We have lost what the shoe symbolizes in today’s world.  If you look up on the internet what the symbol of the shoe means, it will tell you that it represents authority and power, humility and servitude, our direction and focus in life, or our faith in god.  How you get faith in god from shoes is beyond me?  What I have found will make way more sense and will answer a few of questions.  One of those questions being, why would someone throw a shoe at President Bush?  

I will admit, I did not know why throwing a shoe at President Bush in 2008 was considered the biggest insult Arabs could give someone.  The reason given was that shoes are filthy because they walk on dirt and throwing your shoe at someone is throwing dirt at them.  This is also the excuse given as to why temples around the world make you take off your shoes before entering.  Muslims believe the shoe is so unclean that you must take your shoes off before praying.  The shoe is so offensive in Arab culture that it is considered rude to cross your foot over your knee while sitting.  

Discovering the true meaning of the shoe was a recent one for me.  One I had been pondering for a long time.  Because I have been enlightened my readers will be enlightened.  The way it came to me is pure Magic and I show how it can be done in my post Voice of the Goddess.  I wrote in my Leprechaun post that Leprechauns being shoe builders meant creating your own path.  I was wrong.  I will explain here shortly exactly what shoe builder means and it is way more interesting.  I myself am a shoe builder and didn’t even know it.  

The answer to the shoe comes from ancient Greece and ancient Egypt.  Shoe fetishism was abundant in these ancient societies.  Shoes in the ancient world were identified with female sexuality and the Goddess.  When women took off their shoes in these ancient societies,  phallic objects were inserted into them.  This is the reason why Pharaoh Hatshepsut had several boxes of penises.  I first thought it had something to do with Isis and Osiris, but one would suffice for that myth.  She more than likely used these penises to put in her shoes when she took them off.  When couples were newly married in ancient Egypt, shoes were thrown symbolizing a wish for good sexual relations and many children.  

In some Nordic and Gaelic pagan rituals it was custom for the bride to give her shoes to the groom to show his right of sexual access to her.  Some other customs had the brides throw the shoes over their head in the same way flowers thrown are today.   Going further with it, some brides threw their shoes over the tribal chief’s head symbolizing the tribes marriage to the Goddess.  This is all preserved in the nursery rhyme “There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe”.  She had all those children because her life was centered in her sexual organs.  Extremely small shoes, like in Cinderella, represented virginity.  This is why shoes are used to make women look more sexually attractive and not men.  It is also the origin of shoe fetishes and explains why some people can own a crazy amount of shoes.  

In my post His Royal Jesus, I showed how ancient texts use feet as a metaphor for a penis.   This is the reason.  A foot going into a shoe does not really have to be explained.  Christians don’t understand that their precious bible has an erotic story right in front of their eyes with Mary Magdalen washing and anointing the feet of Jesus.  This was a sacred sexual practice in ancient Egypt.  Muslims throwing shoes as an insult is them throwing a women, the sacred feminine or a Goddess. In the Muslim religion being a women is as low as it gets.  Christians have just as much disrespect for the sacred feminine, but they are not as blatantly hateful towards her today.  Any religious or cultural reason around the world that make people take off their shoes before doing something or entering some sacred place is a slam on the Goddess.  It is a patriarch temple and the Goddess has no place in it.  Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism are not showing respect to a god or sacred place.  They are showing disrespect to women and the Goddess.   

Any story or myth where someone loses their shoe, it is showing that the Goddess was just lost.  Just like this world has lost the Goddess.   In myths where someone is a shoe builder or a shoe maker, they are trying to bring the Goddess back.  Im not telling you to let others wear shoes in your house if you usually have people take their shoes off.   Shoes are dirty.  Im simply giving people the original reason why things are done.  That way you can make a choice based on knowledge instead of lies.  

17 thoughts on “Shoes”

  1. As always, I learn so much from you. I do take exception to your statement about owning a ” crazy amount of shoes” because one can never own too many shoes. I myself own 15 pairs of black boots. 😁 Great post though!

