According to mythology and legends the Incubus is a male demon who went into a women’s bedroom in the middle of the night  in order to engage in sexual activity.  The Succubus is a female demon who went into a male’s bedroom to engage in sexual activity.  Is this just the ancients ways of explaining erotic dreams or is there some history here?  There is definitely history here and it is one the church has tried to cover up.  They have been successful until now.  

Most researchers will say this myth was used to cover up infidelity and rape.  Well it was for Christians.  They are the ones who made up these demons and they saw an opportunity and used it.  In truth infidelity wasn’t frowned upon in the ancient world for both men and women.  It was patriarch religions that turned women into property and made it taboo for them to like sex while the males could screw anything and everything whether they were married or not.  The ancient world had orgy festivals for all.  Woodstock was not the first, this was a very ancient tradition.  

Other researchers say it has to do with erotic dreams or nightmares.  Through the centuries two main opinions about the origins of Incubi and Succubi have competed with each other.  Some saw it as dreams or figments of fantasy of the people who experienced them.  Others, meaning the church, argued that they were instruments of the devil.  By the fifteenth century they were demonic activity tied to witchcraft.  It was used as just another reason to burn an independent woman.  

In truth the Incubus originated from the ancient practice of incubation.  Temples of the ancient world included a womb chamber where people in search of enlightenment or healing could incubate in anticipation of spiritual rebirth or a vision.  The presiding priests and priestess were the incubi or succubi, attendants of the womb chamber, whom Christianity turned into demons.  Whenever the church makes something evil they are covering something up.  The secret they are covering up is temple prostitutes and sacred sexuality.   

Every god or goddess in Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome had a temple of their own.  A person went to the temple of the deity they worshipped and slept there overnight.   During the course of the night that person would have contact with the deity.  Often that contact involve sexual intercourse, either in a drug induced dream or with a human representative of that deity.  Christianity argues that they viewed the practice of intercourse with a deity as a form of demonic activity.  Really?! So what Mary did was demonic?  Incubus and Succubus has to do with the temple prostitution I speak of in other posts( see Nymphs, Muses and Mary Magdalene).  

One could not be a common person and go into these temples.  These temples were strictly for royal bloodlines.  Mary mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene were both temple prostitutes.  It is why Mary Magdalene is called a prostitute in the Bible.  This was a very prestigious position.  The biblical Joseph and Mary were fulfilling a sacred right in the  incubation temple of which ever deity  was their favorite.  If I had to take a guess, by looking at their kingdom in Syria, it was probably Baal or Astarte. Those who know their gods and goddesses know these two are Osiris and Isis.  Most girls who were temple prostitutes were very young.  Too young to get pregnant.  Mary became pregnant, probably at the age of 12, and was thrown out.  She could not continue to be a temple prostitute.  Being royalty from Egypt Joseph was considered a god, so Mary was still a virgin because she did not have sex with a man.  Hence the virgin birth.  

This was the secret that had to be covered up.  No way could the ignorant masses find out the origins of their beloved Jesus and mother Mary.  The truth had to be demonized and hidden at all costs.  If it meant burning a few women as Witches in the process, then it was god’s will.  The church preaches one thing to the masses for control then has to cover up the truth.

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