Aliens and the Elites


I have had a lot of questions about Aliens since my post on Mascots.  If you have read my post Lemurian Magic, you know exactly where I stand.  I know it is quite a long read, so I will answer the flood of questions I have had in this post.  If you have never read my work, hold on to your hat because you are going to be blown away.  If you are familiar with my work, I may shed some light on a few things for you or I may cause more questions.  Feel free to ask any questions.  This stuff is confusing and I will try my best to answer questions for you.  If I don’t know the answer I will tell you.  Strap yourself in and lets get on with true world history.  

We humans have been on this earth for about 40,000 to 50,000 years.  The common person has not thought much about our history.  They accept what we have been told by the mainstream.  Just by doing research of all the things on this planet that we can not explain should raise a flag.  Pyramids everywhere, temples and pyramids on the floor of the oceans, all the structures of the ancient world that are built with megalithic stones, temples and structures built on mountains, etc.  All of these ancient structures we would have trouble building today.  The ancient cultures were far smarter than we are and no one wants to admit it.  Everything we know today has been remembered from the ancients.   

One of the main questions I received was, “Do I think Aliens are running this world?”  In a word, no.  The elites of this world are as evil as it gets.  They are the bloodline of an Alien race that created the human race in our ancient past.  Before you think I have gone off my rocker understand that Im not the only researcher who has uncovered this.  The whole Ancient Aliens show is based on this theory.  The difference between my research and theirs is they think the Aliens have guided us through history and still influence us today and I say we have been alone since the war of the gods.  Yes we shared the planet with these Aliens at one time, but they are no longer with us.  However the elites whose bloodline has been preserved think they are smarter than the rest of us and use us to do their will.  With the blow up of Jeffery Epstein we are finding out that a lot of the elites are pedophiles.  What Im about to show you will explain why so many elites in government, corporations and religion are pedophiles.  Knowledge is power and you are about to become a little more powerful.

Lets start at the beginning.  This is going to be a summary so if you want specifics read  Lemurian Magic.  I realize people don’t have a lot of time but they have a curiosity to know.  

Aliens came to this planet in search of gold and precious metals and began mining it.   This planet was full of hominids. These aliens did not care about other life forms.  The worker aliens went out and had their way with the local hominid population.  They were stuck on this foreign planet, so they might as well go out and have some fun.  There were female aliens, but just like military and industrial companies of today they were much fewer in number.  The ancient texts show how the female hominids could not give birth to this mixture of creature and their bellies burst open.  Eventually the Aliens got tired of doing all the mining and decided to make a slave race to do the work for them.  

Because the scientists knew the Alien workers were going out and raping the hominids and it was not making successful offspring they had to come up with a different plan.  By using a female Alien egg and a male hominid sperm they got just what they wanted.  The female alien was Lilith.  The Aliens made this race androgynous.  The problem for the Aliens was they made this race just as big and smart as themselves.  It was not long before this race rebelled and left.  The new species spread out around the planet and started what we know as Lemuria.  The Aliens became worried and developed a true hate for this race.  They started calling them derogatory names similar to what we call gay, lesbian and transgender people today.   The hate for gay people goes all they way back to the beginning.  

Back to the drawing board for the Aliens.  Because of the rebellion the Aliens knew they had to dumb down any slave race they were going to make.  The went to far a few times and this is how the great apes were created.  We did not come from apes.  The lies of this world run deep.  Eventually they perfected their creation and it is know as homo sapiens or us.  This is when they separated the sexes.  The Aliens wanted to make sure they could control the population.  This was also the time they created all the races and made us in all shapes and sizes.  It all depended on the job they needed done.  For instance if their creation was needed out in the sun like a diamond mine they darkened the skin, but if they were needed underground they left pigment out.   If their creation was needed in far north or south areas they left the skin light.  If they put them to work on the equator they darkened the skin.  It was all about protection from the sun or lack of sun.  

As time went on the Aliens became attracted to their creation.  The Aliens made several of them their sex slaves.  They especially liked the little girls and boys.  They knew they couldn’t get them pregnant, but they had their way with whomever they wanted.  Many of the women became pregnant.  They were able to carry the babies full term. The Book of Enoch is all about angels going down and raping women and children.    It was at this time that the aliens set up ruling classes of their creations.  The myth of the seven virgins is all about seven pure bloodlines to rule the world.  By having mother mate with sons and fathers mating with daughters they kept the bloodlines pure.  They even had brothers and sisters mate.  

The first creation that was in Lemuria saw what was going on.  They had to stop the Aliens.  The Lemurian people went out to the homo sapiens and explained how both of them had been created by these Aliens as a slave race and that the homo sapiens did not need to remain slaves.  They could go with the Lemurian people and learn to live free.  The female homo sapiens thought the Lemurian people were beautiful and truthful.  Most of the girls went with the Lemurian people.  The male homo sapiens were not so sure.  They wanted to please their masters.  Even though they were slaves they couldn’t see it, but there were a few who could and these few left and went with the Lemurian people too.  This went on for many years.  The Aliens, Lemurian people and the homo sapiens all lived on this planet together for many years.  

The Aliens and Lemurians hated each other.  The aliens hated that the Lemurians rebelled and were stealing their slaves.  The Lemurians hated the Aliens because they kept creating the homo sapiens in labs and were using them for whatever they wanted.  I don’t know exactly what happened, but the war of the gods started when the Lemurians attacked and destroyed the labs of the Aliens.  This was a global war of epic proportions.   There are two sides to this story about who started what, but they both agree that another alien race had to step in and stop the war.  It was decided that the original Aliens should not have interfered with the life that was on this planet.  