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    1. Lol! 😂 Thanks, Clarissa. 😊 I didn’t mean to say that owning a bunch of shoes is bad. Unless you are Imelda Marcos and own 1,200 pairs of shoes while your country is starving. I actually own a lot of shoes for a guy. I guess I had a thing for the Goddess and didn’t even know it. 😉

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  2. Reblogged this on Paths I Walk and commented:
    Many people take their shoes off to keep the negative energy from the day out of their house.

    I don’t know if it’s still a practice, I’ve been married nearly 35 years, of tying tin cans to scare off evil spirits and shoes to the bumper of the transportation the newlyweds use to leave the wedding beginning their new life together.

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    1. I don’t know if it is either. I have see what you are talking about in movies. It makes sense why they would. Thanks for the reblog. 😊
      I understand completely about taking shoes off before coming in the house, we do it too. I think it’s cool that we walk around with a pair of Goddesses.


  3. Reading this post was a bit of a shocker to me and there is no way I could ever accept the conclusions reached. First, we are born naked, definitely without shoes. Does this mean a baby is rejected by the “goddess” until it is shoed? I’ve seen the signs, “No shoes, no shirt, no service.” These are not in honour of the goddess, but of capitalism, fake morality, authoritarian control. I spend most of my time barefoot upon the planet because I want to feel the pulse of the world and its pain. Where I cannot walk barefoot is in commercial enterprises, churches or government institutions. These do not insist on shoes to honour the goddess. Other places one can no longer walk barefoot: where man has so polluted the land that it has become a danger to walk there unless practically dressed in armour. Yes, shoes are dirty, and not just on the outside. Further, they are made of chemicals and/or leather. The true Goddess walks barefoot. It’s the patriarchy that insists on the wearing of shoes to differentiate between classes and to profit from. Give me a natural and alive world where not only are shoes not even thought of, but no clothes requires either.

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    1. I agree with all that you say. Im referring to the symbolism of the shoes. Shoes is ancient days were not made the same as they are today. Back then they were made to protect the feet yet still keep your connection to the earth. Who knows, maybe it was a Goddess worshipper who created the shoe to protect us from what patriarchy was doing to the land. I don’t know.
      The scribes of ancient texts used symbols that have dumbfounded scholars for centuries. One is why feet would be considered a phallic symbol. The excuse accepted is that when a man pees he pees by his feet. It makes no sense. I am simply putting the pieces of the puzzle back together.
      Im sure corporations, churches and governments know the symbolism of the shoe, they love money more than they hate the Goddess. They don’t want someone getting hurt on their property and suing. That is the only reason for no shirt, no shoes, no service.
      The shoe is a man made thing and so is the symbol of the Goddess as the shoe. The Goddess is not man made. Anything we use to symbolize the Goddess is going to be man made, other than women themselves.
      I find it comical how symbols take on a whole new meaning throughout the ages. Is the shoe the symbol of the Goddess today? No. Was it a symbol of the Goddess in the past? Yes. Are there people who know this and will do things just for symbolic purposes? Yes

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  4. This explains even more than you know. Now I understand my love for shoes and why I was within recent times either loosing the tips of the heels of my high heeled shoes or they were just for no reason coming apart!
    This also explains the rage I feel for no reason when anyone mashes my shoes on or off!
    Answers to our questions come in so many different ways its just simply amazing!
    The Goddesses rule everytime!
    Thanks G 😁

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  5. I love this take on shoes — makes me feel MUCH better about needing to get so many different shoes and boots the past couple years. LOL … my feet keep demanding variety: heels, flats, boots, flip flops, sandals, on and on … my left and right foot have become very different from each other, so variety keeps each foot not too unhappy for too long. I wondered about the spiritual meaning behind this shift, though. I used to have very few shoes. I’m not at Imelda Marcos levels, but for me, it’s suddenly a lot. And a lot of fun that spills over into other areas of life. 😉

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    1. Thanks, Laura. 😊 I think that is great. A Goddess like you needs Goddess things and Goddess fun in her life. You go girl! Sport that Goddess. You hit it exactly right. Its a spiritual shift and Im glad I could help with the meaning. I have more shoes than a guy should have and finding this out made me feel much better too. Im not a Goddess, but I do have a inner Sacred Feminine. 😉

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