemy.  It is the suppressed energy that needs to be dealt with that is the enemy.  The people who run this world know our psychology.  They have paid many of psychologist to tell them about how to trigger the masses.  The more boundaries you have the easier it will be to trigger you.  They have done this well for the last few hundred years by starting war after war and getting the masses to fight it for them.  

The only truth of your life is the legacy you will leave behind.  Is that legacy going to positive or negative?  Are you being reactive to every last thing that happens in your life and encouraging other to be reactive?  Being reactive is a very strong negative energy.  Feminist are you being reactive to the garbage leaders are feeding you or are you looking within to find the sacred feminine in yourself?  Finding the sacred feminine will bring the truth to your life.  Men are you being reactive by wanting to go out and kick everyone’s ass who doesn’t agree with the way you think or are you searching for the sacred masculine within?  So far the only legacy I see of the human race is killing after killing.  And we celebrate the hell out of it!!! 

Everything we are fed is a lie.   When you see groups fighting each other it is all from someone’s personal agenda of greed.  Why do you think politics is set up the way it is?  We are so full of suppressed garbage that we are willing to send our kids off to fight wars and they are so full of suppressed garbage that they are willing to do it.  Has any war ever brought stability to this world?!  Are we stable today?  Its all because no one has won the battle within and brought stability to themselves!  Suppressing these energies and emotions makes you polarized.  If you don’t think suppressing this stuff makes you vulnerable than you need to see my Born Again post.  

Society wants men firm and stable.  Showing emotions is a weakness.  Good girls don’t show emotion either.  We want our women shy and maybe show a little fear, so we can be their knight in shining armor.  All this eradicating emotion is taught to kids and they suppress their emotions.  This causes are emotions to boil over and we think we are angry at someone else, ashamed about something and we begin to hate others.  Its all because it’s inside and we don’t know how to process it, so it manifests as something outside of us.  I believe this is the core of people drinking and doing drugs.  People are hurting from their own suppressions. Good people who don’t understand what is going on and they drink or do drugs to cope.  

It is alright to show your emotions.  If someone in your life says otherwise they should not be in your life.  Understanding the emotions and energies you have bottled up gives you empathy for others.  No one has a clue about any of this I just explained because its just the way things have always been.  Understand that when you see someone going off the handle or they are getting angry at you, its themselves they are really battling.  Its all because we are dishonest with ourselves.  

People love to demonize other people.  We all have to have an enemy.  It is why religions and politics works so well.  We make that person or people evil, so it separates them from ourselves.  It is all for protection of the ego.  Everything we do is to protect the ego!  Do you know someone who hates everyone or demonizes a lot of other people?  Is this you?  Its all about one manipulating themselves.   When you demonize someone its a piece of reality you do not want to face.  Its why I’m demonized so much.  Politicians and theologians do this so they don’t have to sit down and have an intelligent rational argument.  They just say the other side is evil.  It relieves us of our duties of actually doing shadow work.  Shadow work is uncomfortable and the ego does not like to be uncomfortable.  

Let me tell you a story  about my daughter to show you how I am trying to break the cycle.  When she was about 5 we were in a grocery store and there was a particular cookie she loved.  Near the end of shopping she ran off to the isle with the cookies.  A few minutes later she shows up with a whole arm full of cookies, probably 6 or 7 packs of them.  I have a very hard time saying no to her, but this many cookies was ridiculous.  I liked them too, but there was no way I could eat that many with her.  As we rang up the groceries I took one and scanned it then put the others over on a shelf.  The mood of my daughter went from smiling happy to anger and sadness.  She cried, “But I want the cookies!”  With her eyes full of tears.  Everyone was looking at me to see exactly what I was going to do.  I could feel all the eyes on me as my daughter threw a temper tantrum for all to see.  I paid for the groceries and reached down to pick her up.   Still crying she said, “Daddy I want those cookies”.  I responded with a hug and a kiss on the forehead and told her, “I know you do and its okay to feel sad and angry.  I will love you happy, sad or angry”.  

Be there for the people in your life no matter the emotions.  Accept reality how it is.  We all label people with our judgements.  Those labels are not real.  Im not telling you to not disagree with someone.  Im telling you to do the inner work and see what you have below the surface and deal with it.  Thinking something is bad or evil is a story in your mind.  If you get triggered easily it not only shows a weak mind, but it shows you have something suppressed that needs dealt with.  If you get upset about something its because the shield of lies the ego has put up to protect itself have just cracked.  It means that the ego could be wrong.  It’s is very narcissist of someone  to say this is how life is and that is it.  I find it interesting that when people tell me this is how life should be that it’s always about or favorable to the person talking.  I showed in my last post how the ego keeps adding layers to hide what has been suppressed.

Demonizing someone gives us a feeling of separation.  We  create separations so we feel like an individual entity.  This  puts us in coping mode or survival mode.  When religions, governments, science or corporations demonize someone or something they are playing on this false sense of individuality.  It makes us feel a stronger sense of self and we feel alive.  It makes us feel significant.  Everything you have suppressed they have projected it right there in front of you. The evil people who don’t think like us.   These groups will tell you “they are wrong”, “they are evil”, or “they are a threat to us”.   “We need to conquer them, overcome them or kill them”.  This is exactly how wars start!!!!!! 

This Thanksgiving enjoy the time with your family and give thanks, but use this holiday to do some shadow work.  There will always be something about reality you don’t like.  It’s because we demonize others and judge others that we keep ourselves in a never ending cycle.  Doing inner work will make a lot of our problems dissolve.  If we can get enough people to do inner work and change the way they live maybe we as a human race will not jump at chances to take our inner demons out on others.  Understand that a lot of my posts I will try to trigger readers, so they can bring to the surface what is triggering them.  Its how I slither.  I am very thankful for all of my readers and I hope all of you have some great family time this Holiday Season.  Once we stop hating ourselves we will stop demonizing others.  


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