Today mascots are any character that brings luck to any certain group of people.  We see them mainly for sports teams, schools and companies, but mascots are everywhere.  It seems that every group wants a character to help sell their brand.  We are told that mascot comes from the French ‘mascotte’ and means lucky charm.  Well it does come from the French, but like so many other things the true history is hidden.  

The mascot is another example of the lost history of our world.  The mascot goes all the way back to our earliest histories.  The hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt have pictures of people with animal heads everywhere.  Ancient Aliens and several of my other alien enthusiast say aliens were experimenting with humans and animals and trying to come up with a new species for fighting or some other nonsense.  I love all my alien enthusiasts to death, but I need to bring this back down to earth.  What you see with mascots today is exactly what ancient civilizations did.  They were masks or costumes.  I showed that Native Americans wore masks in their ceremonies to represent the changing face of Nature.  Other ancient civilizations wore masks to worship…wait for it….wait for it….the Goddess! 

Every town in ancient Egypt had its own sacred animal or fetiches which was a mascot.  The fetiches is where we get fetish and was used in ancient Egyptian Magic.  They honored these fetiches as divine beings.  It is the origin of today’s patriarch religions opposing the worship of idols.  Fetichism implied a connection between the visible and invisible, that everything had a connection and relationship to the human race and its destiny.  The ignorant lower Egyptians were not satisfied in just believing in the magical power of the fetiches.  They had to take things literally. Sound familiar.  Just like the religions of today the Lower Egyptians gave the fetiches a certain conscious power and they became the object of worship or idols.  

Mascot comes from French Provencal ‘masco’ that means masked sorceress and ‘mascoto’ that means witchcraft.  In the pagan civilizations the sacred head or mask represented the divine animal that identified the clan.  This is why the Christian church has so many animal headed demons.  The ancients knew that Nature was feminine and mascots were used in Goddess worship.  Whatever animal that was associated with that Goddess a mascot and masks were made.  In ancient Rome Athena had an Owl mascot.   

When you see mascots in your daily life know that they originated as the worship to Nature or the Goddess.  The ancients would put these masks on to honor the power of the Sacred Feminine.  It has been bastardized to what it is today, a good luck charm.  Disney has actually done what the festivals in the past really did.  They have someone dress up as a character and walk around among the people.  People at Disney don’t worship these characters, they just enjoy that they represent the character.  Now imagine if Disney demanded the people worship the characters walking around and the people took the characters literally.  That is the ignorance of religion.  

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