Where Does Magic Come From?

Magic means the effects of the stars.  The convergence of star energies.  The stars have influences and is why magic and astrology usually go hand in hand.  The effects of influences on earth and ourselves became the basis of magical thinking.  You are a physical body and you have invisible principals operating through you.  The earth and stars are exactly the same.  They operate and pass through numeral changes.  They have energy fields that vibrate.  These energy fields are involved in the evolution of everything.  All life is nourished by energy fields. You can effect these energy fields through human consciousness or by various substances that carry the energies.  The whole Universe or Nature is a vast organism.  We can only see the outside or the surface.  

The earth, nature, all planets, all rocks, the universe, everything is living.  They are not just a body or object.  Everything is alive and is why the ancients assigned deities to everything.  Everything including this planet has its own mind, emotions and vitality.  Nature has a conscious rational power and so everything that is Nature does too.  There is no death just constant transformation.   Nature can support and direct life.  There is a tremendous power behind all physical forms.  

You are visible and invisible.  Your energy has its own memory, morality and ethics.  This energy will keep everything in balance.  Very few people will work with this energy.  Most are unaware of it and get pushed and shoved in different directions because of it.  The earth is the same way.  She has many levels.  All the gods and goddess are aspects of these vast levels of earth, the solar system, the universe and nature.  It all comes from aberration.  The ancients had to create fantasy to emotionalize their reality.  There has to be emotional energy or we can’t do something.  There has to be mental energy or we can’t think.  There has to be vital energy or we couldn’t heal or grow.   There is invisible life everywhere.     

The ancients wanted to not only observe these invisible energies, but they wanted to mingle in it, play with it, dance with it, become friends with it and work with it.  The ancients were not content with living in a mystery.  They wanted to know.  The problem was that they didn’t realize that the forces they wanted to understand were also in themselves.  They wanted to bring these forces into harmony with their own purposes.  Very few understood that you have to bring your own life into universal harmony.  You must do the inner work and organize your life to align with the energies.  Because of this conflict religions were created, but Magic was created at this time too.  

Magic was created so people could understand the energies that surround them, move through them and condition them.  Magic can control not only visible thoughts but invisible thoughts.  Most peoples minds just have thoughts going through them.  They appear and disappear, but Magic showed the individual they could create thoughts too.  Most people don’t think twice about their thoughts.  Where does our thoughts come from?  We have a field of energy around us that effect our life.  It attracts everything too us including our thoughts.  We can poison this field with our own thinking.  The best word that describes this field is imagination.  Do we direct our imagination or does it direct us?  

This field is invisible but bound to the visible life.  The ancient Egyptians thought we connected to this invisible realm when we slept(see Why do we Sleep?).   The field is all around us and will change things for the better or worse.  This powerful force is available and operates.  It can profoundly influence the individual.  There is a means of power that the individual can attract to their life.  

There is a world of energies everywhere.  This energy permeates our bodies.  Your physical body is energized by not only nutrition and air, but by this energy too.  Energy can only be known by what it does.  We can cooperate consciously and intelligently with the energy.  Everything is supported and alive because of this energy.  Its condition and ability to function is influenced by the conduct of the creature it inhabits.  Everything connected to the energy.  Everything is a manifestation of this energy.  Your imagination is a way to steer this energy or condition it.  Most people have an obstruction of energy.  Healers unclog the obstruction and let the energy flow again.   Healers stimulate your interior resources.  

The development of the individual arises from their own psychic integration.  When you learn something or have a new idea you have the power to break the obstruction of what you did not know.  When you discover you were wrong, you break the error pattern in yourself.  This error pattern is ignorance.  Ignorance is from believing lies or not knowing.  When we break the blockage of ignorance the energy will flow.  Energy is a factor in all Magic.  

Magic can be steered in two ways.  One is the individual trying to adapt the energy to its will.  The other is Nature itself adapting the energy to its purposes through living things and everything.  The ancients saw the energies coming from the sun and going through things.  When the energy goes through the moon and comes down to us its different than coming straight from the sun. If you have crystals the energy goes through the crystals and effects you.  Someone else’s energy will effect you when they are close.  Every energy field is different.  

The Magician uses the adaptation of energy.  The application of this energy has other forms than thought possible.  This energy will take a poor person off the streets and help make them a great athlete or engineer, but this energy also will take a self centered, greedy  person and help make them a politician or banker.  The energy will also help people like me and my readers find the answers we look for and live in truth.  It is all energy.  Understanding this energy makes everything possible.  The energy adapts itself to the shape and purpose of the self.  

There are laws governing this energy.  Most do not know or understand these laws.  They think they can use this energy in anyway they please.  Energy is condition limited and specialized like everything else in nature.  White Magic is the use of this energy for everyone.  Its the unselfish use of this energy.  Black Magic, which is what is mostly used, is the selfish use of this energy.  Black Magic is using the wisdom and knowledge of secret matters and imposing tyranny on others.  I have said many times that I will not use or teach Black Magic.  I will expose it.  The use of this energy has a price and expense.  

Symbols are Magic.  The ancient art of symbolism is one of the most powerful Magics out there.  If a picture is worth a thousand words a symbol is worth a thousand pictures.  The ancient Egyptians saw the individual in a world of shadow forms.  The shadow is in the subconscious.  Symbols put truth in to the form of a picture.  It has a motive or meaning.  In the same way all action, attitude and feeling can be considered pictorial.  Everything we do has a shape.  Every thought or emotion has a picture or pattern.  All that are good are beautiful.  All that are bad are hideous.  All the ancient symbols represent conduct, codes of action and ways of doing things.   All these symbols are suppressed in your subconscious.  These symbols represent you.  They are your shadow.  You can overcome the shadow through experience, understanding and inner work.  

This world misuses all the energy in this field.  The ancients believed that the use of Black Magic was giving your soul to demons.  If you are gaining wealth or power through controlling others, you are ultimately going to pay for it.  This energy that one would use for their own benefit will at sometime turn on them.  The symbols I just described are used everywhere without people knowing.  You see them in corporate logos, religions and governments throughout the world.  These symbols have control over your subconscious if you don’t understand them.  With the understanding that governments, religions and corporation use this energy to have control over others you can see how they eventually will fall.  The energies will bring things back to balance in one form or another.  It is called the pendulum swing in the Hermetic Magic.  How ever far you use the energy for evil it will swing back the other way.  Same goes for what you think is good. This energy does not care if you think its good or evil it just wants balance.  You can be selfish and think you are doing good.  There is always consequences for the use of this force.  

What you see going on in the world is this energy trying to bring balance back.  We believe things that are not true and this age of information is bringing enlightenment to all who are open to it.  We don’t live healthy lifestyles and all the sickness is trying to bring us back to health as a race.  Once people figure this out all the corporations that feed us poison will go under.  The social uprising that has started is from inequality.  Everyone believes their own desires is of the most importance and they don’t care who they sacrifice to obtain what they want.   This life force energy wants balance and it will get it.  You can fight it all you want, but in the end it will bring things to balance.   Just like storms bring the weather back to balance.  

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