Skull and Crossbones

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Everyone knows the skull and crossbones symbol.  It is a symbol for pirates in every movie.  Today it is a symbol of poison or high voltage and means stay away.  This symbol is ancient.  The ancient Mayans even had skull and cross bones in their architecture and hieroglyphs.  The skull and crossbones symbol is used for royalty, fraternities, sororities, secret societies and military, so what is the true meaning of this symbol?  

In short the skull and crossbones is a symbol of morality and death.  It can be a symbol of enlightenment and intelligence.  It is a symbol of our mortality, that we are divine sent here to live a moral life.  It is a symbol to seize the day because we will be dead soon.  In truth this symbol goes way deeper than that.  These are all correct, but not the deepest truth.  What Im about to show has been hidden in plain sight and is the reason why certain people think they have the right to rule.  

First I have to give the meaning of the cross bones.  It is the cross in the sky, the crossing of the ecliptic and celestial equator.  They cross paths on the autumn and spring equinox.  Those are literally where X marks the spot in the sky.  This goes back to every ancient culture.  The skulls go back to every ancient culture too, but the meaning has been hidden.  Until now.  

The crystal skulls legend gives us a hint at the meaning.  It is said they came from the star children, were given to  help the people move forward and to give positive energy to the people.  There are suppose to be 13 of them.  13 is the number of the Goddess.  Some researchers believe the Mayans saw the skull as the god of the underworld.  Which is yet another clue as to what the skull is symbolizing.  If you have read my Goddess Maat post, you know in order to get through the underworld you must have the sacred feminine.  With this little bit we can tell the skull has to do with the feminine.  It goes deeper.  The skull is the same color of the moon not matter what race.  The moon is always feminine because it reflects the light of the sun.  Our brains are antennae for consciousness from the sun.  The skull holds our brains.  The full moon right after an equinox is very important.  China a Vietnam celebrate these full moons with Moon Festivals.  

Now that we understand the skull is feminine symbol the next part will make sense.  The skull and crossbones originate in the late middle ages.  The reason for this has to do with Mary Magdalen.  Her skull was supposedly found in France by Prince Charles de Salerne in 1279.  Her skull is on display in a cathedral at St. Maximin.  No surprise it has been very good for business at St. Maximin.  Whether the skull is really Magdalen’s or not is not what this post is about, but the symbolism is loud and clear.  Poet E M Faillon wrote in a poem:

“Touchez cette Urne ici, la morte vous l’aprete

Que ce beau pot en main, soit votre pot-en-tete.

Touch this pot the dead woman has prepared for you,

May this beautiful pot in your hand become your pot-of-the-head”

He is using a play on words here with pot en tete and pot en tate or potentate.  Mary Magdalen was a potentate.  Very witty but he is even wittier because the skull goes back further.  What does he mean by pot on the hand.  Painter Georges de la Tour painted Mary Magdalen and the Smoking Flame.  In the picture the pot Mary is holding is a skull.  These artists have eyes to see.  It is the same reason they say Jesus was crucified in Golgotha or the place of the skulls. The patriarchs try to masculinize Golgotha by saying Adam’s skull is buried where Jesus was crucified.  How bad does the fairy tale have to be in order for people to see the lie!  Skulls have always represented a pure royal bloodline that runs through the woman.  Jesus and Mary Magdalen were of the royal line that goes all the way back to the Queen of Sheba and continues back to Lilith.  Every ancient society has skull symbolism.  It symbolized their right to rule because of their birth from a woman of a pure royal blood line.  When you see a painting or picture that has a person with their hand on a skull that is what pot in had is referring too.  They are a potentate.

How did the skull become feminine?  In my work I have shown how men would drink menstrual blood in order to get the conscious powers of women(see Lilies, Roses and Water).  Most of the time they would drink this blood from a skull cap cut from a real skull. This is the real Dew Cup.  This is where the Jewish yarmulke or skull cap comes from.  Yes you are wearing a cup meant for drinking menstrual blood on your head.  Archeologists think that all the holes cut out of the top of skulls were from brain surgery.  When in fact the person was deceased and they were cutting a pot, dew cup or scull cup to drink menstrual blood.  Female skulls were preferred because, as science just found out here recently, female skulls are thicker, but male and female skull caps were used.  There was a lot of smashing someones skull to kill someone in ancient Egypt and historians don’t know why.  This was done so the family could not drink the menstrual blood of the princess or queen from their skull cap during the funeral or any other ceremony for the deceased.   

The pirates had the skull and crossbones because most of them were Templars and they were loyal to the bloodline of Mary Magdalen.  If you have read my Mermaids post, you know Mary or Mere means sea.  It refers to the night sky, but pirates on the sea is pirates loyal to Mary.  The skull and crossbones has become a symbol of beware, poison and stay away because they don’t want you to know the truth.  Beware and stay away from the truth because it is poison to the elites who control the masses.  When used in military they are just showing they are fighting for a pure bloodline of some princess.  Several Masonic orders use the skull crossbones and several countries use the skull or skull and crossbones symbol.  The skull and crossbones is the symbol for the bloodline of the biblical Jesus and Mary Magdalen.  They skull is any other pure bloodline of a princess or queen.   The bloodline runs through the female.  

10 thoughts on “Skull and Crossbones”

  1. Wonderful to come back and read in depth now that I have more time this evening.
    Loved your very informative and interesting post..
    And I found it fascinating just how many such symbols are often found with hidden meaning or that which have other meanings to the ones we have been led to believe..
    Have you ever read the book on the woman who was able to channel some of the locked information held within one of those crystal skulls.. Its fascinating…
    We only think we know… When in fact we humans know very little… And what I love about our existence within this time line is that more and more of us are uncovering the Truth…

    Wonderful post..
    Sending love and Blessings in all you do in educating us in deeper truths ❤

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    1. Thanks, Sue. No I have not read about the channeling of the skulls. Do you remember the title? I would love to check it out.
      We humans don’t know anything. The Mayan 2012 date of Dec 21 that everyone thought was a dooms day was actually the beginning of awakening. The veil being pulled back for truth to come out. The Mayan Queen told me it had to do with the sun. Knowing what I know it makes complete sense.
      Love and Blessing to you too.

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      1. Hi my friend, just trawled Amazon and found the copy I read.. I purchased it around 1990 ish, and by the looks of it this book is now a rare edition from the prices now being charged for used ones.. Here is the link ..

        The book is called The Skull speaks, and contains the channelled messages received from the skull by a medium .. 🙂 Hope this helps

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  2. Such a great post! I never knew the imagery of a person with a skull indicated a potentate, how interesting! That definitely shines a different light on things

    Liked by 1 person

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