Original Loser


As humans we want others to understand us.  The problem is most us don’t understand ourselves.  We  take life way too serious.  We want approval so bad we become people pleasers or we become competitive.  I went from being a nerdy loser to trying to be the best at what I did.  I became competitive because I was seeking approval.  What I finally figured out is being the original loser I was is very cool.  I’m such a loser now people even call me a demon.  Demon comes from the Greek word daemon or daimon and means genius.  So thank you to all the people who think I’m a demon.  

If you are in sports being competitive is great, but a competitive life will make you miserable.  If you are trying to please people all the time you will never please yourself.  Get yourself out of the box you put yourself in.  It is not about what you get out of life.  Its about who you become.  How much do you enjoy life?  If you don’t enjoy life, you haven’t figured out who you are yet.  

These are the questions I asked myself to try to figure out who I was.  Answer these questions truthfully.  It is easy to see things in other people, but use your immediate world as a mirror.  You attract who and what you are.

Who do you spend most of your time with?  What type of person are they?  

Who do you connect with?  Who are your people?

What are your favorite topics?  What gets you excited?  

How would people describe you?  

What are the general themes of the books, music, plays, movies and television shows you resonate with?  

What do you do in your free time?  

What gets you excited?  When was the last time you were excited?  

When was the last time you did something nice?  

What is your most common thought?  

What is your most common emotion?  

When was the last time you really laughed?  

When was the last time you cried?  

What are your goals?  What are your fears?  What are you ashamed of?  

How much in life do you deserve?  

What are your favorite memories?  What are your worst memories?  

What are your biggest flaws?  What do you love about yourself?  

Use these questions to find out who you really are.  That is enlightenment! You have been chasing everything, but knowing who you really are.   I show in my Mystery School post that Mystery School is all about the biggest mystery ever.  Yourself!  

This PC culture makes us all against each other.  The corporate world loves PC culture because you buy things to keep up with the Joneses.  Governments love it because it keeps us divided.  You have got to learn to laugh at yourself.  If you can’t laugh at yourself or this world, you are broken.  Humor is so we don’t take ourselves and others so seriously.  This is exactly why royalty had court jesters.  Wise Kings and Queens would have the jester make fun their policies and things around the kingdom.  It eased the tension.  It’s why there are late night shows, like Saturday Night Live, that make fun of everything.  A King and Queen knew that what triggered them, controlled them.  What you can’t laugh at controls you.  Be an individual and let others be an individual.  We are all a bunch of nerdy dorks.  This world is hilarious!  Everyone is trying to be someone else or compete against someone else.  Quit judging yourself and others.  

We have all been through heavy things.  You are not special. Get over yourself.  Everyone has been through the same up and downs as you.  Just not the exact same up and downs.  You are no cooler or special than the homeless person who you ignore.  When that veil is lifted its like a car falling out of the sky and landing on your head.  You suppress your dorky or geeky self because you are scared or think its evil.  Live a life of fun and show your passion.  Quit trying to force things.  

What is the purpose of becoming enlightened?  It is not so you can feel superior to others!  It is so you can enjoy it.  Having a mind at ease is worth enjoying.  When you are enlightened and someone tries to test you, that person ends up looking really dumb.  Simply because you are not seeking approval.  Corporations, governments and religions want you to be a puppet.  Take a step back and look at the strings that are pulling you.  Being dramatic, typical, critical, paranoid, and competitive is what makes you blind.  Quit trying to prove yourself and just be yourself.  Become the original loser you were before this world told you how to think and what to like.  

We humans want to dominate and take.   This is your wake up call!  Will you run or enjoy enlightenment?  It took me going to the very bottom of the underworld to figure it out.  I was milliseconds away from ending it.  I give this information to you so you won’t have to hit the bottom of the underworld.  Its not a pretty place.  Learn from my mistakes and thrive in your own life.  Or go to the underworld and hope you make it back.  What makes you weird makes you original!  

6 thoughts on “Original Loser”

  1. Good post. Answering those questions has just shown me how complicated I am. But it is not without a smile at myself and my own absurdity. Self importance starts to slide away to oblivion when looking through the rose-tinted glasses of enlightenment. 😊

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    1. Thanks, Colette. 😊 I’m glad I could help. I saw how complicated I was too, but I was very hard on myself. It took me awhile to get a sense of humor about myself. Once I did, my enlightenment took off. You need to laugh at this world or it will make you cry. 😉

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  2. I believe that everyone can relate to this post, if they don’t, they are not being truthful with themselves. Very few can honestly look into a mirror and truthfully say, “I like what I see.” I have accepted your 90-day challenge of “rejecting negative thoughts and only accepting positive thoughts.” When the goal is to quiet the mind, how long do you let a positive thought run until one stops it?

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    1. The most important part of that exercise is that you are observing your thoughts. The observer becomes the observed. Most are addicted to negative thinking and it helps break the process. Let the positive thoughts run. The mind will quiet itself, but it takes about 90 days for it to begin quieting. Im writing a post right now on how observing the mind during the day brings a quiet mind at night and with the mind quiet while sleeping dreams can be fantastical. The mind will have the rational side out of the way and will play with the Higher Self. Observing brings order to your mind, something the rational side loves, with it resting during sleep the subconscious side can play without the rational side trying to keep order.

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