What is the Devil?


In other posts I show you what Satan and Lucifer really are.  I have gotten some questions on what the devil really symbolizes.  This post may disturb some people.  Trigger warning here, but if it triggers you that means there is room for growth.  I can’t explain the devil without explaining evil, so this post will show you why there is so much evil in the world.  If you don’t understand evil you will always be bothered by it.  Understanding evil will help you have peace of mind.  Not understanding evil  will help create evil.  

This post will not be about the 4th century Christian invention of the devil.  That is just a character the church made up to keep people in line.  This post will be about the true devil and how it has possessed the world.  The devil that  the ancients knew before Christians corrupted it.  

What is the devil?  The devil my dear readers is you.  It is everyone of us.  Our egos.  I tell everyone of you that you are a Goddess or a God.  We live in a world of duality.  If you understand that,  you should understand that god and the devil are different degrees of the same thing.  The devil is sneaky and deceptive.  So is your ego.  The ego will use any means to stay in charge.  The devil will never admit its the devil and your ego will never admit that its an egotistical maniac.  Tolkien shows the ego as Gollum, which is very accurate.  The ancients knew exactly what the devil was and so did Tolkien.  But Tolkien had to use Gollum because of religious mindsets.  

99.9% of the world is in the ego mindset.   Once the devil admits to being the devil, it ceases being the devil.  Hopefully by the end of this post you will admit to being in the ego mind and cease being the devil.  The only difference between my devil and your devil is that I know Im the devil.  When people call me the devil I usually say, “I already knew that.  Tell me something I don’t know”.  

The people of the world behave like the devil all while saying they are good.  That is exactly what the devil does.  The devil thinks everything it does is good.  It has too or the game is over.  You are the devil deceiving yourself.  By deceiving yourself you are an inauthentic self.  All the evil of this world comes from people being in the inauthentic ego.  All ego comes from selfishness and ignorance.  We can say that arrogance and thinking you are special or superior to others is the root of evil, but that stems from selfishness and ignorance.  Everyone has created an illusion of their self and they will do anything to preserve the illusion.  People defend all their ideologies and beliefs.  They must defend their reality.  

The devil creates evil so it can preserve itself.  The devil will make anything that is different or a threat to its existence evil.  It all comes from selfishness.  The more inauthentic a person is, the more selfish they are.  The devil does not care about the truth. It only cares about keeping its reality going.  This is why people demonize anything that is a threat to their reality.  Evil is an invention so people can eliminate things and have no guilt.  They call something evil and it justifies their actions.  This is how Witches can be burned, land stolen from Natives and how wars are started.  The more righteous you think you are the more evil you actually are.  

Humans are capable of doing terrible things, but they are also capable of doing beautiful things.  This is where the angel and devil on the shoulder comes from.  The reason for the angel and devil on the shoulder and not a god and devil is because gods in every society do bad things.  Angles in religion are seen as pure.  Evil was a concept invented by the ego, so it could be a devil without admitting it is the devil.  The devil and god are not out there somewhere.  They are in us.  The ego is selfish, very self biased, has a double standard and has a personal agenda.  Notice how when others are selfish we can point it out, but when we are selfish we don’t notice it.  That is exactly how the devil works.  

Evil is all perspective.  What you consider evil everyone like you considers evil.  One mans villain is another mans hero.  Its all different groups of devils trying to accomplish their own agenda.  Everyone does evil everyday, but we are ignorant of our own evil.  Ignorance is evil.  Everyone has different degrees of ignorance and selfishness.  It all manifests in very different ways.  The devil has to tell itself that everything it does is good and true. While you are in the ego mind you have to play that game on yourself.  Every person, group, corporation, institution, government, team, school, university, religion, etc.  are evil.  It just depends on the degree of evil.  

The devil does not care about collateral damages.  Its why bankers are some of the most evil people in the world.  But lets bring this back to ourselves.  Do you enjoy those cheap electronics and clothes you buy everyday?  The ones made in sweat shops in other countries.  The devil always has a double standard.  Evil serves the ego.  It keeps a person from self reflecting.  What do you demonize?  You demonize it because you want to keep your bias. When you self reflect the devil disappears.  Truth is what kills the devil, but the devil does not want to hear the truth.  To the devil what is false is true and what is true is false.  The devil loves ignorance and falsehood.  This is so clear in religion, history and science.  The devil corrupts information and makes it dogmatic.  All to keep an agenda.  Ego defends itself at all costs.  It does not care about truth. It only cares about survival.  

The devil has possessed this world from top to bottom.  Religious people are converting others to be like them.  They are the most evil people this world has to offer.  They are ignorant of their own religions and are invading on someones free will.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  The devil deceives others and itself.  All ideologies are evil.  The point of ideologies is to create an identity out of ideas and concepts.  The devil has the exclusive truth then goes out and recruits, converts, demonizes and kills all in the name of truth.  The devil and ego will use whatever means it can to make you believe.  It will look you straight in the eye and lie.  This is very clear in politics.  Leaders will create ideas and stories of evil to rally people to do an action.  

The devil only deals with the outer world.  Never the inner world.  True self reflection makes you conscious of your own judgements, criticism, guilt and shame.  Actions are external.  The leaders of this world have the masses afraid of everyone and everything.  Everyone is afraid of everyone else, so evil reigns supreme.  You can’t stop the devil by hating it, criticizing it or condemning it.  It just adds more evil.  You are a Goddess or God playing a game on yourself.  Be aware that you are the Godhead and the devil.  By realizing this your attitude will change.  Good and evil are different degrees of the same thing.  

Im not saying go out and act evil.  Nor am I saying to act like an angel.  Im saying you are capable of incredible things.  Some may think its good and others may think its evil.  They are right.  You can say human nature is evil.  Thats just suppression an aspect of yourself.  Austerity causes things to boil to the surface.  Knowing you are a devil will let you do things on your own terms.  We all know what is wrong or right.  Its time to stop accepting what other devils say is wrong or right.  Drop your opinions, judgements, and ideologies about life.  You are who you are and I am who I am.  Turn inward to your own light.  Take back the crown!  Realize you can not kill the devil inside yourself. You will never get rid of your ego.  You just have to get it to work for you.   Accept your dark side.  A holy person is a whole person.  I don’t judge other because I realize I am just as much of a devil as anyone else.  

You are the Godhead capable of expressing yourself infinitely.  You are not a bystander that things just happen too.  You are making things happen.  The most difficult thing to do is to accept yourself completely.   Take back your crown.  

6 thoughts on “What is the Devil?”

  1. Your description of the devil and how by using Magic one can take back control of one’s decisions in life and build a future that is yours and not what someone else wants you to be, perfectly describes one of my favorites The Twilight Zone episodes. The episode titled; ‘Nick of Time,’ were for a penny, ‘Nick’ will tell your future by just asking a Yes or No question. The ego will tell you anything you want to hear, just to maintain control in one’s life. If it was not for the intervention of the Divine Feminine (his newlywed wife also in the ‘nick of time’) convincing the husband that it was their future not ‘Nick’s’ predictions that was going to create their destiny, he would be forever a servant to the ego. Your words pull the vail off of human nature in a most blunt fashion. Keep stoking the fires!!

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