This is where things get dicey.  These aliens were in the process of trying to take over the whole solar system.  They were on Mars, Venus and a planet called Tiamat.  Some of the texts read like Tiamat was the home for the Aliens and others read like they just took over Tiamat and enslaved the people there too.  Whatever the case, Tiamat was destroyed.  Tiamat was a water planet in our solar system.  Our oceans on earth are from Tiamat.  The texts say Tiamat hit the Earth so hard it became part of the Earth’s core. This is where all the flood myths in every culture come from.  Our solar system has gone through a major upheaval and this is why.  The Aliens in this solar system were either killed, trapped on Earth or ran off, but it was decided that the earthlings were infants and needed time to grow up.  The Earth was spinning out of control.  A lock was put on the Earth that would stop the out of control spinning, but it also would keep the earthlings on Earth.  That lock is the Moon.  This lock states that anything with the original Alien DNA could not get out.  We could go to the moon, but no further.  

Back on Earth we had to start over.  The war was over and it was time to rebuild.  Many people went to the megalithic sites in hopes of using what was left to help them survive.  The pure bloodlines ended up in Egypt and Sumer.  Most of the Lemurians ended up in the Americas, Asia and India.  There were pockets of people scattered all around the planet that had to learn to live and survive in that location.  Egypt grew quickly but would never be as great as they were pre-war of the gods.  All the ancient cultures around the world tried to copy what life was like before the war.  This is why so much of earlier architecture is way more advanced than the later architecture.  Sumer collapsed because they were just like their Alien parents, smart but greedy and couldn’t get along with each other.  Egypt was the mother of all the ancient cultures on that side of the world.  The Mayans were the mother culture of all the ancient cultures in the Americas.  Both set up ruling classes that were pure bloodlines.  The bloodlines of our Alien creators.  

I don’t think there has been any alien help since before the war of the gods.  With that said I think there have been aliens coming in and out of the planet to check on us.  These are not the same aliens that created us and they don’t have our DNA, so they can come and go as they please. I have no doubt that we some how got a hold of some alien ships that crashed here and we are trying to backwards engineer them.  The reason why governments can’t admit that aliens exist is because people would start asking questions and connecting dots about our history.  

If aliens are so advanced how the hell did they crash here?  I keep searching my mind for answers on this and it hard to come up with one.  I really don’t think all aliens need oxygen to breath, so if they were simply going by our galaxy and had trouble with their ship why wouldn’t they just land on one of the other planets or just stay out in space and wait for help?  My first answer is kinda crazy, but it makes a little sense.  Out beyond this planet I believe we are seen as the forbidden planet.  The history is well know of what happened here.  It is probably circulated that there are a bunch of primitive beings who are infantile on that planet, stay away from there.  Maybe some juveniles or thrill seekers decided to come take a peek and lost control or were shot down.  Juveniles and thrill seekers do stupid things here all the time and some crash and burn when going into restricted areas.  The other idea is they come here for scientific research and check on our progression.  I believe this is what the true abduction cases are about, but again we cant have the truth out there, so stories are made up to make it a circus.  

The renaissance paintings that have spaceships in the background are artists showing they know the truth. They are saying the people in the picture are of the Alien bloodline.  Masterpiece paintings take a long time to create.  They are trying to get the truth out in plain sight.  The hieroglyphs and paintings on caves and rocks are from people painting what they saw.  Today people see UFOs around the world, but again it is flooded by nonsense pictures.  Anything to keep the masses from knowing the truth.  Crop circles are the same.  Some are legit landings, others are from people doing hoaxes and some are nonsense propaganda.  

Lastly I have been getting questions about pedophilia in this world.  I have shown why it is so widespread in religions and with the Epstein case blowing up it is showing how widespread pedophilia is with the elites they want to know if its connected to ancient history.  Yes it is.  If you think Epstein killed himself, rollover and go back to sleep.  This will open the eyes of quite a few people and show just how evil this world is.  I was watching a podcast and they were trying to blame all this pedophilia on the Mayans.  They believed the Mayans sacrificed children because they had their way with them.  The ignorance of this world just makes me want to leave!!!!  If you want to know the truth on the Mayans read my Mayan posts( Mayans and Mayans 2).   The elites of today go back to ancient Egypt.  To understand the pedophilia of today its to Egypt we must go.  

In ancient Egypt they had temple priests and temple priestess who were under age.  They were also known as temple prostitutes.  It was considered an honor for families to put their children in these positions. The elites of Egypt had their way with these children.  Why was it considered an honor to have your child become a temple prostitute?  Because Egypt knew the history of this world that I just showed you.  When the Aliens created the human race they had there way with whomever they wanted.  They took a liking to young children.  If its good enough for the gods its good enough for the elites.  This is the very core of it.  The elites don’t give a damn about about you and I or our kids.  If you dig just a little into who did business with Jeffery Epstein, you will see the list of people on it.  Im not going to name any names but the names will surprise most.  And there is more to come.  Which is why its not on mainstream media.  The people saying they didn’t know how Epstein was are liars.  The lead investigator of his case said that Epstein had no kids, but he had kids with him all the time.  He was a very open pedophile.  There is no way anyone around him did not know what he was about.    

No one is going to save the human race!   You have to save yourself.  This is a sick world run by psychopaths.  The only way it will change is to quit feeding them money!  How much does the world need to see to quit the game of the elites?  If you are not questioning the narrative, you are no better than the people going along the narrative and getting paid to make you believe it.  Now you know where I stand on Aliens.  

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