We have all heard it, “Be Yourself”.  It is the battle cry of all self help groups.  This could be good advice are really bad advice.  For most, it is bad advice.  Why?  Because most people don’t know who they really are!  How can you be yourself when you don’t know who you really are?  The concept that is you is a mask.  We have been wearing the mask so long we don’t know who we really are.  The concept of fake it till you make it is what everyone has been doing since they were a child.  It is time to act real until you remember. 

Let go of who you think you are.  Ladies you have been told from the day you were born that you have to be a sweet little innocent girl.  You must look pretty to be accepted, so put on make up.  Be a barbie girl.  Guys you have been conditioned to take charge and act like a man.  Men don’t cry.  You must be strong to be accepted.  By the way you are the dominate sex, so treat girls as second class citizens and pick a few out for yourselves.  Whatever has been implanted in you mind as a kid matters.  It is the lens you will see the world in.  As a kid growing up I was told I was a dork and stupid by other kids.  I didn’t have many friends and my grades suffered because I believed I was not smart.  I thought no one would like me because Im a dork and why really try in school if Im stupid?   It took a coach talking to me and telling me that I wasn’t stupid and that I was the ‘undorkiest’ person he knew.  I went on to be an academic all-state in basketball.  That coach literally changed the lens I was using to see the world.  

Quit taking yourself so serious. Everyone is after being fun, carefree and passionate.  You can not create these things, so quit chasing it.  You must unleash it from within.  People want to stop caring about stupid little things.  Be that person.  Quit caring what others think.  Quit trying to control everything.  Let loose!  What is blocking you from letting loose?  Most can’t let loose because they have to be in control.  People actually think they are in control, which they are not, but in their mind they are in control of everything.   They are trapped in their negative mindset because it gives them control of their world.  Almost every person wants to stay in their own little world.  They don’t really want to change.  If you’re going to change the world, you must change yourself.  

Everything about this world is to keep people on the path that was made for them.  Marketing gives you products and material to keep you exactly how this world molded you.  I have a post where I show that everyone is perfect.  In order to have movement you must have duality.  When you swing too far to one side you will have to move to the other side or bad things happen. It is perfect a perfect system.   The trick is to not swing too far to one side, but in todays world it’s too late we have swung to the extreme of one side.   People will only change when they absolutely have too.  Misery is your first teacher, don’t let it be your last.  

Are you connecting with the people you are meant to connect with?  Or are you tricking a bunch of people you are not meant to connect with to connect with you?  Most want to avoid pain and rejection.  They want that magic pill to fix everything. That is the level of consciousness on this planet.  Everyone is literally conforming to an agenda that is not their own.  They don’t know who they are or what they are doing here.  They will go to their grave asleep, just like a herd animal.  You must take responsibility for your own consciousness.  

People determine their value on what they have.  The more they have the more valuable they become.  This is why everyone is all about looks and money.  Some get out of that and think that the more they do the more valuable they become.  When in actuality your value comes from just being you.  The vibe you put off.  The true authentic self that is hidden down below all the crap.  The only way to unleash the Goddess or God inside is by doing inner work!  Quit trying to build something, quit trying control something, quit trying to build and image, quit trying to build or maintain the ego, quit looking for validation and quit trying to please people.  Let go of past trauma and the fear of not being liked.  

As much as this world wants you to believe that there are rules to how you should live, there are no rules.  Ever go and watch actors improvise?   It is one of the best shows you will ever see.  You are a Goddess or God here improvising, but everyone is living by someone else’s rules.  Im not telling you to go out and rob a bank or murder someone.  Im also no telling you to not try to be successful.  Don’t do that to me.  Im telling you that these imaginary rules that society has locked you under serves you no purpose.  In sports, music and theater the best players are the dynamic creative players.  If they weren’t we would just sit and watch robots play.  Which is where we are probably heading.  These great players take the rules of the game, play or music sheet and invent their own style.  Improvise!   Quit dumbing your life down to fit a mold.  

When you release and flow you connect with your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self is fun, carefree and passionate.  Being authentic has a rawness that is rare.  You see the superficial fake ness all day everyday.  Just a spark of authenticity is rare.  Seeing someone passionate about something is rare.  When someone who is searching comes to me with genuine curiosity about alternate history and the lies of religion, I light the hell up!  I could riff for hours.  The venom pours out of me.  Now whether it’s a life saving venom or poisonous venom is on the individual searching.  

We have a fear, subconsciously, that if we live our purpose, become confident and achieve our goals that we would have nothing left to live for.  We would lose our drive and purpose.  Our inner God or Goddess is our imagination and symbolic awareness and it gives us limitless and unlimited possibilities.  Your destiny is in your hands.  You just have to move into the realm of possibility.     We humans fear true freedom.  Our limiting behaviors give us limiting possibilities.  True freedom gives us anxiety, so we race to any authority figure and give our power away.  We are god like in being able to perceive the possible, but not god like in pursuing the possible.  The more potential one has the more anxiety they have.  We don’t like anxiety.  

We submit to an external god, a church, a nation, a political leader, an ideology, a company, a drug or a significant other.  Anything to keep us from having anxiety.  The meaning of our life is submerged into the whole.  This world is so happy to be free of freedom.  We repress what we are capable of and accept only what is socially given.  The more we accept the tyranny of the social majority, they more we lose ourself.  A world of robots and herd animals is not free.  We are just a world of conformists.  

To bring the inner Goddess or God out you must be bold and adventurous.  Let go of who you think you are.  Let go of the little things that happen.  I tell my daughter this:  “If you hold a soccer ball out with your arms for a few seconds or a couple of minutes it is light.  You don’t struggle to hold it up.  But if you hold it for several minutes, an hour or even longer it starts to get very heavy.  So heavy it causes your arms to get weaker and eventually your whole body will begin to shake.  That is what you are doing if you hold on to the little things that happen to you in your life.  Your mind will get shaky and weak.”   Then I had her the soccer ball and tell to boot it as far as she can.  Boot the little things out of your mind.  

Quit trying to control everything and flow with your own life.   There are no rules set in stone.  Improvise!  Improvising is a magical thing.  This is what I’m doing when I write.  When I write I have a desire to create content from inspiration.  When inspiration happens it erupts from within me and by writing it down I unleash it and let it run wild.  When I start writing I don’t know what Im going to say.  When Im done and I go back and read it, Im like, “Wow I wrote that!”  To be able to go back and read and see that it allows me to see what is possible.  Improvising gets you to let go of fear and doubt and by doing that you will amaze yourself.  Like Jason Silva says in the video, “Be naked, get on stage and see what happens”.  Remember who you are.  We are who we have been waiting for.  

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